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Found 1 result

  1. So, since there's been expression of interest in it, and Mortica has given her blessing, I have taken the liberty of setting up a few TNG IRC channels for chatting on. IRC can be an overwhelmingly strange place at first, so I've put together a little presentation in hopes of getting a nice succesful channel set up: IRC AND YOU...AND US TOO What is IRC? IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is a series of networks used to RELAY CHAT over the INTERNET. Think of it like an overly complicated series of chat rooms! In order to connect to an IRC network, one must have an IRC client. I prefer mIRC, as it is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can find it at Take the time to download and install it right now before proceeding to the next phase. Ok, I have mIRC, how does this thing work? Connecting to an IRC Server TNG's IRC channels are hosted on MMOIRC. In order to connect to this server, you will first click on options. It's the little hammer and switch icon, the second one on the left of the tool bar. Give yourself a little nickname and enter whatever BS you need to on the screen that pops up, and then mosey on over to SERVERS under the tree labeled CONNECT. Here you will find a list of many popular IRC servers, navigate to the folder labeled MMOIRC, open it up and select RANDOM SERVER. THen click on SELECT on the right side of the box. Ok, I'm on, how do I talk to you? Woah there bucko, we still have a bit of setup to do. First take the time to register your nickname, for security reasons so no one can impersonate you. Do this by typing /msg nickserv register -password- -email- It will email you a passcode to message back to nickserv to verify. From now on whenever you start IRC you will need to identify yourself by typing /msg nickserv identify -password-. So now that your name is set up, let's visit some channels! You can join a channel by using the /join command. The 3 TNG channels are #TNGChatter, #TNGRP, and #TNGNSFW. So to join TNGChatter, the OOC chat, type /join #TNGChatter and it will open a new window. Now you can chat! For ease of entry, you can set it up to automatically join any channels using the favorite channel list. It's the icon with the heart. Wtf is up with the name list? Everyone in the channel is listed on the name list. You can PM them by double clicking on the name. You'll also notice various signs by names. These are as follows: ~ is the owner of a channel. A @ next to a name is called an "Op", essentially a channel moderator. A % is a half-op, essentially a moderator hit with the nerf bat. A + is someone who is voiced. Voicing is a means of channel control, when the channel is muted, people that are voiced can still talk. Ops and Halfops are automatically voiced. In conclusion That's about it. Any questions can be posted below or sent via PM. Let's turn these channels into a success! Again, the TNG channels are: #TNGChatter - OOC Chat #TNGRP - IC chat #TNGNSFW - NSFW RP See you online!