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Found 2 results

  1. My thoughts are very scattered on this so just bear with me if I seem to be all over the place. Hello everyone! For those of you who still have not met me in-game, I am the "mastermind" behind everyone's favorite Blood Elf cryomancer: Kallikrates. However this isn't as much about him as it is about my alternate character: Azubuike. I know a few of the players here have seen me RP as him a couple times. Come winter break, I intend to reactivate my account and get Kallikrates and Azubuike both to level 80 not just for advancing them ever so slowly towards end-game content, but also to further both of their stories. Kallikrates is a completely original character of mine. His storyline is just beginning to get good. I have most of it planned out, but this by no means indicates that it isn't flexible. Everyone who interacts with Kallikrates on a regular basis usually becomes instantly woven into his story. Then there is Azubuike who is a Troll Warrior (Fury specced). Only recently have I thought up a background for him. Azubuike, unlike Kallikrates, is not a completely original character as he was inspired by the character Mugen (the character seen as my avatar on these forums) from the anime Samurai Champloo (my absolute favorite anime). Most aspects from the way Azubuike fights, to his general personality are all derived from what you see of Mugen in this first episode of the show. He's very ballsy, not afraid to run his mouth, and is an extremely wild fighter. I like to give my characters themes, even if the themes are only something that can be noticed by myself. See, I get most of my inspiration for my characters' stories from music I listen to. As an example, if anyone's read Kallikrates' journal you will see that I like to include music for my readers to listen to. Nine times out of ten, the music I included is music I was listening to while I wrote that particular entry. Back to my so-called "themes". For instance, Kallikrates is a young Blood Elf frost mage. His primary color is blue as far as his clothing. He is an original character. Most of the music I listen to when I'm thinking of ways to advance his storyline, especially his Death Knight arc, is rooted in Bands/Rock/Hard Rock whatever you want to call them. Azubuike is practically his polar opposite. He's a brash Troll fury warrior. He wears a lot of red. He is inspired by a character from an anime that crosses old-time Japanese samurai, with present-day Hip-hop. Most of the music I listen to when I imagine situations to put Azubuike into is usually Hip-Hop or Reggae. So if I were to ever make any RP posts involving him here on the TNG, I'd probably include some Hip-Hop tunes for everyone to bob their head to. With Azu I want to try something different though. Rather than kind of having a vague outline of his story ahead of time, as I did with Kallikrates, I want his story to be full improvisation role-play. As far as Azu's background goes, I've established that he is a Darkspear Troll. He was present during the time Thrall saved the Darkspear trolls from the Sea Witch and her Murloc minions. It was during that conflict that he lost his mother, father, and brother. I haven't decided on how old he should be as I don't know how long Trolls can live. However, he's lived long enough to be extremely fluent in the ways of the sword. Presently, he puts his skills to use as a mercenary. So long as he is pleased with the amount of pay he receives, depending on the nature of the mission, he will take on any job. However, he does have a preference for the jobs that include fighting someone stronger than he is. The majority of his jobs at the moment have been when leader of the so-and-so tribe of trolls wants a higher-up of another tribe killed. Azubuike comes along and lays down a price, they pay him, and he takes care of the poor bastard they hired him to kill. I told you my thoughts were really scattered! Anyways, thanks for having the patience to read all this. Does Azubuike sound like an interesting character? Any advice/opinions are appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Are there people out there that base their characters on things like anime, books, movies, etc. I have had the urge to create a character similar to A character from an anime, but would hate for ppl to say that I am unoriginal or anything.