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Found 2 results

  1. After several weeks since the death of the King the general morose that had descended on Stormwind was slowly beginning to lift, people were getting back to their lives. The bells rang their melody as the hour struck noon, adding another layer to Hansreim’s perpetual headache of limited resources, shorthanded staff and occasional hangover. Privately he wished he had retired years ago, despite what little good it would have done in light of the newest threat to Azeroth. Reaching for his flask the old Captain took a swig to calm the pounding of his skull and walked out to meet the newest petitioner ot the guardhouse. What he was face with was one of the regulars, hassling one of the younger guards playing at bouncer to the barracks. “Please” The old man was close to begging. “Someone has to have seen him. The portals, he doesn’t like to fly.” Captain Ollie Hansreim dismissed the guard and waived the old man into his office, he had seen desperate men before and in that regard Lucas was no different than many of the petitioners that came to the barracks but it was harder when you knew the man. Ulrich had remembered the former soldier from the days of the second war and while he was never considered tall Lucas Audrapel had been an imposing figure in battle and no doubt may have been a commander if he’d stayed on. Now, his old comrade had lost most of his muscle and was significantly thinner than what may have been considered healthy, his skin had a sickly pallor to it and though they were both the same age the weariness on the man’s face bespoke of someone much older. It was his concern for his friend’s health that made the old soldier’s eyes soften with sympathy. “Lucas, I know this is difficult but have a look around. I’m working with old men and children, last week a cripple came by and I had him patrolling the mage quarter just because we needed the bodies. Most of our regular guardsmen are either still out at war or died at Broken Shore. Even if I did have the men…I can’t exactly go sending troops out all over the kingdom looking for your boy who for all we know has just gone feral.” Lucas Audrapel tightened his lips and removed a torn stained letter from his vest, slapping it down in front of his old comrade. The Captain examined the letter’s quick hurried scrawl as Lucas made his argument. “This was sent a month ago, from Duskwood. It’s not his handwriting, but it is his words. He hasn’t gone feral” It didn’t escape the Captain’s notice that the other man didn’t even try to sit down despite the obvious weariness he possessed. Endless war meant he did not see it often, but prolonged illness was hard to miss on anyone. “This letter says he’s headed to a caravan. Have you checked the Darkmoon Fair?” “I’m not able to travel out that far to look an Susan can’t leave Jacob alone with the kids, especially with the newborn. I need help.” To Captain Hansreim it was more surprising to hear the old soldier admit he needed help than it had been to see a giant dragon land on the gates and breathe fire. “I want to help you Lucas but it’s out of jurisdiction. We can’t use city resources to look for someone whose clearly left the city on his own will, former guardsman or not.” He sighed. “What about SI:7? Missing persons and strange letters, seems like something that would be right up their path if you could convince them.” Lucas shook his head in defeat, finally giving into his weariness and taking the chair opposite the Captain’s desk. “I tried. They don’t investigate missing worgen because it’s a Gilnean matter, the Gilneans won’t look into it because he’s a Stormwind citizen and they don’t have the authority. My son is in a political limbo.” Ollie sighed. He felt for the man, he really did. “Look, Arthur Huwe owes me a favor, let me see if I can pull a few strings over at SI:7 and have them open a case. It might flag some agents to keep an eye out but I can’t promise anything, if he doesn’t want to be found there’s not much anyone can do about it.” The old soldier turned farmer visibly relaxed. “Thank you Ollie.” “Just get some rest.” Captain Ollie Hansreim watched closely as Lucas left, waving over one of the guards to make sure to old man got home safely. He had stopped short of openly admitting his concern for the old soldier but his worry remained. The old Captain reached into the top drawer of his desk and pulled out a small pedal device that had been cobbled together by one of the more enterprising gnomes in the gadget department and pressed down. “Hello babe, I need a favor.”
  2. "I’m no longer the man I used to be. Perhaps one day Shaeya will understand this and know why I left and why she needs to know that my fault is not her own. At the moment I am two sides of a coin, unable to identify to either despite my efforts to do otherwise. When I embrace the wolf I lament that I am no longer a man, when I am a man the beast inside yearns to break free again. For someone who has so much control over her curse I do not believe that Shaeya could ever understand these daily struggles. It has come that I can no longer see myself being comfortable in my own skin again, wishing that this curse had never been brought on me. Stormwind has been calling for additional volunteers to combat the orcs still fighting for footholds in the Highlands and where before I might have remained at home I have now made the decision to sign on. Forgive me Shaeya for not choosing to say goodbye, It would only have been more difficult for us both and you deserve far better than me for a mate. The only certainty I know anymore is fighting." -The journal of Mavis Audrapel It had taken less than an hour for Audrapel to decide he hated flying. It was thje lack of ground that bothered him, the overwhelming stench of fuselage and exhaust making it all worse. “You going to be okay Wolf?” Mavis’ hand went subconsciously to the iron collar around his neck. Before the band had been an indication of his curse, establishing him as the first Worgen allowed to serve in the city guard and singling him out as a beast but with the military it was just easier for identification on the battlefield. The military was practical that way and it became a strange comfort to realize over time that he was just another weapon in the toolbox rather than some cursed monstrosity. He liked his Captain too, all business and little sentiment, though this being a double edged sword it also meant he would get no sympathy that his beast was railing against the discomfort of an airship and the overpowering scent of the fuselage. “Just a little green in the gills Captain. I’ll be fine” There was an audible grunt from his Captain. “You better, this ain’t no walk in the park. All right girls listen up!” The change in tone was a direct signal that it was time to get down to business. “Our priority one mission is to drop down and locate The White Pawn, everything else and everyone else is second down on that list. Captain Taylor’s final message puts the ship’s last known location here!” The Captain’s fist hit ocean squarely between the southern ends of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. “Now don’t let those head in the ass cartographers blow any smoke up your ass, our initial scouters located landfall and it’s a hell of a lot more than a piddly ass island you’re seein here so I want you alert and on the lookout for local fauna and vegetation. You get eaten by some drunken god’s walking flower it’s on your head! Second, spotters say we got some fine ass structures looking like a local color so be aware of hostile natives and watch your ass for Horde. We’re dropping you down by parachute so don’t piss it up and pancake! Let’s Move!” His brief foray into the Highlands did little to prepare for the gut-wrenching experience of falling several hundred feet onto solid ground and Audrapel barely remembered to pull his chute out in time before becoming a splatter. The horde had arrived in full force, making it to the new continent at roughly the same time the airship had landed if not sooner and the ground was choked with goblin artillery and orc grunt troops. There was so much green Audrapel caught himself wondering why they even bothered to wear colors at all. He shook off the confusion and dropped down to all fours, bracing against the brief pain of transformation before taking off in full force to his first orc, not even bothering with swords as he brought the full force of his weight down and tore through the throat. He used the corpse to throw at a sawblade before goring two goblins with his claws. Someone had tried to land a bland he tore the arm holding it clean off, beating the orc with it before knocking him down with his other claw. The beast reveled in the violence, this was its territory and now that it had every excuse it unleashed it’s savagery in raw primal fury. He briefly remembered an explosion going off in his face before gutting the enterprising goblin who did it and then Mavis dropped back and let the beast go. “ENOUGH!” The words resounded into his ears and through his skull, the human woke up. He caught a brief glance of a two toned bear walking past him before he became aware of the blood soaking into his fur and the sharp metallic taste of more that had found its way into his mouth. Through blurred vision he saw a ghastly skeletal creature that had started clawing at him and drawing forth the remainder of his awareness he drew his sword for the first time and sunk his sword into the strange ethereal creature. There was blood all around him, bodies of orcs and goblins had been savaged all around him. The beast had been sated.