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Found 4 results

  1. Full Name: Belamara Stormhazard Nicknames: Bela Age: 24 Race: Goblin/Gnome Gender: Female Hair: Azure Skin: Light green with some pinkish tones and freckles Eyes: Violet with flecks of blue Height: Very short, even by Goblin standards Weight: Very throwable Place of residence: None really but usually returns to Everlook after a while Place of Birth: Booty Bay Known Relatives: Felix Stormhazard, Father Occupation: Scout Group/Guild affiliation: Ravenflight/Sanctuary Likes: Animals, new places, weird doo-dads Favorite Foods: Meat, fruit pies Favorite Drinks: Lo
  2. Since everyone I know and their uncle is playing BM, I figured I'd do a quick writeup on how to play marksmanship. It's my favorite of the specs, and in my opinion at least, requires the most thought and is also the most fun of the three. I'll update this thread as things inevitably change but if you're looking to make use of Thas'dorah and its awesomeness, read on! In a Nutshell: Legion Marksmanship revolves around the management of a single debuff called Vulnerable. The dubuff functions either as a gradually stacking, long lasting debuff or as a short, potent debuff, but both apply th
  3. ((*Note:Tuebor is Latin for "I will protect.")) Birth Viridiel,the few of his regiment left, and a handful of civilian survivors kept marching through the Blackened Woods, tired, hungry, fearful, and saddened by the recent events. The march through the black forest of fear and endless horror was grueling and costly, about half the civilians were killed, cannibalized, and dragged away by Scoruge dregs, soon to join the ranks of undead and destroy more lives, under the service of the wicked Arthas Menethil. Viridiel grew worried, worried that they might not last much longer out here, in
  4. I've heard lately, that 75 Spell pen seems to be a going thing for hunters. Having heard that around, I'm not sure whether to actually go for it; I've heard the pros, and the cons, and there are still decent arguments on both sides. The Pros being: - As a survival hunter, most of the shots I have deal some sort of DoT - IE: Black Arrow, Serpent Sting, Wyvern Sting, and Explosive shot - something other than physical damage, meaning that they could be taken as spells. I don't know my MMS rotation too well at all, and BM, I'm even less sure of nowadays. I haven't played it since Cyt was at le