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Found 7 results

  1. Full Name: Belamara Stormhazard Nicknames: Bela Age: 24 Race: Goblin/Gnome Gender: Female Hair: Azure Skin: Light green with some pinkish tones and freckles Eyes: Violet with flecks of blue Height: Very short, even by Goblin standards Weight: Very throwable Place of residence: None really but usually returns to Everlook after a while Place of Birth: Booty Bay Known Relatives: Felix Stormhazard, Father Occupation: Scout Group/Guild affiliation: Ravenflight/Sanctuary Likes: Animals, new places, weird doo-dads Favorite Foods: Meat, fruit pies Favorite Drinks: Lo
  2. Greetings! And welcome to Smoldergear's Notebook, Remote Edition. You now have 30 seconds to enter the correct password before being turned into a self-exploding turtle. Good luck! 30 29 (...) 28 27 26 (Seriously?) 25 24 smolder gear Password incorrect. Please try again! 23 22 21 (Um...) 20 melted metal Password incorrect. Please try again! 19 18 (Fel.) 17 burnt wires Password incorrect. Today just isn't your day! 18 (Humph. Bite me, you silly happy-voice.) fused gadgets 17 Password incorrect. Oh my, you're a rude one. Please try again! 16 (...) 15 14
  3. An unassuming book sits on a small table in Piri’s bunk near SI:7 in Stormwind, the cover pulled back, exposing the hundreds of blank sheets within. Next to the book lay a pair of goggles with a couple of spinning gears and flashing lights. And pushed to the back of the tabletop, lay a quill and strange vial of ink. It seems I have finally got that alchemist to perfect his Disappearing Ink. The first trial run ended up burning into the parchments. The second disappeared for a day or say, then reappeared. We cleverly named this one, the Disappearing-Reappering Ink. I suppose it could have it’s
  4. Full Name: Piri Fizzlecog Nicknames: G.N.O. Agent #235 [Genocidal Nullification Offensive] Age: Approx. 52 [25-27 According to Human standards] Race: The Superior Race; Gnome Gender: Female Hair: Platinum Blonde Skin: Fair Eyes: Blue; Missing left eye. Height: 2'11" Place of residence: SI:7 in Stormwind Place of Birth: Gnomeregan Known Relatives: NA Religion/Philosophy: Strike first, ask questions later. Never give in and aim for the heavens! Occupation: G.N.O. Agent, Mercenary, Member of Recon Group G.I.R.O. [Gnomish Information Reconnaissance Operation] Group/Guild affiliation:
  5. Full Name: Emyi Spragglebolt Nicknames: Em, Ems Date of Birth: Five years After the Opening of the Dark Portal Age: 30 Race: Gnome Gender: Female Hair: Purple/Pink with dark streaks Skin: Fleshy? Eyes: Green Height: 3'1" Place of residence: Ironforge Place of Birth: Gnomeregan Known Relatives: None alive Religion/Philosophy: Live for the day. Occupation: Tradesmith, Warrior Group/Guild affiliation: The Dusk Watch Guild Rank: Recruit Enemies: Troggs, Orcs, Trolls, Forsaken, Idiots, Heathens Likes: The smel
  6. It's a work in progress. I got bored this evening and started on this. Not really happy with the chest and going to put alot of work into the hands. Also, scribbly weapons. Input would be great!
  7. Full Name: Riffs Brightfuse Date of Birth: Sometime in the fall, 16 years before the opening of the Dark Portal. Age: 43 Race: Gnome Gender: Female Hair: Brown, pulled back to keep it out of the way in combat. Skin: A healthier tan than most gnomes. Eyes: Green Height: 3' 4" Weight: 40lbs. Place of residence: Stormwind Place of Birth: Gnomeregan Known Relatives: Bigs Brightfuse (Father, deceased), Frets Brightfuse (Mother, deceased), Flips "Chupacabra" Staxvolt (cousin) Religion/Philosophy: Riffs doesn't hold to any religion, prefering to rely on her own wits and instincts, but sh