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Found 12 results

  1. Skullduggery War, a constant within the world of Azeroth, something guaranteed like the tide's ebb and flow. Causes of war are negligible once it starts, and the moral code of justice only caters to the winning side. After all, the flavor text of history books is decided by the winning side, is it not? So don't delude yourself with a sense of justice and mercy, just focus on surviving, winning, making it to the end of the day. It's rare to find folks that can see events like these for what they truly are. Those talented visionaries are sought out, branching from all walks of life to empower each other. Standing as one seafaring unit, survival in this ever-changing world is guaranteed.. Skullduggery Mercenary Corporation is a multi-faceted company of talented on-call work. With a recent up front payment, Skullduggery has an extended contract working as an elite privateering force for the betterment of The Horde (Disclaimer: This is by no means to be confused with Piracy. Skullduggery is a licensed company that employs legitimate work). With recent events causing a disturbance between the Alliance and Horde, a call to arms has been established. Assassins, criminals, heroes, brawlers, privateers, thugs, nobility, soldiers, and even the incredibly foolhardy and brave. All walks of life are trained, forged in the fires of combat, and prepared for anything to come. All walks of life can commit to the code. All walks of Life can be dedicated to the Defense of the Horde... But only the elite can truly become a Skullduggery Sailor. With the ever-encroaching forces of the Alliance seeking to destroy, rout, and enslave the Horde as their resolution for peace, Skullduggery is a fighting force that attacks from where enemies deemed impossible. Suicidal missions, special operations, chaotic battles, and constant calls for strike teams at the ready are what Skullduggery brings to the table. And of course, for the risks taken, reward is a must. Those that seek the lucrative life of a skilled mercenary should seek out none other than Skullduggery! Enlist today! {OOC} Skullduggery is a passion project guild being built for Mythic Dungeons, Casual PvP, World PvP, and RP amidst this all. We look to be laid back and relaxed, allowing player freedom and fun in and out of game. The Guild Alignment is officially Chaotic Neutral, as many ranges of contracts for work will be available, some on the table, and others below it. We are part of a community of RP guilds looking to bring more players into the mix for BfA. Requesting Employment? Rules: We are laid back, looking for more to join in on the random fun. In character is where RPers will see the obvious rank and file of a naval company, but ooc will always be open to chill. Race: All Canon Horde races are accepted. Character: All ranges of alignment are accepted as Skullduggery employs a melting pot of culture, however each member must be capable of following a code of conduct. This code is for the safety and functionality of Skullduggery employees, therefore cannot be abused. (Treason and infighting are not accepted character traits) Classes: All canon classes are accepted alongside flavor to such classes. (example: An orc monk who identifies as a Brawler is fine, as Brawler still fits within the ideals of a Windwalker Monk) PvP Conduct: War Mode will be something encouraged, but not forced. WPvP events will of course be in War Mode. With War Mode being on, attacking enemy players is indeed encouraged, but keep this separate from obvious bad sportsmanship (Like whisper harassment and character stalking). Code of Conduct: Complete the Contract. Bring each and every contractor home. Do not stand in the way of a contract. Do not stand in your fellow employees way. Work together, survive, endure, and cash out together. At the end of the day, Success and Survival are all that matters... Contact: Chestius of the Ravenholdt Server. we have a Discord for most of our RP as well as Communications. We are looking for all sorts of players interested in both gaming as well as RP. No prior experience required, in fact, we encourage all to jump in and give it a try. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leadership: 1. Captain Chestius, Owner of Skullduggery and Captain of her Flagship. -Age: 60+ -Profession: Hunter/Sniper -Years in Service: N/A
  2. "The night is darkest before the dawn. I will be the blade that cuts through the night. I will be the shield that guards my home. I will be the arrow that pierces into the Light. Elune, A'dal, Celestials and Holy Light together I will fight for, and secure another dawn for Azeroth." This is the creed spoken by fresh recruits brought into the Night Vanguard, an order formed by Sorel Crescentsong, a night elf with a storied history within the Alliance. Although a new order, Sorel believes that he can affect change in the Alliance with it. He strongly believes that fanaticism and radical extremism will lead to ruin, so he discourages it within his order, and works to bring the short comings of radicals to light. However, that is not to say he is anti-Alliance. The Night Vanguard welcomes all who wish to help protect Azeroth and Alliance lands, fighting all threats: Legion, Void, and aggressive Horde. All races, all walks of life, all are welcome to take up arms under the dark blue banner and fight for the world, and end the dark, symbolic night over Azeroth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC INFO: Who Are We? Night Vanguard is a recently formed guild that encourages working with other guilds and Alliance players to attain goals. While small for now, we have plenty of active members. We're looking to do everything the game has to offer! Yes, that means role play, dungeons, world quests, arenas, battlegrounds, and hopefully raiding one day! Ranks New members start out as Scouts. Upon getting involved with some guild activities, players become Rangers. Dedicated members will eventually be promoted to Vanguard. There are two different officer ranks: The Steward is for Sub-Officers, and full officers are Wardens. Lastly is Commander, the leader of the guild. Role Play Our guild is a primarily open RP guild. We want Role Players as our primary members, and although you don't need to engage all the time, taking time out to make scenes with characters is encouraged. New members will be Roleplayed in to help them feel welcome! Although Party, Instance, and Guild chats are OOC, there is a separate channel for long-range IC communications, think like a radio or, Horde-side, Hearthstone attunement. We will be organizing events, and when we get more members, hope to have a monthly meeting night to discuss guild affairs. We want to re-vitalize Alliance-side community. tl;dr: open RP is encouraged. Playing the Game As mentioned, we will do everything in the game. We don't Raid yet, but our members will do BattleGrounds and Dungeons together, as well as party up for World Quests. If you want to do something, we will do it. As far as world PvP goes, actively attacking the Horde is discouraged. World PvP will happen, but it will be reactionary, not aggressive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you wish to join us, you can contact Shizari-TwistingNether, Margoz-Ravenholdt, Mardalius-Ravenholdt, or Eveste-TwistingNether.
  3. <The following flier is seen in Horde capital cities.> Peace does not come easily, and never of its own accord. It must be fought for, and defended vigilantly once won. Sanctuary fights to create the world we want to see, where those who cannot fight or do not wish to will not suffer. We do not shy away from what it may cost us, and we will do what we must to protect it. Sanctuary is sworn to uphold justice with mercy, and peace with self-sacrifice. We serve the Horde, though never at the cost of innocent lives. If you believe in the same, join us. We currently have need of motivated individuals to join and lead the following teams: Defense Team (( PvP )) Sanctuary stands ready to defend the Horde and its territories, including contested battlegrounds. In addition to being prepared to respond when any Horde settlement comes under attack, we also coordinate with allied guild Borrowed Time to form an elite team for battlegrounds (( RBGs )). Those who wish to defend Horde territories may join our defense team. –Officer Position: Be prepared to oversee these duties and manage a commendation system within the guild. (( PvP Officer )) –Associate Officer Position: Be prepared to assist with one or more of the coordination duties for this team. (( PvP Sub-Officer )) Offense Team (( PvE/Raiding )) There are declared enemies of the Horde and even the world to whom we must be prepared to bring the fight. In the past, this has been forces such as the Iron Horde, Deathwing, the Lich King, and more. (( Raids )) We are preparing to create a team composed of members from many allied guilds who are united in this cause. Those who wish to pursue these threats may join our offense team. –Officer Position: Be prepared to organize and lead the team. (( Raid Leader )) –Associate Officer Position: Be prepared to assist with one or more of the coordination duties for this team. (( Raid Co-Leader )) Exploration Team (( Adventure Campaigns )) There are times when it is necessary to ferret out secrets or take control of a situation before the threat becomes too great. Small teams may be tasked with hunting down powerful relics, exploring hard-to-reach areas, or negotiating with local powers. (( Invented challenges, achievement hunts, and GM-directed dungeon delves )) Those who wish to seek these challenges may join our exploration team. –Officer Position: Be prepared to determine leads and direct the team in following them. (( Adventure Campaign GM )) –Associate Officer Position: Be prepared to assist with one or more of the coordination duties for this team. (( Adventure Campaign Co-GM )) Outreach Team (( Community Get-Togethers & Organized Activities )) It is important to maintain a presence in the public eye to attract new members to our cause, but it is also important to foster a sense of community to prevent unnecessary conflict. We are stronger together, and opportunities to achieve more than we could separately, or even celebrations of our community, reinforce that. Those who wish to help with such activities may join our outreach team. –Officer Position: Be prepared to plan, promote, and coordinate community events and activities. (( Outreach Officer )) –Associate Officer Position: Be prepared to assist with one or more of the coordination duties for this team. (( Outreach Sub-Officer )) For more information, contact Commander Julilee Liene ((Julilee-TwistingNether)) or Marshal Kex'ti Dalendala ((Kexti-Ravenholdt)), or visit one of Sanctuary's locations. <The locations of Sanctuary's establishments in Orgrimmar, Draenor, and Dalaran are listed.> ------------------------------------- (( OOC )) Why join Sanctuary? Sanctuary was founded in 2006 and proudly carries a legacy of roleplay on Twisting Nether and now Ravenholdt. Though the guild was inactive through Cataclysm and Pandaria, it was revived before the launch of Warlords and continues its storied traditions, well-remembered by many. Because we are pushing to grow and develop even further, now is the perfect time to join. You can influence the direction and storyline of a well-known and respected guild with your own unique contributions, and make history that will become a part of server lore. Our storyline itself is out of the ordinary. We embrace peace on a PvP server. This makes our intentions actually a challenge to meet, and when there is justification for action, it is all the more exciting. We back our vows in a way you can't on a plain RP server. We also enjoy a strong, friendly relationship with other RP guilds on TNRH, including on the opposite faction. Numerous cross-guild storylines have taken place in which Sanctuary played a role if not took the lead, and in-character conflict is always handled with open communication and a spirit of willing collaboration OOC. Lastly, Sanctuary itself is a tight-knit yet welcoming group. We are quick to involve newcomers in existing stories and jump into theirs. We are also quality people; we have a well-defined code of conduct and do our best to attract others who will contribute in a positive way to the guild and the community. If that sounds good to you, please send a whisper to Julilee-TwistingNether or Kexti-Ravenholdt, and we'll be glad to bring you in!
  4. i was browsing through Google, doing some research for a blog, when i stumbled across a few articles about a Guild called Silvermoon University that used to be on Twisting Nether. What i read intrigued me, but i can't find anything up-to-date concerning this Guild. the website links were all old and out of use. does anyone have any information regarding this Guild or other similar Guilds?
  5. Peace Through Annihilation - The Grim Mandate Deathwing has returned, sowing chaos and disorder on everything beneath his shadow. The lands have changed, oceans have swelled, and new enemies have crawled their way up from the tales of the old world. While the armies of the Horde recoup from its losses in the Northrend campaign, The Grim are called again by their new Warchief to handle these new threats in ways others dare not. With this call, The Grim seek new individuals of like mind to aid in combating these threats against the Horde and its prosperity. Who are The Grim? The Grim are the oldest active role-playing guild on the Twisting Nether server. Since it's founding on September 16th, 2005, The Grim have been the leading example of a full immersion ("Heavy RP") role-playing guild, keeping high standards in writing excellence and game-play. While not the only role-playing guild on Twisting Nether; The Grim is unique in that its membership is made up of role-players who seek character development through game play. While we hold many well-received writers and storytellers among our ranks, we are not a guild who sit around in-game all day and express their feelings through emotes. We are a guild of action, made up of people who enjoy World of Warcraft for what it is: an MMORPG. Why Join The Grim? Joining The Grim allows you to play with fellow role-players who want to do more than stand in Silvermoon City and enjoy the sunshine. Since this server's creation, The Grim has been well known for its success and active involvement in the PvE and PvP scene. If you are looking for an active roleplaying guild that wants to play the game, we will have what you are looking for. What If I'm Interested In Raiding? If you are a role-player who enjoys the PvE environment, you will find a competent group with The Grim. While not a cutting-edge raiding guild; The Grim has performed far beyond what most would expect from a "bunch of RPers." While most guilds with raiding teams require a certain level of player competency, The Grim understand that many role-players have not had an opportunity to be involved with a dedicated raiding team. Because of this, we do not frown upon inexperience and seek to make all members with the interest and desire to raid to be the best that they can be. While we do not hold your hand, resources are made available and members who are considered experts at specific classes and roles are always available for questioning. Guild leadership also takes an active role at player improvement. We are not in the business of turning down applications based on raid slots. However, if you are applying strictly to raid with The Grim, understand raid positions are filling up and we keep everyone, new member and old, to a very high standard. For current raiding information, this link provides it. If you are scared of links, just scroll down - the raid post is #4 on this thread. What If I'm Interested In PvP? If you are a role-player who enjoys PvP, you will find The Grim to field a very healthy environment that has a rich history; with a well established credibility and respect by and for the opposition (The Alliance). The Grim currently host a Rated Battleground team that runs every Wednesday and Sunday. We are rated in the top 10 of the server. Concerning arenas, we have numerous teams at all levels of play and many members who are just waiting for the right class combination to begin new teams. While arenas have never been our focus, we have enough membership willing and able, just waiting for the right person with the motivation to take them to the top! With world PvP, The Grim are the first guild in Cataclysm to defeat Tyrande Whisperwind, The Dwarven Council, and Prophet Velen (patch 4.0.6). Some past accomplishments involving The Grim are well known by the role-playing community; and many could, arguably, be known as precursor's to many guild and faction rivalry's that still exist in the community today. Prior to the Burning Crusade; our King of Rats storyline is still considered by many to be the best cross-faction event of this server. Our participation in Operation: Long Rifle was well received, as were our many assaults against Alliance cities and towns. During the Burning Crusade, we were the second group to kill Bolvar Fordragon before his removal from Stormwind; though arguably the first recognized kill during prime-time hours. Near the end of Burning Crusade and entering into Wrath of the Lich King, Cristok's Challenge, a duel-based event for gold and prizes, was well received, running two seasons that spanned about a year. Where Can I Find More Information About The Grim? Our primary source of information can be found at our website. Currently we're handling some administrative and format changes, but the links work and the news items are kept up-to-date. The Grim Armory Page The Grim GuildOx PageThe Grim GuildProgress Page Concerning contacts; Abric can be contacted on the Gazette. In-game; you can speak with Qarosimae, Bloodscream, Greebo, Ryanica, Malebrignon, or Thalevia. If you have questions that can be fielded in-character (IC), you'll find some to be far more receptive to that than any out of character (OOC) interaction.
  6. Notice: Da Shatterspear Tribe is recruitin' all da Trolls who are up for da fight against da alliance! We currently have tree allies Da horde Da Amani Trolls and Da Steamwheedle Cartel. Our village resides in da hills of Darkshore. Very secluded very safe! We are a small tribe and we need ya to join and help us grow strong! For da Horde! Signed, Commanda Xunjin of Da Shatterspear Tribe (( We are a new guild only containing four members as I post this contact one of the following names in game Blooddrunk my rogue or Xunjin, for an interview we have our own personal secret city in Darkshore that has horde flagged mobs and it is our village...Whisper me in game if you want to know anything else! ))
  7. <Thought> is a brand new social/rp guild. We're looking for friendly people who are prone to intellectual discourse. Due to the no-holds-bared attitude towards censorship that is our mainstay, this guild is 21 and over. The goal if the guild is to, one day, have a community wherein someone could sign on at nearly any time of the day and be greeted with genuine words instead of silence. I want this guild to be a haven for the intellectual who dares to delve in what is seen as politically incorrect. In WoW terms, I would also like for us to be able to raid, pvp, and conduct rp events but that, of course, needs good people. To put a vision into your mind, this guild would be akin to many older people of knowledge from all walks of life sitting in a regal tavern at the crack of dawn. Their tankards and food are ignored as they pore over books and voiciferously respond to whatever debate they are talking about. Other people may come and go and they are waved into the fray as these men of knowledge care not of stature, only that a new idea is brought to the table. For more information, send a tell or mail to Erwin or post a reply here.
  8. Organization: Bess'tarice Boarding House Faction: Horde Description/History: We are a interesting group of individuals under the family banner of a small clan of Trolls. On the outside we come off as a clean quiet group. On the inside there are some interesting secrets. Looking for: We are looking to establish connections with in the Horde and are open to connections alliance side. Our favored hobbies include smuggling. Restrictions: Talk to us oocly before starting something please. We understand that there is a time and a place for serious story lines and RP with real consequences. On the other hand we the players do this for fun and are more then willing to toss in odd hijinx to mix it up and give things a funny twist. Level of RP desired: I'm going to say moderate rp for now. We are open to talking about other forms with in reason. Misc. notes: We are working out our history and goals right now since we are pretty new as a guild. Our players do have RP experience under their belts or are willing to learn. We also have at least a couple of active writers here on the boards. Contact: Amoola via the TNG.
  9. Organization: The Raven Cross Faction: Horde Description/History: A group of Horde with no specific ties to any Horde government. They are not much liked by the rest of the Horde for their moral ambiguity. They see the necessity in both fighting and being diplomatic with other Horde and Alliance alike. Looking for: Enemies and Allies within both the Horde and Alliance to plan and RP out events with on the TNG and in game. Real consequences to RP. Established characters: Too many to list in this post. Restrictions: Know the difference between IC and OOC. We are not afraid of conflict or consequence ICly and are looking for other characters or guilds that know the difference too, to discuss storylines and events in as friends OOCly. Level of RP desired: High. The Raven Cross has a very dark, mysterious past, and it would not be unusual for once covered up events to come to surface only now, so common backgrounds are possible. We want players as unafraid of consequences for their characters as we are. Misc. notes: The Raven Cross hosts its own Guild Lore events and so its "history" is constantly evolving. We will attempt to keep this history up to date here. There are possibilities, as Horde or Alliance, to be a large part of these events and the history of the Raven Cross. Contact: Diomades or Yatokth via the TNG.
  10. I read the sticky and I know I've seen more guilds than what's listed there. I'm looking for guilds for two of my characters; Talaen (BE Paladin) and Rhagara (Orc Hunter). I'm a heavy role player. I'm looking for a guild of like-minded people where /guild, /say and /yell are in character. I enjoy all aspects of the game (RP, PvP and PvE) and I have some end game experience (Kara, ZA, Gruul, Mag and SSC). I like raiding but I don't want it to be a job. I do have a real life and there are times when I either can't raid or I would rather relax and role play or do my own thing instead. I'm a noobtard Hunter. I'd love to find someone who can be both and IC and OOC mentor to Rhagara. Talaen is very non-communicative and somewhat of a racist. I'm rolling him tankadin style and I'm fairly familiar with the class but some IC/OOC mentoring is always appreciated.
  11. I'm in the process of starting a new guild on TN. This guild has a backstory, in which you can insert your character into if you would like. There will be weekly public RP events, an armored guard, raiding in the future, and strategic RP related PVP events. If you are interested in becoming a part of this endeavor, message me in game. I should also introduce myself. I just transferred here from another RPPVP realm. It's good to meet all of you. Whisper Eowynn in game.
  12. The Silverwing Sentinels want YOU to enlist! We all know the Sentinel Army: the all-female order of the Night Elf nation. Within this mighty army are divisions, separations within the organization which service major cities and locations. One such division, the Silverwing Sentinels, protects the forest of Ashenvale and battles with the horde army, along side other members of the Alliance, for dominance of Warsong Gulch. Some guild information and FAQ: How many memebrs do you have? Nearly 40. Are you an RP guild, if so how serious? We are a RP guild, and we are pretty serious. Guild chat is still undetermined in terms of IC or OOC, but we have nightly RP sessions (face to face) where members are split up in different groups each time and allowed alone time to rp. What are your goals? Right now leveling. We're mostly from Darknest, and as of about 1 1/2 weeks ago we created characters. I personally hate leveling, so I'm slow (only level 34) but we do more RPing than we do grinding levels, so at least it's keeping our attention. We have characters ranging from level 4 up to 40, with a couple 70s (transfer). I understand that people want something more than just RP, that's why we've based ourselves around an in-game group. We have a purpose, the eradication of the horde from Ashenvale, the dominance of Warsong Gulch, and when we can the assistance of our alliance friends in other battlegrounds. PvP is an end-game focus of ours, however I do really hope we can toy with end game PVE dungeons as well. Community, PVP, PVE. Do I have to PVP? No, you don't. That's simply a core of our existence IC. If your character isn't very "aggressive" then we have supply jobs available. You said all-female. Does this mean I can't make a guy character? You can make a guy character, however the Sentinels rarely accept males. In fact in terms of lore, I don't think there is one male in the military of the Night Elves, however we don't see everything, so I'm inclined to believe that males are allowed to serve non-combative roles. We do have a couple (literally, 2) males and they are both filling administrative roles. I would encourage you to make a female if you can handle it. The Sentinels are the Night Elf army, but you accept Non Night Elves? Yes we do. Please look at our wiki entry. The highest rank that a Night Elf may achieve IS Sentinel. The highest rank a non-Night Elf may achieve is "warrior". The title of Sentinel is for female Night Elves only. We try to stick to lore as best as possible. Any more information I should know? We have a website coming soon (sites ready, I just need to finish making it. We have guild uniforms which are provided for you, you must go through an enlistment RP in order to be considered a recruit, and we have a RP home, the Silverwing Outpost (you know the place with the level 20 sentinels in Ashenvale?) We have daily (almost always) RP training sessions which, in time, earn you promotions. We have contests going on, right now its "YOU design it!" for our tabard, the winner gets 50 gold. We are centered on good old fashioned PG-13 RPing, HOWEVER *cough* there are some eRP elements in the guild which never happen in public, always privately, so it thats something youre interested in talk to me. If that's something you want to stay away from, no worries, all types of RP which is considered "mature" are kept from guild chat. Phew. Anything else? Oh yes, we are currently looking for Alliance AND Horde guilds to do RP events with. Perhaps a horde character wishes to be captured and interrogated, or the alliance guild wishes to assist us. Lastly, please do not come over, make a character, play for an hour and then never come back. I've got some people that I'm trying to track down in Darknest who did that and they're on the verge of being kicked out. We want an active, friendly RP community - Im sure you all can understand that no guild leader likes to see level 4s being away for 7 days.