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Found 4 results

  1. That's right. Title says it all. What I'm looking for: I need an active RPing guild. I'd preferably like it if my entrance was RPed as well, as I like my character to have a reason for being in a certain guild. I'd also prefer if the guild wasn't one giant click that's too self absorbed to fake interest about someone else's storyline. I want events, meetings, planning... everything RP. About me: I'm active off and on (I do have a life), and while I do level I don't level fast. To put it bluntly, I RP faster when I feel like playing and RP makes me feel like playing. I haven't RPed, outside of Silvermoon horn fests (which, while I really don't mind these they can get a little old), for a few solid months now. I enjoy SOME adult role play, but it's getting pretty damn boring. I like to actually INTERACT when I roleplay, in other words I love events, I love meetings, and I even love just sitting around talking. I don't like how there are millions of the stereotypical lord/lady better than thou Belf. We're fallen and disgusting is how I see it. Me as a person can be very unlike my characters, though I take on their aspects while playing them at times. As Ban I'll probably be very friendly and charismatic. Not playing a character, I'm pessimistic, nervous, sarcastic, and currently I'm thoroughly p'd off. I'm also very tired of not fining a solid group to RP with. I'm on the verge of just giving up and not playing, as I did for a couple of months just a little while ago. I can't take my characters just sitting there doing nothing anymore, leveling just so they can sit and do nothing some more. Writing about my character just seems to make me sad these days because I know I'll never get to really develop them that far and that writing about them is just my last ditch effort to get their character down somewhere other than my head... and that nobody really ever reads any of my crap. About my character: The character currently looking for a good group of RPers to associate with is Banbuu. He's a drunk, addict, sadomasochist and a flat out whore, though he tries to be friendly and all in all is a nice guy. RP with him can get above a PG rating (for example, he has a habit of slapping being in the arse randomly), and CAN become mature if I feel the hell like it and the other person is alright with it. If a person doesn't want to, then I'm fine with that. Ban's a flexible character in that way. All and all he's up to no good and he knows it. he could very easily fall into the "wrong crowd." He was offered the job of whore once by a passing pimp but I forgot to take said pimps name. One last thing, he likes for people who say they're going to hit him or beat the crap out of him to actually do so if it seems something you'd do in character. He also doesn't set foot in Silvermoon, specifically Silvermoon city for a reason. Alternative Route: If no appropriate guild can be found for him, I will create my own.... though this sort of goes against Ban's character as he is more likely to be slapped and ordered around by someone else. He's not one to lead, at least at the moment. If that still doesn't appease me then I'll have no choice but to just give up. Most of you think "Oh no, big loss...(/sarcasmguffaw)" but I do too so it's alright. It really won't be that big of a loss to the community nor myself as I haven't gotten too much steady RP these days anyways since the loss of The Bloodfang. *shrugs* Maybe it's just depression over missing the first guild I've been part of that had not only included every member, but had also tried to give everyones storyline a slight tip of the hat while giving everyone a larger objective they could lean towards when they started running out of fuel for their own story. I hadn't gone a day without some RP when I was with them, and I had never leveled so fast or happily in my short WoW life. Please PLEASE let there be at least one guild out there that can match their small yet high quality caliber.
  2. I didn't want to hijack some of the other threads here, but I'm looking for a guild as well. Are there any tauren-centric guilds? Bayou is very much an earthy, traditional tauren in the sense that he is more concerned with following the path of the Earthmother than worrying about the petty squabbling of politics.
  3. OK... which guilds are very much "Silvermoon"-centric? By that I mean the core belief is protection of the Sindorei nation and its people at any cost (as long as the nation is served.) Civil Protection is a bit on the lower level end of what I am talking about... but then again this could be a way to expand them into a larger secret agency style force...
  4. Hello, I am Arconis. I just started playing a few weeks back with a few buddies of mine. We all love to roleplay and help each other out. We have been looking for a fun-loving RP guild for some time now, but couldnt find one. So we took the search to the forums and came to this one. We have research many options and choices, but in the end want the experienced players of Twisted Nethers input. Since every time we try to ask in the world we get slapped for RPing, ill bring it here instead, lol. All me and my buddies are really looking for is a Roleplaying guild with a lot of great and fun-loving members. All of us are in the 20 year old range, and are fairly nice people. We all obviously just started so we are not that high in level. We a very guildless, and want to be apart of one so we can share our roleplay with the fellow rpers of twisted nether, while lvling up to reach our goals with them. Hope to roleplay with you soon! Arconis Lv. 15 Warrior Undead Horde