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Found 5 results

  1. Sylvannas' Betrayal of the Horde Vol'jin becomes the "forced military control" over undercity... aka keeping the peace till the horde can figure out what to do. If the Undead themselves don't become their own faction, what's to become of those so very loyal to the betrayer of the horde?
  2. I'm curious to know what RP faux pas exist for you guys. One big one for me is RP Guild Poaching. Since the community is so small, offering bribes or trying to steal members from other guilds is not kosher. It causes bad feelings all round. Also I cringe when someone knows my name if we haven't met. It's something that can be explained and sometimes it's an honest mistake. But wouldn't you find it creepy if someone walked up to you and said your name if you've never met them. My characters are hardly celebrities and used to that kind of thing. Edit: For those just coming to this thread, this is not meant to be a hate fest. It's a bad form fest. What's the difference? First off, here's some bad form. I'm quoting myself. Bad form is not anger and hatred. Bad form is just the things that irk you, drive you batty, or just things that you have learned you didn't do right and have changed over time. Bad form is not meant to be attacking to people who do the things, it's just a way to review the mistakes that people may make in RP and why it's possible that some RPers aren't enjoying playstyles. So! Come in here with a bit of a smile. Air out that dirty RP laundry that you've done. Take everything with a little bit of sugar and above all, I hope this thread helps people learn new ways of RPing or even solidify their current RP path.
  3. Whoa, wait a minute. Did some folks just say that cyber sex is a higher form of writing? I thought I just read that. Did I read that? I'm curious about that line of thought. My ability to describe my penis in three different ways puts me on a higher pedestal than your normal writer? Is that above or below Stephen King?
  4. I haven't seen it's downloading incredibly slow, but figured I'd share the lack of bandwidth with y'all. edit: ooh..watched the streaming version while downloading it.. it rocks!
  5. Kovan


    OK.. this may get me lynched. But... Does this site cost you anything maintain? You have done SO. DAMN. MUCH. With it. Seriously it has become ... well.. I won't say the heart and soul of the rp community on TN, as the rpers themselves are that. But you have made a place where they truly shine. I feel like I know people, I may -never- have gotten a chance to play with otherwise. But I digress.. Does this website cost you anything? I mean even if time, Not to be horribly crass.. but.. I've thought this website needed a tiny paypal donate button at the bottom, because if this site costs you anything to maintain, it sure as hell shouldn't..