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Found 7 results

  1. Khorvis


    [[ A continuation from the finale of Dark Star Rising. ]] The old wooden door of the Gallow's End Tavern swung open with that same familiar creak. The last billows of the squall that had crashed into the Northern coast of Tirisfal whipped into the inn behind the trudging form of Khorvis Bloodstar until he pressed the door shut with a tired grunt. Brill had been only a short march from the Whispering Forests, and the old orc had needed some time and space to clear his head. Exhausted as he was, Khorvis did not fail to notice the guarded looks that the patrons and staff gave the newcom
  2. Written by Le'Sara: The following is a translated transcript from a book within the Scarlet Monastery that discusses Penumbra. I was tasked to provide this transcript by Khorvis. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brother Abendicus, Year 505 of the King's Calendar, Stormwind City, Cloister of the Light. Two nights past, Brother Entin awoke the Cloister in a fit of screams. Three of our order came upon his chambers to find the anointed scion huddled in a corner, snapping at any hand outstretched in aid or friendship like a wounded curr. I,
  3. After completing his evening stroll, Khorvis once again ascended the hidden stairs of his chambers. His spirits were high, and despite the tragedy of the circumstances of his birth, the orcish mind can be prone to moments of grandeur. Father Maledictus is alive. Simply assigning verbal form to the prayer gave the thought a power too great to be ignored. It would have been madness to dream it some few days ago, but now... Now was the time to release the hounds. He could waste no time. Every night the trail grew colder, and the Grim could not depend upon the stupid luck that had g
  4. Penumbra... 18:35:27 Khorvis-TwistingNether gets to his feet. "Well told, Shadowblade. The King of Rats evaded our earnest efforts, but not for lack of trying." 18:35:30 Lupinum nods at Nokokomah. 18:35:39 Sevris-Ravenholdt looks away. 18:36:16 [Khorvis-TwistingNether]: We might all learn much from the trials of those who came before us. 18:36:21 Lilliana eyes Khorvis up and down. 18:36:27 Sevris-Ravenholdt looks at Khorvis. 18:36:29 Khorvis-TwistingNether paces about the fire, stomping through the much of Brackenwall. 18:36:38 [Lupinum-TwistingNether]: Their blood brought us
  5. The King of Rats Maledictus - December 27, 2005 The undead necromancer known as Maledictus detested Brackenwall Village. The Ogres who ran it were a disgrace to the Horde: guards guzzled ditch liquor from rusty mugs and staggered drunkenly along their patrol routes, burping and farting as they went. They defecated wherever the mood struck, and took no measures to impress the superior races among their Horde allies. As he arrived, Maledictus muttered to himself, "Brackensqualor, you'll never change. This dung heap will one day be the sad tombstone of the Ogre r
  6. "...That roach, Payson, was right. I must seek the blood of the void, a toxin black beyond death. The Rat's flesh shall be fertile soil for the seed of Penumbra." In the journal, you would read the expected ramblings of an undead priest fel-bent upon destroying the races of the living, as well as passages berating his own failings in the search for a suitable plague. It will contain constant mentionings of something called "Penumbra". It is unclear if this is a person, a place, or an object, but always it is held in awe, as something or someone that holds the key to Annihilation. Ex
  7. [[ Cross-post from The Gallow's End Tavern. Authored by Bishoph. ]] Bishoph rides towards the town of Brill on his Shadow Raven. He has been flying for an eternity it seems. Nodding in and out of consciousness he is awakened from the cowls of his bird. The wind whips through his frail body. The air grows colder..there is always a unnerving chill in the Tirisfal Glades. The cypress trees of the region welcome him home. The cursed sky of the Forsaken, always weaving its green hue around the forest. The clouds swirling in a ravaging chaos...the rain falling violently across the land. Each dr