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Found 3 results

  1. This is a guide on how to use addons to make your UI work for you, so that you can optimize your gameplay. Now, this is meant to help, not shame. You don’t have to feel bad if you don’t want to use addons, even if lots of people say they’re great. If you like these ideas, and the idea of putting in the time to learn them appeals to you, great. If not, don’t let it ruin the fun you’re having. Got it? Then let’s begin! The base UI you’re presented with when you first start the game is... sufficient. You have all the information there that you need. Your health, your target, your buffs and debuffs, members of your group or raid, your action bars, your minimap... And you can customize it to an extent. You can make it show target of target, buffs/debuffs on target or group members, extra action bars, etc. Some people get by just fine using the base UI; some even excel with it. But I am of the strong belief that customizing your UI can give you an edge, and if the huge selection of mods (a.k.a. addons) out there indicates anything, I’m far from the only one! Of course, having your UI altered takes getting used to. You have to unlearn reflexes and train yourself to take input differently. For many people, that’s a turn-off, and something they just don’t want to bother with, though there are rewards in the end. Mods also require learning how to actually implement them – how to install them, what all the terminology means, and how to configure their options. But fear not! I’m here to help! And you can start off small, and add things over time. Or, you can go for a mod pack, which are collections that overhaul the UI entirely for you, and which are designed to take the strain of learning how to configure mods off. Let’s talk about both options. Mod Packs There are several highly recommended mod packs out there. One of the most popular is ElvUI, which several very skilled players I know use (such as my husband, after grudgingly giving up the vanilla UI after some 8 years). Mods packs generally have all the addons preconfigured in a pleasing and helpful way, and some, such as ElvUI, even walk you through a couple of options you can set yourself. If you want to dive right into a fully customized UI, an option that is surprisingly easy and pleasant, I would recommend starting with ElvUI ( Another popular option is SpartanUI ( if you want to check out how both look. Individual Mods Alternatively, you can tweak one thing at a time in your UI. A lot of people like to start out with one change – improved unitframes, for example. Those would be the player icon, target icon, party member icons, etc. You can make them look much cooler, such as with 3D models and nicer borders. Or maybe you want to have more action buttons, and in a more compact style. You can do that with an action bar mod. In this fashion, you can slowly add things to your UI as you get comfortable with them, and build a custom UI exactly to your liking. The rest of this guide will cover individual mods. If something piques your interest, try it out!
  2. Since everyone I know and their uncle is playing BM, I figured I'd do a quick writeup on how to play marksmanship. It's my favorite of the specs, and in my opinion at least, requires the most thought and is also the most fun of the three. I'll update this thread as things inevitably change but if you're looking to make use of Thas'dorah and its awesomeness, read on! In a Nutshell: Legion Marksmanship revolves around the management of a single debuff called Vulnerable. The dubuff functions either as a gradually stacking, long lasting debuff or as a short, potent debuff, but both apply the same effect of increasing the damage of your signature shots. (Aimed Shot and Marked Shot) Vulnerable is applied primarily by Marked Shot and Sidewinders. Marked Shot is activated by your autoshot whenever you proc Marking Targets as a buff on yourself while Sidewinders applies Vulnerable directly to the target. Your goal should be to dump focus via Aimed Shot while Vulnerable is active on your target. Recommended Talents: -Patient Sniper -Sidewinders This combination of talents makes Marksmanship very easy to manage because it gives you both far greater control over where and when you apply Vulnerable as well as very steady focus regeneration; Each use of Sidewinders generates 60 Focus. In addition, Vulnerable becomes far more potent by removing the stacking mechanic and immediately giving you 150% increased damage with Aimed Shot and Marked Shot. Suggested Talents: -A Murder of Crows -Wyvern Sting For PvE, I personally prefer A Murder of Crows as a talent since it's easier to use in high end content without risking breaking any CC effects on other targets. For Wyvern Sting, this is your best control talent choice since it's direct and is also very reliable as CC, unlike Binding Shot. Artifact Talent Suggestions: -Bullseye -Rapid Killing Bullseye gives you a stacking crit buff that grants 1% bonus crit up to 30 stacks or 30% at its maximum. You gain a stack every time you use your damaging abilities on a target that is at or below 20% health. Rapid Killing syncs up nicely with it by increasing your crit damage by 50% while Trueshot Aura is active. When combined with cooldown reductions to Trueshot Aura, this becomes a very nice DPS increase during the final leg of a boss kill because you should have Trueshot Aura ready to use again by the time your target is in range for Bullseye to activate. Selash's Build: -Steady Focus -Lock and Load -Posthaste -Patient Sniper -Wyvern Sting -A Murder of Crows -Sidewinders Opening Rotation: -Pre-pot with Potion of Deadly Grace -Pre-cast Windburst -Activate Trueshot Aura and start autoshooting. -Cast Barrage/A Murder of Crows -Cast Sidewinders -Cast Marked Shot -Cast Aimed Shot until you run out of focus. Depending on your haste and if Bloodlust/Heroism is active, you should be able to get at least 3 Aimed Shots in before Vulnerable expires. -Cast Sidewinders -Cast Marked Shot -Proceed to normal rotation Normal Rotation: -Cast Marked Shot when it's available.* -Cast Barrage/A Murder of Crows on cooldown. -Cast Aimed Shot while your target has Vulnerable, but make sure that your Aimed Shot will get off before Vulnerable expires. If it won't, save your focus. -Cast Windburst on cooldown. -Use Arcane Shot/Sidewinders when you proc Marking Targets, or can't do anything else.** * - If your target is already Vulnerable and you're using Patient Sniper, ideally, you should use Aimed Shot instead of using Marked Shot when it procs. Use Marked Shot after Vulnerable falls off your target to reapply it. ** - If using Sidewinders, you should instead be using it only to consume Marking Targets procs or to prevent yourself from capping at 2 charges of Sidewinders. If this means using it without consuming a Marking Targets proc, that's fine.
  3. Kexti

    Sanctuary Raids

    Normal Emerald Nightmare