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Found 18 results

  1. Yo. So, I was thinking about RPing on someone elses post with Urr'Kel (Faynt's, no one else has replied to her thread yet), but so far any RP thread I reply to seems to mysteriously die. So, I'm just curious, before I go and post on someone elses thread, what is your feelings about DK's (my DK in general, links to his stories and stuff below) role playing before WotLK hits shelves? I feel its a very good way to develop character before you play, and gets the RP ideas flowing. So...thoughts?
  2. Sylvannas' Betrayal of the Horde Vol'jin becomes the "forced military control" over undercity... aka keeping the peace till the horde can figure out what to do. If the Undead themselves don't become their own faction, what's to become of those so very loyal to the betrayer of the horde?
  3. Elakky


    So when does everyone think we will see the first 80s? Im guessing the 18th.
  4. From our UgK run (which we aren't allowed to call "UK" for fear of offending the Englishmen). My favorite part is that none of the pets are paying the least bit of attention. (l. to r.) Keraph, Evanthe, Liadain, Maithanet, Nadea
  5. This topic is sort of a combination of a dungeon question mixed with a lore question. Since the lore forum is a little more strict than this one, I am posting it here. Mods: Feel free to move this if you deem necessary. My question is this: Ok, so Kel'Thuzad is back in Naxxramas, as is every other boss. The NPCs in the game mention that the Lich King simply raised everyone back from the dead after Naxx was pwned the first time in EPL. Does Kel'Thuzad say anything different or reference his first defeat when you fight him? Obviously, Blizzard is acknowledging Naxxramas' first defeat not only in quest text, but in the fact that *Spoiler* Mograine is gone and Baron Rivendare replaced him. From what I've read, Rivendare says the exact same thing as Mograine. In the first incarnation of the Kel'Thuzad fight, he is having a conversation with the Lich King concering their efforts in EPL. The Lich King then notices the raid and tell's Kel'thuzad that his "security measures have failed" and to "Take care of this interruption" So, did Blizzard basically just copy Naxx from EPL and bring it to Northrend while tweaking ONLY what was needed to turn it into 25/10 man raids, while not even bothering to change flavor/lore text in order to explain the 2nd incarnation of the instance? Seems like an incredibly lazy and anti-climactic finale to one of the coolest lore characters in the game. And yes, I do realize Blizzard said they primarily brought Naxx back because "almost no one saw it the first time and it fits into Northrend very well" But hell, at least give a LITTLE lore, not like it is even far-fetched to imagine the Lich King bringing his dead minions back to life.... *Sighs as Kel'thuzad fades into lore obscurity with the stupidest finale ever*
  6. This seals it. I'm rolling a gnome. If you can't follow the link, or are too damn lazy to follow it, here is an excerpt from the "Notes" section: First aliens, then vampires, now robots. What do you think, TNG?
  7. So, as many of us already know, there's a big event that happens up in Northrend, that to put as vaguely as possible has some serious effects for hordeside RP. The problem is, these 'major changes' don't take place at one set time in the world, but pretty much whenever someone does the quest. That is to say, to one group of people that did the chain quickly and early, the events in question have already taken place, and they will RP it as such, where as to another group that HASN'T done the chain, it will sound like the first group is completely insane. "Attack on Undercity? By demons? What in the hell are you even talking about!" For our part, Infection is going to try to do the chain as a group, so as to take back our city as a guild, and also so we can RP the whole thing as a guild instead of trying to talk about it IC when to some guildies it hasn't even happened yet. I'm wondering though, how the rest of the server is going to deal with this. There is a possibility for gaping inconsistencies in RP if we're dealing with people that do this chain at various different times. For Cerryan, since I know I'll be doing the whole thing with him much later, I'll be treating it as someting that happened in the recent past, but lets face it: the event is DAMN cool. You may find yourself wanting to RP your reactions to it's conclusion as soon as you finish. But to some people it would have already happened a week or more ago, and to others it hasn't even happened yet. So, wierd times. I want to see what ideas other people have to handle this, or what might be some good suggestions for keeping RP consistent during this time.
  8. I know it's only a month away (of this post) but I felt it might be best to share some images I have seen around Northrend. While I know there are many people working on quests and items and gear and raiding and all that sort of stuff that makes up the gameplay value of World of Warcraft, I have worried myself over graphical glitches, mob placement, and just the general 'feel' of the game. On my exploration, I have been limited due to the mobility of a giant Tauren on a giant kodo plowing through the wastelands of the Lich King. But... with the premades, they have given me a free flying mount - so the sky is the limit! I'll be sharing with everyone here some of the more interesting things I have seen. ****WARNING**** Some of these images may ruin some surprises for some... or the 'fresh feel' for others. I may add in a bit of storylore and the like, but I think it is always best that some people find out things themselves. Of course, the lot of you probably peaked at your presents when you lived at home during Christmas (or still do!) Either way, enjoy. Any updates I make, I'll put here on this main thread. That way, each of my entries is for one specific place. 10 Oct - Created Thread
  9. Okay, many of us have seen the new dragon form model for Alexstrasza, but here is the new one for the human form. I'm leaving it in link form due to possibilities of being NSFW (I won't judge where you work). What I want to know is why did Blizzard decide that just because she is the aspect of all life that she had to dress as if she had slept with all of Azeroth to create it? The mind reels...
  10. I was reading up on the King Varian Wrynn on wowwiki and came across a few choice quotes. I guess the argument that we're "not at war" can be put to rest now? I've stayed clear of most spoilers regarding the expansion, but can someone confirm that this is the direction we're going in Northrend? All out war between the two factions?
  11. Something I noticed...none of the provided vendor links offered the CE for pre-order... So I just went to the den of Satan (GameStop) and pre-ordered two copies. I feel dirty...
  12. Looks like we've got some fun stuff. Including personal siege weapons.
  13. I haven't seen it's downloading incredibly slow, but figured I'd share the lack of bandwidth with y'all. edit: ooh..watched the streaming version while downloading it.. it rocks!
  14. Not even sure if this will be available yet for the current beta test, but I'm curious about one thing that I've always loved. Tier sets, especially ones pre-LK. Has there been any talk about putting ones in for the old Strat/Scholo/BRS level (ie-tier 0), MC and such, as well as tier 4-6? I know they'd be 'useless', but I'm pretty curious, cause I know I'll be playing my Death Knight at a steady pace, and my be interested in trying to collect the sets for the looks. If you guys don't happen to know, could you probably post on whatever Beta forums you have available? Thank yoooooou.
  15. There are very nice new talents in all of the trees. But seriously, we get a rewashed holy shock spell for discipline and shadow tree gets a shitty 36% (at most) regeneration spell? And Warlocks get a Chaos Attack that goes THROUGH things and deals MASSIVE damage, and can turn into a fucking demon? Warriors get bladestorm, a stun leap attack and shockwave? Shamans get a thunderstorm ability that makes enemies fly back into the air, and summon wolves? Of course, WOTLK isn't out yet, and things change. Abilities get reworked, buffed, removed, and created. I'm tried of well... just getting screwed on my major talent abilities. Thoughts?
  16. This is my "speculated" build. It's pretty much a extension of what I currently use. What Im not clear on, shield slam becomes trainable, and is no longer a talent I hope.. Post your speculated build =0
  17.;topicseen#new Maybe, maybe not? We've seen some of these talents suggested before for BC, though perhaps now is the time for them to arise. Who knows.
  18. A whole crapload of new info came out of Blizzard on Wrath of the Lich King. MMO Champion has a depository of most of it, but I'd suggest going and reading all the articles seperately. A lot of interesting stuff here, like all the Northrend raids being both 10 manable or 25 manable, with the 25 man versions of each raid offering better gear. Not to mention Evil Ironforge...