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Found 8 results

  1. Hellllloooooooooooo TNG'ers. Whether you have love for the Loa, worship your ancestors, like the Light, or just can't get enough of that nature, one thing unites us all this season. Winter's Veil is here! I'm in need of charitable contributions to Sanctuary's Winter's Veil Soiree (date, location, and time to be announced to the Horde this week). Anything you might have lying around in your bank or happen on in the Auction House is welcome: Fireworks; snowballs; preserved holly; Smokywood pastures samplers; Elune stones; confetti; kegs; festive clothing; little green/red helpers, et cetera, ad nauseum Also, I'm looking for a tailor who can make Red Winter Clothes. Please PM me here, contact me in-game, or just put whatever you'd like to contribute in the mailbox and address it to Cabriel. Your help in making this a really great and festive event is much appreciated! Happy Holidays TNG!
  2. Yes!!! It's happening again!!!! I'm hoping for a bigger turnout this time around so I'm setting the date right now. The date for the event will be Sunday, November 9th, at 8:00 Server Time. The war is going to be held in the Badlands this time around. Horde will meet at Kargath and Alliance will meet at Thelsamar each at 7:30 respectively. /sign if you are going to be there. Tell your friends, tell your guildies, spam trade channel, tell that guy you just randomly met at a Heroic PuG! I want alot of people to show! Good Luck And Have Fun! P.S Rahnzakh contact me in game if you please. On either Scylexan, Rondaki, or Onahail (my druid)
  3. at Cristok's Challenge we are holding Guild Wars. teams will consist of five people from the same guild. all teams will be in the arena at once. this is a royal rumble event. last man standing gets the prize, their guild gets the prestige. this is a loose and fun event. i didn't want to put up yet another poster in the nether legends, and just wanted to let ppl know about the event, so they can sign up. i'm looking at about two teams right now. do i hear more teams? sign up here OR contact me or cristok in game.
  4. so...i was having an ooc chat with kadesh about how this zombie thing in his opinion is bringing a new roleplay experience where it may have been sorely needed, but how to me it's getting to be a bit much. then i read our convo to kor and he kinda laughed so i thought i'd share it. and then ask ppl some questions. it's so bad that in rp pearlle stole away from the city and hid her kids. cuz i just can't figure this rp. but i bet some ppl have come up with some great ways of handling it. kinda like how libelle posted she ate all the candy secretly then threw up cuz she was sick, but her char decided to pretend she had the flu so everyone would take care of her. i thought that was clever. how are you handling the invasion and the infection? what's your rp gimmick or storyline to make it contribute to your existing rp? and the repeat infections, the increase of the timer. anyone want to share how they're roleplaying this very fine experience?
  5. I am in need of a Horde character who can play a part in a small event this Sunday, October 26th. Preferably Undead who has a "holy, regal" type robe outfit and who wouldn't be bothered by taking part in something "dastardly." Alts are fine. This will be a funeral ceremony, but there's a bit more to it. PMs are preferred.
  6. Edit: The date has been annouced. The war will take place on Saturday, September 6th, at 9:00 Server at the Hillsbrad Foothills Alliance meet at Refuge Point at 8:30 Server. Contact Naam in game for additional info. Horde meet at The Sepulcher at 8:30 Server. Contact Rondaki in game for additional info. We'll start heading there around 8:55 server, and the fighting will begin exactly at 9:00. Have fun ATTENTION: I'm thinking about creating a Twisting Nether War video. In a few months time (if we have the people) there is going to be an all out war between alliance and horde. I will post the date of the war within the coming weeks but I want people to sign up here. At minimum I'm going to want a raid of 40 Alliance and 40 Horde. Maybe more if enough sign up. The war is going to be held in Hillsbrad Foothills, and there will be no pre-war PvP. Alliance and horde are to leave each other alone until the time when the flag is dropped and the fighting begins. I need one alliance member to be my cross-faction supervisor. We will meet on ventrilo so you can control the alliance and I will control the horde. This is going to be completely epic and I would love it if this came together. Please go to and post there if you are going to attend. I will edit the thread with the date and time when there is sufficient people to do so.
  7. So the idea here is that all of us RPers, horde and alliance, can get together at some world PvP objectives, and maybe just random locations to fight over, and then go at it. At least, that's the basics of it... I'm going to be trying to organize this, and I'd like a general idea of who would support/show up to such an event. Hopefully, something like this might reinvigorate interest in RP if even a bit, especially alliance side. I'm hoping for raid on raid action here, just to be clear. The more the merrier!
  8. IMMA HAVE 'SPLOSIONS PARTY! ^^ I'm going to set off tons of fireworks tonight! Come to Booty Bay at 10p ST and we will find a nice comfy place to do it among the stars! ^^ I'll try and be on horde and alli at the same time to drum up interests. Please come, and BRING BOOZE! Look for QOROTO bearcatcow extreme! ^^ Edit: I encourage you to bring your own 'slposions too! I WILL HAVE SHELL LAUNCHERS SO BRING YOUR OTHER SPLOZIVES TOO! Get them from the holiday vendor in the cities! (The Org one is a pain tho, it's a goblin back past the battlemaster's building. He's standing there with a whole truck of them X D)