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Found 1 result

  1. Name: Shokkra Deathrage Nickname(s): Shokk, Stoosh, Demoncleaver Age: 23 Race: Orc Clan: Warsong Class: Warrior Affiliations: The 37th Infantry, Kor'kron, Warsong Outriders, Warsong Offensive, Dominance Offensive, Sanctuary, Dragonmaw Clan, Hellscream’s Reach Special Possession(s): Sanctuary Tabard, Drokognir, Dora's Pendant Occupation(s): Soldier, Blacksmith Birthplace: Warsong Caves following the Second War Known Languages: Orcish, Common Skills: Built like a tank and could lift a couple, can forge and repair all levels and kinds of armour and weapons, skilled with all kinds of weaponry excluding staffs Combat Tactics: RAGE Likes: Angry people, strong people, alcohol, blood, beating the living hell out of people, rain, helping people, war drums, flowers, dragonslayers, Orcs Dislikes: Traitors, magic, demons, the Alliance, dresses, snow, demons, warlocks, liars, demons, dragons, Scryers Pet Peeves: FUCKING HUNTERS Phobias/Weaknesses: Fear of commitment, pushing people away, rage gets in the way of sanity, the Twilight Nightmare Physical Description: Shokkra's really good looking, especially by Orc standards, by elf she's pretty decent. She's extremely muscular and built like a Tauren on steroids that’s been weightlifting tanks. Almost always covered in full heavy plate armour. Shokkra’s back and arms are nearly completely covered in tattoos marking achievements and loyalties. She carries a massive halberd on her back, Drokognir, along with two varying weapons on her belt and a boot knife. The blown casing of a bullet, inscribed with her own and Dora's name with a bloodstone in the middle is hung on a necklace around her neck. A carved war horn is hung from her waist. A large scar runs from the right side of her jaw up the side of her face, jagged and visceral. Personality: Shokkra is fueled by her emotions. Usually angry, letting her actions go faster than rational thinking the majority of the time. She fights viciously and ruthlessly, using the full effectiveness of her rage as an orc. Shokkra tends to get attached to people she spends time with fairly quickly, though she probably won't show it. She is extremely loyal, once she devotes herself to something or someone nothing will make her faith falter. Shokkra is a very honest individual, the most lying she does when joking around drunkenly. History: Shokkra was born in the Warsong caves after the second war, growing up hunting and fighting with her father Azilrog and brother Karthok. Shokkra later joined up with the military and was assigned to the 37th Infantry, where she was placed under the command of Konro Stormreaver. She fought with Konro and the 37th for several years until she was recruited into the Kor’kron following her deeds of valour in Northrend and Garrosh Hellscream’s acension to Warchief of the Horde. Shokkra proudly and loyally served Warchief Hellscream throughout the Cataclysm and fall of Deathwing, the Theramore Campaign, the Pandaria Campaign and the Siege of Orgimmar. Following the fall of Warchief Hellscream and the sacking of Orgrimmar, Shokkra went into hiding with an old friend of hers from the Northrend Campaign. She stayed in Silvermoon with his family until being called to Konro’s side during the Second Eclipse. After Konro’s death, the destruction of the 37th’s base, the mutilation of her brother and the obliteration of Accalia, Shokkra hit a low point. She had lost two lifelong friends within the span of a month and her brother fell completely to his psychosis. Seeking a form of stability and a belief to change her ways, Shokkra sought out Sanctuary. She found friendship and strength in Sanctuary, eventually feeling better and reverting to her violent, if extremely reduced, self. Shokkra spent a lot of time with Sanctuary, which proved to be taxing, constantly testing her resolve in the face of Hellfire Citadel and the Grim. But she continued to try. She continued to try and conform to Sanctuary’s vows, their beliefs and the beliefs of its members because of their belief in her. It was hard fought, but she eventually became a full member of Sanctuary. Shokkra later fought alongside Borrowed Time and Sanctuary against Serinar and the Infinite Dragonflight, where she faced off against the Shokkra she could have been if Hellscream won. Shokkra tore off her scalp by her oversized spiked mohawk. She changed her own hair to a braided mohawk following that. When the Quorum threat arose, Shokkra fought the Dreadlords relentlessly with Sanctuary, gaining both Drokognir forged from the shards of the Sword of a Thousand Truths and the Ring of Oveigle Form, and Konro’s Gorehowl replica. Shokkra killed three Dreadlords herself, also destroying a portion of Xelkorak in the Twilight Nightmare.