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Found 7 results

  1. Maybe old news --not sure -- but is there interest in forming a DK RP network? Not trying to form a guild of DKs, but maybe form a DK only faction of players/toons of like mind who will gather and roleplay on a weekly to bi weekly basis. Maybe have a DK chatroom. My own thoughts on its focus. The DKs involved would still be serving the scourge and Arthas in his plan to destroy all life. This idea can be taken in a different direction if interest shifts the paradigm. Is there any interest? Has it been tried before? Feedback and comments encouraged and welcomed. Thank you.
  2. [This is open to all Death Knights who will be rolling come expansion time. This will be a week or so before the Death Knights gain their free will and break away from the Lich King. The story will advance to a siege of some unnamed settlement in Northrend. The purpose of this is to get people together, see who all is going to be there and possible set up a bit of background with other character’s death knights before the expansion releases, so that way it will feel as though they have been Death Knights a while and at least know one another, for those who take part! Any questions, just PM me!] The sun quietly peaked over the brim of the mountains in the Eastern Plaguelands, the beams of light shining down through the haze that covered the dying land. Little movement could be seen through the remaining trees and the over grown brush, plagued beasts roaming and waking to greet the day with carnivorous splendor. A couple of the heroes of both the Alliance and the Horde rode down the paths that remained in the ruined lands, carrying out various tasks, slaughtering each other and anything around them that could be classified as ‘deadly’ according to their society. Sunlight filtered higher throughout the plagued lands until the necropolis known as Ebon Hold came into view, the darkened stone seeming to absorb the light that graced its surface. Movement could be seen from every opening and balcony upon the floating fortress. Skeletal gryphons circled the structure, races of all kinds upon the backs of the dead beasts, their armor glittering in the morning sun. But the calmness the structure seemed to hold was nothing but the silence before the storm that was brewing. Within the walls, a force unlike any other was being ordered together to do the Lich King’s bidding. Ranks of Scourge lined some of the lower regions of the Hold, ranging from the smallest of ghouls and zombies to the largest of Abominations and other creations of death and despair. Baron Rivendare and Highlord Mograine ordered soldiers of the Lich King into their appropriate ranks, building the army for an invasion of a settlement in Northrend. The elites of the Lich King, Death Knights, were no where to be seen. Most of the Knights had gathered into one of the outer wings of the Hold, a couple of them rounding up the skeletal war gryphons that the Death Knights were so infamous for. All races were present, Horde and Alliance, upon one wing because within Arthas’ army, there was no sides, only his will and his command. And Xenny happily followed every word. He crossed his i’s and dotted his t’s, which really made his writing a bit too difficult to read, but he felt it was the right thing to do. Regardless of his horrible writing, the elf bounced happily on his heels as he looked out over the lands below, watching some of the skeletal riders circling. Today was going to be his first day to ride upon the back of one of the dead beasts. Xenorin had as much free will as most of his comrades, if not more. Yes, he was under complete control of the Lich King, doing any duty that was planted into his head, following every word to the ends of the world. Children, women and elderly; none of them stood in his way if his King commanded it. As most did. But the forces were building. This was not going to be some little investigation of killing of some family in the woods and stealing their crops, oh no. This was going to be a full out slaughter with his comrades, and he literally shivered with the excitement of it all. After having grown bored with watching the riders circling and getting a little too dizzy from it, Xenny spun around on his heels, nearly falling over from the weight of the shifting plate, before finally marching out towards the crowds of Death Knights. Most scowled at him, others scoffed and turned away. Small groups moved away, hissing and muttering beneath their breath. But this did not deter Xen. Nothing was going to get him down today because he had plans. “I WILL make a friend today, just you see, yep yep!”
  3. Is anyone else a little less than impressed with the implementation of the Death Knight? They are suppose to be a "Hero Class", but so far, I can't really find anything particularly special about them. Well, besides the special treatment. They pretty much start the game at the Outlands, only they are FAR better geared than any other class will be when they reach the Outlands themselves. They are given a free epic mount pre-60. Free gear. Heck, even a free PvP trinket. And for what? Clicking "Create New Character"? Now you could say they get all this because they are a "Hero Class". Well forgive me if I'm wrong, but my definition of a Hero Class is a character class that is a tier above a normal class. A "Tier 2" class if you will. One that you have to earn through doing something...oh, I don't know...heroic. So what EPIC achievement must you accomplish to be heroic enough to have a Death Knight? Hit level 55. Whoa. Epic. The Death Knight isn't a Hero Class. Its just another class. Granted its a cool class, but its still just another "normal" class. A class that's given special treatment over other classes because its "heroic". Only its not.
  4. As most of you probably either didn't know or care to remember, I will be rolling a frost DK as my main right from the starting gun of the expansion, and it will be my new main. This is a call-out for any and all who will be leveling up through the outlands in the coming weeks, forgoing shiny new Northrend content until you've reached it with the one you're working on now. I'm basically wanting to do as much of my leveling (once I've gotten out of the DK starter area, of course) as possible in instances, and it would be nice to have a group of similarly dedicated people to go through with. I believe I may be joined by one or two from my guild who are doing the same, but we'd definitely be open for a healer or some ranged DPS. So, if you're interested, post your character's info here! Mine: Frozentusk, troll death knight, frost tanking spec, 58-60 (I forget what level I left the starting zone at in the beta) Taknar: Karryn, troll DK, frost tanking Opalexian: ????, cow DK, ???? Advurb: Kroshtan, orc, unholy PvP Tillna: Anias, ????, unholy Anthek: Fimbulvetr, cow, frost Okhu: Taisiya, orc, blood/unholy Kaliera: Kadelia, cow, whatever Skafloc: Chauncy, ????, ???? Pyrisath: Iricillian, ????, frost/blood DPS Naheal: Naheal, blood elf, unholy
  5. Not even sure if this will be available yet for the current beta test, but I'm curious about one thing that I've always loved. Tier sets, especially ones pre-LK. Has there been any talk about putting ones in for the old Strat/Scholo/BRS level (ie-tier 0), MC and such, as well as tier 4-6? I know they'd be 'useless', but I'm pretty curious, cause I know I'll be playing my Death Knight at a steady pace, and my be interested in trying to collect the sets for the looks. If you guys don't happen to know, could you probably post on whatever Beta forums you have available? Thank yoooooou.
  6. Brevus

    DK vids

    Unholy Frost Blood (Outland) Blood (WPL) Perhaps TNG could have a WotLK section to hold all info temporarily?
  7.;topicseen#new Maybe, maybe not? We've seen some of these talents suggested before for BC, though perhaps now is the time for them to arise. Who knows.