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Found 1 result

  1. Full Name: Loranah Anne Brightsong Nicknames: Lora Date of Birth: Sometime after midsummer Age: 76 Race: Blood Elf Gender: Female Hair: Strawberry Blonde Skin: Tanned Eyes: Dark Green Height: 5'5" Weight: 140 Place of residence: Sanctuary Garrison Place of Birth: Silvermoon Known Relatives: Anne and Graven Brightsong (Parents - Deceased) Limeera and Lothien (Siblings - Deceased) Religion/Philosophy: The Light (thought it is waning) Occupation: Mechanic and Assistant to Dr. Ariavan Qui'venar Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary & The Skyseeker Guild Rank: Initiate Enemies: None Likes: Anything mechanical, eating and drinking, laughing with friends Favorite Foods: Steak, Grilled Veggies, Fruit, she's not picky Favorite Drinks: Ale and Cider Favorite Colors: Black, Gold, Blue Weapons of Choice: Something heavy Dislikes: Rude People Hobbies: Tinkering! She can reverse engineer just about anything. Have a schematic? She'll build it AND make it better. Physical Features: Average height with a somewhat muscular and athletic build from her years of being a knight and mechanic, Loranah looks like a generally healthy elf. Her arms bear bruises and cuts, old and new, presumably from slipped machine parts and welding getting a bit out of hand. Her green eyes are bright, always shining with bubbly happiness, but her face is somewhat plain. Others may say she was pretty, but by elf standards she would be homely. Strawberry blonde hair is freshly cut, the edges blunt as if she did the cut herself with a sizable blade. Special Abilities: Can fix anything if it's got working metal parts Positive Personality Traits: Bubbly happiness, Jokes around and loves being silly, caring for her friends Negative Personality Traits: Young and a little naive, Takes everything at face value, Used easily by people Misc. Quirks: Played by What Famous Person: Samantha Wright Theme Songs: Paralyzed - Mystery Skulls History: (to be written)