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Found 2 results

  1. I'm rolling here for cataclysm. :cool:
  2. A young Dwarven male needed to quench his thirst. In Stormwind, there is but one place to venture in order to get your fill of delicious ale: the Pig and Whistle Tavern. On his waddling way, the male contemplated how many mugs would satisfy his great need. Sadly, it was this distraction that led him in front of three very agitated-looking individuals. "Hello Dwarf, lovely day, is it not? On your way to tavern, are we?" asked the largest of them, a bustling male Draenei, speaking with a booming. He's equipped with a large mallet that he freely grasps with both hands. "Aye, ya lads care ta'join me?" The Dwarf knows that the best tasting ale is one being consumed with others. Speaking of the others, the other two male Humans casually surrounded the Dwarf during the conversation with the Draenei. Before he could react, the Dwarf was pinned to the ground by the two behind him. "Nay, little one. We are only here for toll reasons. To get past us, you will have to pay a pretty silver," the Draenei stands over the Dwarf, his chest blocking out the sun. "HALT!" A voice from behind the Draenei rattles through the alleyway. The two startled Humans lose their grip on the Dwarf who springs to his feet and runs away. Two three would-be-muggers try to follow the Dwarf's lead and scatter; however, they are surrounded by familiar faces. It's the local law enforcement, the Freelance Police! ------------------- Citizens, do not be afraid to grab a pint. We, the Freelance Police, are here for you. We do not take kindly to possible wrong-doing such as the scenario you just seen. We are the eyes and ears of the Light and the Law, dedicated to peace and fairness. This young Dwarf learned his lesson about paying attention to his surroundings and thanks to the efforts of our force, he will see another pint of ale in due time. The three bullies will see to a fair trial and a possible stint in the Stockades. This is one example of how the Freelance Police helps the fine citizens of the Alliance. However, truth be told, we cannot be everywhere at once. This is where YOU come in! Are you an upstanding citizen who truly loves the Law and enforcing it against the evil, corrupt bad guys? Well, don't be shy! We are always looking for able-bodied individuals to help us in our mission to provide safety and protection for everyone in the Alliance! If interested, please go up to any officer on duty and request a quick chat. All of our dedicated staff is trained to spot possible recruits. Talk to us, and let us know how you can make this place safer for everyone! No matter your profession, class, race, or age, we are open to all persons able to perform the important duties of the Freelance Police. Thank you for your time and consideration. This is Justice Hex of the Freelance Police telling you: Be safe and put your faith in the Light and the Law.