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Found 2 results

  1. Revamping
  2. Blizgroc stood atop the mountain range of Elwynn Forest, overlooking the Old Town of Stormwind City. Not two weeks ago, there was a mass of Horde Radicals who struck the city, rampaging about and causing all sorts of havoc. Now he had to sneak in to retrieve information, knowing damn well the city was on high alert, making his job ten times more difficult. The Shattered Hand had received a contract to Infiltrate SI:7 and the Stormwind Keep Library Records to gather census records on prominent Alliance Guilds. That kind of information could be gathered in so many more, less life-threatening means; but the contractor put down a hefty amount of gold to ensure he got the word “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” so to speak. Had to respect the contractor’s attention to detail at least, even if it was HIS neck on the line, and not theirs… Blizgroc cloaked himself in the shadows as he made his way down the Cliffside into the courtyard of the Alliance Old Barracks. There was a monk in the courtyard pounding away at one of the target dummies, which caused Blizgroc to freeze for a moment before realizing it was too encompassed with its training to notice him. He watched the Guards patrol routine for a moment before slipping past and into the Headquarters of SI:7 Slipping in was easy enough, Renzik was outside also enthralled at the training monk, which made him easy enough to slip by. Bliz was not so worried about the others, and with Shaw out of commission from his recent encounter with the Nathrezim, his mission here was a piece of cake. He scanned the book shelves, noting the catalog cypher order he received from former contacts. They had a hand in here already, but deiced to pull them out after the attacks, which is why he was here now. He ran across a case dedicated to “Enemies of the State”. Several titles stood out, The Defias Brotherhood, the Syndicate, Various Factions within the Horde, one of the most recent books was on The Grim, the same faction that caused all this mess. Within the attic, locked in an old armoire Bliz found his target. It took him several minutes, as he exerted extra caution picking the lock quietly. Inside held several maps and charts noted the typical activity of several factions within the alliance itself all over Azeroth and beyond. There were few notes scribbled on from alliance commanders with mobilization notes; this would help the contractors pinpoint alliance positions. One job down, it was time to tackle the real problem: Stormwind Keep. Guards were going to be crawling everywhere in that place, and Bliz was going to have to act fast to get in and out without being spotted by their patrollers with additional stealth detection training. Staying off the streets was a priority, so he took to the roof tops, timing his Rocket Jump with the gunfire on the training range. He sprinted across the roof tops, as he headed away from Old Town and towards the Keep’s massive walls. He couldn’t call on his Wind Rider as the Alliance were patrolling the skies, of which he was worried they might also spot him with their blasted Hyper-Vision Goggles on. He quickly ascended the wall to the right of the keep, leading to the waterfall. There was no way he was going to make it all the way across the city to the Earthshrine , no that would be too easy. Instead he would have to take an alternate route… Grappling up the waterfall he donned his Deepdive Helmet and swam under the water around to the back of the Keep. He knew underwater the guards would not see him, and he knew that the guards never generally patrolled behind the keep along the mountain range, despite the NUMEROUS attacks the Horde would launch from that very mountain. His patience paid off and he was able to swing around to the eastern side of the Keep without being noticed. Watching the skies, he quickly climbed the stone walls into the Garden Area. Slipping back into the shadows, he surveyed the area and the guard pattern before slipping into the Library. There seemed to be an archology class going on in the library, but it was little concern of his, kept the potential witnesses occupied as he did his job. He had picked up a few names from the maps in SI:7, and began combing the Census Archives, nabbing files and small tomes on related guilds, rosters and achievement records and stowing them away in his bag. Just as he was ready to finish up and head out he heard a tiny “Bark” from behind him. Spinning around he stood face to face with a tiny little pug that was looking dead at him. “SHHHHH” he tried to silence the dog, but it only yipped at him again, causing a guard to poke his head around the corner. “Shit…” Bliz thougt as he took a full step back. “SKWISH” He had been tiptoeing all over the keep, and as the back of his heel hit the ground, he realized his boots were still full of water from his recent swim. But that was a mental anguish for later, as the Guard too heard the wet squish and now was homing in on the Goblins location. “SHIT SHIT SHIT!” he screamed as he bolted around the corner of the Library into the Gardens, Guards, and Crossbow Bolts in HOT pursuit. He attempted to vanish, but they had their sights square on him, tricks were not going to help him escape….all except one! He could feel the arrows and bolts pierce his flesh, the shallow slashes of the guards behind him lashing out with their longswords and pikes. He ignored his pain, tunnel vision on the exit as he jammed his helm on for one last ditch attempt for freedom…. ONE DAY LATER--- Mai’kull sat in the Purple Parlor, high atop the spires of Dalaran sipping on a Glass of Aged Dalaran Red and snacking on a slice of Sour Goat Cheese. Alfred approached the Archmage and handed him a small package, noting that it had just come in via paper zeppelin. The mage thanked the Kirin-Tor Butler and tipped him several gold. As the Human walked away Mai’kull began to flip through the contents of the package… ‘Money well spent’ he thought to himself, as he grinned malevolently at the rosters in his hands. This would prove MOST useful in his future endeavors.