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Found 3 results

  1. Neroxian aka Nero Ebonborne Titles/Nicknames: Blackwing, Scorch, Broodfather Race: Black Dragon (Appears Blood Elf) Age: 98 Height: 6'3" Weight: 167 lbs Hair: Red/Orange Eyes: Green w/ Red irises Notable Physical Features: Muscular physique, three elongated claw marks spanning the left side of his face, abnormal amount of fangs in his mouth, massive burn scar spanning from the right side of his chest downward to his hip. Place of Residence: Dragonmaw Port Place of Birth: Blackrock Mountain Known Relatives: Serinar (Father, Deceased), Noir
  2. Stats Full Name: Xaraphyne Nawe (zair-a-feen nah-way) Nickname: Xara Age: ~29 Race: Troll Gender: Female Hair: Red Complexion: Lavender Eyes: Golden Height: 6' 3" Weight: 170 lbs. Place of Residence: Mulgore Known Relatives: Lilliana Bloodshine (aunt) Languages: Orcish, Zandali (spoken) Occupation: Treasure seeker/mercenary/pirate Description Xara is a slender troll with long legs, a ready laugh, and golden eyes. Her hair is bright red, falling around her face and down her back in a high half-ponytail, and her complexion is a pretty shade of lavender. She dresses in att
  3. Full Name: Malahia Sparkbang Smoldergear. *stands a bit taller* Nicknames: Mostly, I'm just called Mala. Date of Birth: Ohh, some time ago. Age: Guess! *giggles* Race: Obviously I'm a Gnome, silly! Where have you been? Gender: I'm female. *wink* Hair: Black. It's a bit sooty right now. You kind'a caught me at a bad time. But that's ok! *smiles* Skin: Err... kind'a peachy. A little on the pale side, I suppose. *subconsciously tries to rub a bit of soot from her cheek, only making it worse* Eyes: Green. *bats eyelashes* Height: Oh, I'm pretty shor