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Found 3 results

  1. Since everyone I know and their uncle is playing BM, I figured I'd do a quick writeup on how to play marksmanship. It's my favorite of the specs, and in my opinion at least, requires the most thought and is also the most fun of the three. I'll update this thread as things inevitably change but if you're looking to make use of Thas'dorah and its awesomeness, read on! In a Nutshell: Legion Marksmanship revolves around the management of a single debuff called Vulnerable. The dubuff functions either as a gradually stacking, long lasting debuff or as a short, potent debuff, but both apply the same effect of increasing the damage of your signature shots. (Aimed Shot and Marked Shot) Vulnerable is applied primarily by Marked Shot and Sidewinders. Marked Shot is activated by your autoshot whenever you proc Marking Targets as a buff on yourself while Sidewinders applies Vulnerable directly to the target. Your goal should be to dump focus via Aimed Shot while Vulnerable is active on your target. Recommended Talents: -Patient Sniper -Sidewinders This combination of talents makes Marksmanship very easy to manage because it gives you both far greater control over where and when you apply Vulnerable as well as very steady focus regeneration; Each use of Sidewinders generates 60 Focus. In addition, Vulnerable becomes far more potent by removing the stacking mechanic and immediately giving you 150% increased damage with Aimed Shot and Marked Shot. Suggested Talents: -A Murder of Crows -Wyvern Sting For PvE, I personally prefer A Murder of Crows as a talent since it's easier to use in high end content without risking breaking any CC effects on other targets. For Wyvern Sting, this is your best control talent choice since it's direct and is also very reliable as CC, unlike Binding Shot. Artifact Talent Suggestions: -Bullseye -Rapid Killing Bullseye gives you a stacking crit buff that grants 1% bonus crit up to 30 stacks or 30% at its maximum. You gain a stack every time you use your damaging abilities on a target that is at or below 20% health. Rapid Killing syncs up nicely with it by increasing your crit damage by 50% while Trueshot Aura is active. When combined with cooldown reductions to Trueshot Aura, this becomes a very nice DPS increase during the final leg of a boss kill because you should have Trueshot Aura ready to use again by the time your target is in range for Bullseye to activate. Selash's Build: -Steady Focus -Lock and Load -Posthaste -Patient Sniper -Wyvern Sting -A Murder of Crows -Sidewinders Opening Rotation: -Pre-pot with Potion of Deadly Grace -Pre-cast Windburst -Activate Trueshot Aura and start autoshooting. -Cast Barrage/A Murder of Crows -Cast Sidewinders -Cast Marked Shot -Cast Aimed Shot until you run out of focus. Depending on your haste and if Bloodlust/Heroism is active, you should be able to get at least 3 Aimed Shots in before Vulnerable expires. -Cast Sidewinders -Cast Marked Shot -Proceed to normal rotation Normal Rotation: -Cast Marked Shot when it's available.* -Cast Barrage/A Murder of Crows on cooldown. -Cast Aimed Shot while your target has Vulnerable, but make sure that your Aimed Shot will get off before Vulnerable expires. If it won't, save your focus. -Cast Windburst on cooldown. -Use Arcane Shot/Sidewinders when you proc Marking Targets, or can't do anything else.** * - If your target is already Vulnerable and you're using Patient Sniper, ideally, you should use Aimed Shot instead of using Marked Shot when it procs. Use Marked Shot after Vulnerable falls off your target to reapply it. ** - If using Sidewinders, you should instead be using it only to consume Marking Targets procs or to prevent yourself from capping at 2 charges of Sidewinders. If this means using it without consuming a Marking Targets proc, that's fine.
  2. ((*Note:Tuebor is Latin for "I will protect.")) Birth Viridiel,the few of his regiment left, and a handful of civilian survivors kept marching through the Blackened Woods, tired, hungry, fearful, and saddened by the recent events. The march through the black forest of fear and endless horror was grueling and costly, about half the civilians were killed, cannibalized, and dragged away by Scoruge dregs, soon to join the ranks of undead and destroy more lives, under the service of the wicked Arthas Menethil. Viridiel grew worried, worried that they might not last much longer out here, in the quiet forest of death and hoplessness, and especially worried for the love of his life, Drianna Morningray. Viridiel took a quick look behind him, his pale blue eyes searching for her through the increasingly thinning band of survivors...his eyes finally found her amongst the group, her raven black hair, her paling white skin, lips red as a blood rose, and her fading blue eyes reassured him that both she and the unborn she carried with her were safe, even if for a moment. He turned his head again to stare at the bleak forest, thinking of a safe place to hide from the endless horror that the Scoruge possesed. After about half a days death march through the woods, Viridiel had at last found him and the survivors refuge, an old and delapitating temple. It wasn't much to look at, the roof had a few large chunks of marble missing, the walls weren't much better, the inside was a wreck with blood stains still fresh from a Scoruge raid, alas, it was the only safe place for miles around, at least til help arrived. He gathered what survivors were left and lead them into the temple, hoping for the best, for both the survivors and his pregnant wife...he had hopped for the best, he'd hoped for a beacon of hope to shine through the thick fog of darkness that plagued the Sin'dorei, the Children of Blood, as Keal'thas Sunstrider now reffered himself and his people in honor of their fallen brethren. "Quickly, get a medic in here! A woman's in labor!," someone from deep inside the temple cried out. Viridiel's ear picked up the sound and he rushed quickly into the main foyer of the temple, pushing his way through the crowd, desperate to see his wife through her time of need. He knelt down beside her, tightly gripping her soft, velvet hand as she stared into his eyes, smiling. The labor lasted for about an hour, but at long last, she had birthed a child, a beautiful baby boy, called Aenarian Morningray, the shinning light that Viridiel had hoped for has finally been blessed upon him. Eight Years Later Drianna stared blankly out the window, gazing at her husband, who looked most unhappy, most unhappy he did look, after the twins Andrianna and Alexandira were born. He seemed upset that the next brood would be female, so instead of staying home caring for them, he spent most of his days outside their home, drowning in drink, wallowing in "the shame that the little women befallen upon him." Drianna felt some pity for the chauvinistic drunkard, though she couldn't freely express this pity for him, as he was becoming rather "unsavory to be around." The young Aenarian knew this better than most, as dear Ann'da would show more attention to him and if the girls ever tried to compete with him, they'd be locked in "The Cellar" for days on end, this routine of vicious abuse would stop, however, because Aenarian would stand up to Ann'da and protect his beloved Minn'da and Felores. One day, Viridiel was drunk as usual and the girls demanded attention from him. "You little Kim'jaels dare speak to me in that tone!," he bellowed raising his fist, ready to strike, "I'll learn you some respect!" His fist was coming down like a Blood Knights hammer onto a Scoruge skull, the girls coward in fear, huddling in each others arms. As the cold drunk fist almost reached Andrianna's head, Aenarian swooped in between Andrianna and his father's fist and took the full force of the blow to his head. Viridiel reeled back, shocked by this act his own son preformed. Aenarian staggered back up and faced his father and yelled, "You ungrateful bastard! How dare you! You dare neglect your own daughters, while giving more priase to your son?! I've had it with this kodoshit! Get the fel out of my house, now!!!!" Having been beaten by his own son, Viridiel left without a word and a week later, killed himself by slitting his wrists. Alexandria, the youngest, ran up and hugged her brother, tears raining down her cheek, saying, "Thank you! Thank you!" Aenarian craddled her in his arms and said to her, "Hey, I'm your brother, I'll always be there to protect you, no matter what. I'll protect you, Andrianna, and Minn'da. I promise." He promised...sadly...those words would come to haunt him forever.
  3. I've heard lately, that 75 Spell pen seems to be a going thing for hunters. Having heard that around, I'm not sure whether to actually go for it; I've heard the pros, and the cons, and there are still decent arguments on both sides. The Pros being: - As a survival hunter, most of the shots I have deal some sort of DoT - IE: Black Arrow, Serpent Sting, Wyvern Sting, and Explosive shot - something other than physical damage, meaning that they could be taken as spells. I don't know my MMS rotation too well at all, and BM, I'm even less sure of nowadays. I haven't played it since Cyt was at least level 67. - Spell pen would make the shots hit harder, I assume, being that if they indeed ARE spells, it would be almost the same as Armour Pen -- Explosive shot would hit for more than 2k a burst on a fully geared enemy The Cons being: - Hunters can cast the shots when silenced, which lends some discredit to the statement above about shots being spells. - Spell Pen for a hunter seems to be the equivalent of a little spirit for a hunter; decent but completely unnecessary [PS: inb4 Wobbles sarcasm - Shushface] - Gemming Agility or Armour Pen gives you more to work with -- More agility = more attack power + crit + armour (?)(= less damage) More armour pen = more ouch on the other end (Albeit with hunters gemming armour pen, I noticed this is more an MMS trait, for hunters who raid seriously. I've never met a PvP hunter MMS or otherwise, who gemmed armour pen.) - If you gem for spell pen, for certain spells (IE: I'd be gemming it for Explosive shot, black arrow, serpent sting), why not gem for certain damages? Those that would do the MOST damage; fire - explosive, nature - serpent sting, etc. (Obviously.. waste of gem space, I know. I heard the argument though) Help, maybe? From one hunter to another? <3