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Found 6 results

  1. Khorvis


    [[ A continuation from the finale of Dark Star Rising. ]] The old wooden door of the Gallow's End Tavern swung open with that same familiar creak. The last billows of the squall that had crashed into the Northern coast of Tirisfal whipped into the inn behind the trudging form of Khorvis Bloodstar until he pressed the door shut with a tired grunt. Brill had been only a short march from the Whispering Forests, and the old orc had needed some time and space to clear his head. Exhausted as he was, Khorvis did not fail to notice the guarded looks that the patrons and staff gave the newcom
  2. Theira lay sleeping face down in her private quarters with a stack of papers as a pillow. The sounds of peons shouting and the usual guilds training started to bustle outside the chambers and picked up in volume as the morning got on. The Matron groaned and began to stir as she sat up, one paper stuck to her muzzle. She reached to pull it off and then gripped her face as was customary after long nights outting. She reached for a bottle, any bottle within distance of her in search of fluid parched from the nights "activities." Theira hissed a curse "empty, empty.. oh wait.. another empty.
  3. His bout of Alchemical creations done for the day, Mai’kull headed over to the Dalaran’s Merchant Bank. He wasn’t fond of using this one, so close to Graymane’s Enclave, but the Bank of Dalaran he normally used had lines almost out the door, and he didn’t want to wait. Depositing his potions, he left the bank rummaging through his portable holes he stored his goods in, making sure he made plenty of room when he crossed a box he had all but forgotten about. A small True Steel Lockbox sat securely in his possession. He retrieved it and examined the container for a moment. He would need to find a
  4. Blizgroc stood atop the mountain range of Elwynn Forest, overlooking the Old Town of Stormwind City. Not two weeks ago, there was a mass of Horde Radicals who struck the city, rampaging about and causing all sorts of havoc. Now he had to sneak in to retrieve information, knowing damn well the city was on high alert, making his job ten times more difficult. The Shattered Hand had received a contract to Infiltrate SI:7 and the Stormwind Keep Library Records to gather census records on prominent Alliance Guilds. That kind of information could be gathered in so many more, less life-thr
  5. Mai’kull had been working hard ever since his ascension to Reaper for The Grim. He had already filled the book shelves next to him with documents on The Twisting Nether, Old Gods, The Legion, as well as countless maps of Battlegrounds across Azeroth and beyond. He felt that despite completing his supplicant trials, he still needed to prove his worth amongst his new brethren, still feeling as if he was nothing but a shadow on a wall to them. But constant work was numbing his hands, he could no longer tell where the Ink stopped and the blood began as he penned notes and reports on v
  6. A crisp sheet of parchment is nailed to the common use notification board in many major Horde cities. ((Tentative Date is Sept 17th, 7:30pm Server time. The only rule is NO LEGENDARY RING. Flask, food, and potions are allowed))