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Found 2 results

  1. Im looking for some good advice for an Rp Story for my Draenei Paladin Àzul, so far ive got barely enough to come up with a good biography. Help me TNG?
  2. SO I've(Heid has >.>) recently dug up some Draenei lore on their marrage/courting/parring relationsips.. and I have no link because its on Heid's computer, but thats alright I'll have him post it when he wakes up... Not only do they not "Pair for life" but have no qualms about having multiple partners/mates. The lifespan of a normal, healthy Draenei is roughly 2500 years. Velen is Immortal, a gift given to him by the Na'ru so that he may continue to lead their people untill he is, quite litteraly, no longer needed. He was nearing old age when the legion came, and is almost twice the age of the vast majority of the entire race. Most Draenei alive were kept in a "stasis" or sleep until they crashed upon Draenor, so many or the remaining draenei in positions of leadership can speak fondly of Argus. They don't breed often, and produce probably only a dozen children per "city" every 100 years or so, thus the tradition of one partner that the Azeroth races tend to practice go right out the window. A Draenei child is a rare and special thing, and Velen personally oversaw and participated in(and still do) each birthing of a baby Draenei. Female and Male Draenei are equal in power, government, and lifestyles. A woman being treated less then a person would be outright unheard of and shunned in Draenei culture.