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Found 1 result

  1. Neroxian


    Neroxian aka Nero Ebonborne Titles/Nicknames: Blackwing, Scorch, Broodfather Race: Black Dragon (Appears Blood Elf) Age: 98 Height: 6'3" Weight: 167 lbs Hair: Red/Orange Eyes: Green w/ Red irises Notable Physical Features: Muscular physique, three elongated claw marks spanning the left side of his face, abnormal amount of fangs in his mouth, massive burn scar spanning from the right side of his chest downward to his hip. Place of Residence: Dragonmaw Port Place of Birth: Blackrock Mountain Known Relatives: Serinar (Father, Deceased), Noirra (Mother, Deceased), Saberian (Adoptive Father, Deceased); Coaldrin, Slade, and Noirra (Brood Hatchlings) Occupation: Broodfather to the Reborn Black Dragonflight, Mercenary Warrior, Geo/Pyromancer Known Associates: Dora Arath'dorei (Bunny), Aaren Anastasis (Fireball), Shaelie Brightwing (Shags), Nok Deadeye (Clanker), Shokkra Deathrage (Rager) Known Nemesis: Saelyxstrasz (Red), Selash Gustblade (Douche-Eye), Special Skills: Skilled Warrior adept with Geomancy and Pyromancy, Expert in Geology and Knowledge of Metals, Gems, and Minerals. Positive personality Traits: Brave, Daring, Confident, Steadfast Loyalty Negative Personality Traits: Womanizer, Insulting, Arrogant, Boisterous, Lazy History: Born with the deepest lava flumes that spanned the length of Blackrock Mountain's depths, Neroxian was part of a large brood of multi-flight eggs snatched away from the laboratories of Nefarian to study in secret. Three black dragons (Serinar, Saberian, and Noirria), fighting against the malady of madness that had consumed the rest of their flight, entered into an alliance with a sympathetic red dragon named Faviastrasz and his green comrade Glasiera to develop a so-called cure for the insanity wrought by the Old Gods and the Black Dragonflight's fallen patriarch Deathwing. With a plethora of eggs to work upon, they found no shortage of life to suffuse with the blackwings to aid in their recovery. Soon, a cure was treated to purify the dragon's minds using Red and Green blood and suffusing them into the eggs, purifying them of the taint. Neroxian hatched in the process of purification, though he was free of the maddening whispers, he was not cured of the harsh tempers and anger that came with it. However, Serinar sought the newly cured rookery for his own ends and tried to take them with force, inflicting a mortal wound on Neroxian when the young whelp attacked him for his betrayal. Noirria sacrificed herself to keep her clutch from falling into his grasp whilst Saberian stole away the black dragon eggs, trusting her other dragon allies were trusted with the other Flight's eggs. Saberian knew his former cohort would stop at nothing to recover the eggs, so he retreated somewhere the treacherous dragon would never expect him to be, within the earthen realm of Deepholme. Aligning himself with Therazane and swearing his services to the Stonemother, did the black dragon secure safety for his brood. Within the Stonemother's bastion, did Neroxian and his fellow hatchlings fly about and grow amongst the stone giants, hunting basilisks with one another and destroying the fungus-worshipping troggs that infested the lands they live upon. Where Therazane's giants and elementals could not reach, the dragons could infiltrate and purge the vermin, creating a strong bond of unity with the crystalline giants. Here, was where Nero and his brood learned how to harness their natural geomancy and pyromancy skills, a gift most of their Flight were blessed with, but here were allowed to flourish. Eventually however, Deathwing returned to Deepholme, to heal from his wounds sought in the outside world. Cautious and paranoid of the elder wyrm discovering them, Saberian departed with his drakes and whelps, a hasty goodbye to the Stonemother's forces as they hastily sped from Deepholme, on the run once more. It was at this time, the Second War raged about the Eastern kingdoms, and Saberian became aware of the Dark Portal. A new world to grow his brood. Neroxian and the others found refuge in the Blade's Edge Mountains, secluding themselves long after the Portal was destroyed, and Draenor becoming Outland. Time passed, and eventually the Portal reopened, but yet still the Reborn Blackwings hid from the outside world. It was not until Serinar played his hand against the forces of Borrowed Time, causing them to seek allies in stopping the mad dragon. Their search led them to sightings of black drakes within the Blade's Edge. This information proved true when Neroxian ensnared their forward party, the red drake Saelyx and the budding ranger Dora Arath'dorei. After a small scuffle, Neroxian became aware of what BT had intended, to fight the madness of Serinar with all their might, and Neroxian, eager to leave the life of a hermit behind, volunteered to act as an emissary. Thus did the Reborn and the mercenary company enter into an alliance and offering each other aid as Nero left with his newfound comrades. Neroxian's sharp tongue made him few friends amongst the company, and his constant womanizing did not help. He destroyed a large storehouse whilst in a fight with Saelyx over a dispute, and was scarred for his mistake. However, soon news reached his ears, of Serinar assaulting his hidden home, and Nero rushed to lend his aid with Naheal rousing the mercenaries to combat alongside their Sanctuary allies. When they arrive, Serinar's infused forces had begun pushing back the Reborn flight, with Saberian engaging Serinar himself. Nero joined the fray in an instant, only to be batted away like a nuisance by the elder dragon. The resulting bloodbath ended when Serinar retreated, Saberian his prisoner. All the drakes and whelps of the Reborn had falled in the battle, and only six eggs remained, along with Neroxian. The young drake returned to Borrowed Time, and has kept vigil over his newfound responsibilites, long after the defeat of Serinar and the death of a corrupted Saberian. So far, three of his eggs had hatched; and with Dora's help, had begun raising them. Coaldrin, Slade, and Noirra live together with their foster brother know, awaiting the rest of their rookery siblings to hatch.