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Found 12 results

  1. Revamping
  2. (( We're back! Even though we did hold a contest last year, we did not advertise here! We hope you can join us! )) The Rooks of Twisting Nether cordially invite you to help us celebrate the Midsummer Fire Festival with our annual Mount Parade around Old Town of Stormwind City! Prizes will be awarded to the best Mount-Gear* matching participants! Bonus points for matching/themed gear, mount, and pet(s)! (( *Transmogrified or actual gear only - those who use magic or temporary illusions will be disqualified from receiving a prize! )) Third Place: 25k Gold Second Place: 50k Gold Grand P
  3. strewn about the streets of Dalaran, of Orgrimmar, of Stormwind and even those of Thunder Bluff to Silvermoon and Darnassus to Ironforge; there comes a wave of fliers that adhere to every wall and alley* *Sponsored by the Borrowed Time company* Come one come all! To further relations between the Horde and Alliance, we are proud to announce a fundraising event that is sure to be worth every copper spent! The Mystery Auction Extravaganza! A one-time event that is sure to have you on the edge of your seats with the sheer suspense of it all! Come buy yourself a date
  4. The drowned morass beyond the ruins of Tideskorn Harbor clamored with the sound of battle. A warband of mortal warriors had descended from the Valarjar post of Valdisdall to cull the Kvaldir which perpetually amassed throughout the fog ridden marsh. They had waded deeply from the cliffs and toward the mire until the tower from whence they had come was lost to sight within the mist. The Kvaldir were not long to emerge. The fighting was brutal and swift with the tide turning in favor of Helya's foul servants. The formation of the warriors had broken, and retreat was sounded. However, not all cou
  5. "I’m no longer the man I used to be. Perhaps one day Shaeya will understand this and know why I left and why she needs to know that my fault is not her own. At the moment I am two sides of a coin, unable to identify to either despite my efforts to do otherwise. When I embrace the wolf I lament that I am no longer a man, when I am a man the beast inside yearns to break free again. For someone who has so much control over her curse I do not believe that Shaeya could ever understand these daily struggles. It has come that I can no longer see myself being comfortable in my own skin again, wishing
  6. Prologue "The Fall of Faith" penned by Lailinarel / Joringil / Vaelith ----- Lord Commander Vaelith Steelheart. What number is this now? The third? No, that's not right, not three. Whatever. Sylennis Windstar, head of intelligence for the guild Sword of the Morning, rolled her eyes slightly and sighed to herself. Ever since Jori's accident, the Sword couldn't seem to hold on to a Lord Commander for more than a few months. Now, the latest one had gone missing and she had apparently drawn the short straw... not that she ever drew any other. "I really oughtta resign this intel g
  7. In this time, Azeroth faces many threats. The Horde and Deathwing ravage our land and people, the military standing up to any threats to the Alliance. We fight for all the citizens of the Alliance, and we will not give up until we know they are safe. We are the Hammer of the Alliance, the Seventy Third. We will stand strong against the Horde as we did before, and stand strong against Deathwing as we stood strong against the Lich King with so many others, and as we stood strong against all the dangers our citizens have faced. Though stationed in Theramore, our forces are deployed around Azeroth
  8. Omy


    Basic Info Full Name: Unknown. She always introduces herself as simply 'Omy' (A spare few would know her real name) Nicknames: Again, Omy. In some very small circles she's known as 'The Silver Blade', though she doesn't advertise this. Age: early adulthood Gender: female Hair: silver, choppy. About shoulder length Eyes: silver, with a tinge of blue Height: little bit shorter than a normal Nightelf Weight: athletic Place of residence: The Tiller Compound outside of Stormwind, the wilds of Feralas Place of Birth: Feathermoon, Feralas Known Relatives: Mother, Lariren Moonfell (deceased
  9. [ATTACH]380[/ATTACH] Azeroth sees many threats in this time. The treaty broken, the Shattering of our world, the onslaught of demons at the Dark Portal. The Seventy Third Company of the Seventh Legion of the Grand Alliance Military stands amidst these threats, and fights for our citizens. Throughout all the attacks against the Alliance, we will be there, fighting to keep our towns and cities safe.We are stationed in Theramore Isle, though our forces are deployed all over Azeroth, and beyond, into the broken remnants of Draenor. Now, more than ever, recruits are needed to help our Worgen allie
  10. *The more than wrinkled piece of parchment contained precise, detailed drawings of what could only be described as a pair of stilts powered by steam. Needless complicated scratchings of wiring configurations, pump design and what style of shoe should be upon the foot of the stilt littered the page. Along the edges of the parchment, written in Gnomish, were random notes, each one shining ever so slightly with the arcane filled ink that was used. Some thoughts were, obviously, incomplete.* Shopping List Bucket of Bolts Box of Screws Dinglehopper Hyrdophlange Toast Butter Cologne to attra
  11. I thought I would nay be able to start writing again. There is still a heap of sorrow and anger filling me, but I missed the chance to pour out my thoughts for myself. My old journal is nearly in tatters, partly from months of use and partly from the angry writings on its final pages. I didn't mean to pick up this new book, but it called to me. Just wandering the Exodar's shopkeepers this dazzlingly blue cover caught my eye. The silver tracery along the edge gives it a magical look and the pages are pristine white. I'm glad I found it, like a new, old friend. Now, I sit here trying to pull
  12. Rather than derail the horde RP channel thread, I thought I'd move discussion of this here. A couple of years back, we had a global RP channel alliance side. Rather than it being set in a location as is the common practice, we had it set up as what was commonly referred to as "gnomish talk-boxes" Basically a micronized version of the technology you see in some of the early darkshore quests. It worked better for the people who don't like the idea of channel RP, since they don't have to reconcile being in two places at once. We have a lot of RP guilds alliance side, but most of them rarely