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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, Rp lacks significance nowadays, we have too many neutral or goody good players!!! Not enough evil guys! on both horde and allaince we lack in our villains accept amongst the indifferences between the the factions. Which doesn't really count so much for evil, as it does just war. C'mon we need more villains I would like to organize all significant rppvpers who like the idea of being a nemisis to both their own faction, and the opposite just as equally perhaps organiz several discreet organizations on each side, different names, different facade's but all secretly working together towards the goal of tearing apart the horde and allaince, and using their demise to further our own like minded goals, cmon guys lets get some real juicey conflict here! bring a true rp threat to all that is good and just in azeroth, bring forth chaos, and lets liven things up a little, think of the endless fun of having a constant rp enemy for all to despise! Please feel free too add on and submit your ideas, WE NEED MORE CONFLICT!!!