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Found 2 results

  1. Wanted: Adventurers! Do you like treasure? Do you like booze? Do you like seeing where the road takes you? Then sign onto the Crew of the Skyseeker! Looking for experienced and inexperienced adventurers to join the crew in exploring unexplored nooks, claiming unclaimed treasure, and drinking undrank booze.* Openings include mercenaries, healers, bodyguards, archaeologists, engineers, explorers, sweet-talkers, navigators, trackers, traders, and anyone else who can keep the contents of their stomach on an airship. For more information, contact Xaraphyne Nawe c/o Borrowed Time. * Copyeditor position also available. [[ The Crew of the Skyseeker is a monthly adventure campaign centered around the unpredictable adventures of Xaraphyne's crew, and any friends who end up tagging along, willingly or unwillingly! The adventures are told in game using the WoW setting and a lot of imagination, and use simple character sheets and a /roll system. Characters are not required to join Borrowed Time to be a member of the crew, but a guild invite is available for those who would like one. For more information, join the Skyseeker group, or contact me in-game or via PM. Happy sailing! ]]
  2. In a world full of bright light and absolute darkness, there are some who would tread the shades between the extremes, those who would blur the line between monster and hero, question justice, and bring righteousness to its knees. Then there are pirates. The Stormwolf is a flying ship notorious for its unpredictable crew, a mix of unlikely comradeships and members from all walks of life, all perhaps sharing a common desire for forging their own path in the world. Some of them are still seeking their way, and some are just there to have fun, but one thing is for certain - the dizzying heights and the dangerous adventures are not for those faint of heart. The Captain is always hiring. Perhaps you would do better than crewmember #34 in the red shirt. * * * The Stormwolf is a Horde-side RP guild accepting RPers of any level, class, and race. The guild concept is that of merchants, traders, mercenaries, and pirates, but any kind of character concept is welcome as long as they can integrate themselves into the guild. The Stormwolf itself is an engineered flying ship, combining ethereal technology with everything the captain learned from other sources. Guild chat is IC communication through engineered devices. We have an OOC channel. Right now, we're doing old world content just for fun and the sake of situations to RP in, and PvPing in a casual sense. In Cataclysm, our goal is to run 10-mans. We've several members experienced in raiding, and are looking for more, but those interested in the raiding aspect have to be willing to play along with the RP rules of the guild. [ R U L E S ] Any rules of sensible behaviour apply, so that means no drama (unless it's strictly IC-drama), and arguments should be taken to private channels. IC trolls welcome, OOC trolls not. Players must be 18 to join. We're willing to help, but we're not carebearing people through the game. We've a large number of artists in the guild, but anybody who's just joining to try and mooch on their talents won't be looked upon kindly. IC channels: /say, /em, /yell, /g. Anything you say in any of these should always be an In Character comment from your character. I especially frown upon out of character yelling and emotes or comments, especially outside of raids. OOC channels: /p, /raid, /bg, /tell, any channel that hasn't been specifically assigned to be IC. Beware though - some people prefer whispers to be IC as well, so it is safer to put OOC brackets in your whispers when you suspect that your communication partner may be a roleplayer. [ A P P L I C A T I O N ] Applications accepted here. - - - Iribelle's gaze flicked to the person sitting across from her, and she swiveled around in her chair, high-heeled boots softly landing on the edge of the table as she crossed her ankles neatly. She was smoking a cigar, the scent rising from it an exotic one of mixed spices. "Work? Aye, I got spots to fill... can ya write?" Her accent came in a slow drawl, a pirate's way of speaking Orcish. A flicker of a smirk flickered on her pale lips. "Fill this out fer starters." She pushed forth a piece of parchment and a curious quill pen - it never ran out of ink. Name: Race: Talents: Your goals: Brief background: Can you make coffee: She leaned back once the form was filled, exhaling a smoke ring lazily. "Thassit fer now, bucko. We'll be gettin' back to ya..." Her laughter echoed in the hallway as her 'guest' departed. - - - » Along with the IC application above, please answer the following OOC questions: • We're curious! How did you find out about the Stormwolf? • Is this your main character? If not, who is your main? • What is your guild history on TN, and reasons for leaving the previous guilds? What character(s) were you in those guilds as? • Do you have friends in the Stormwolf? If so, who are they? • What do you, the player, expect from the guild? • How old are you? PLEASE make sure you're at least somehow aware of lore when making up character backgrounds. If you have a concept that might bend lore more than a little (or appears to do so at a glance), be prepared to explain yourself. You can search for things here: Our officers are more than happy to answer questions regarding character concepts and what is within the realm of reason. * * *