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Found 2 results

  1. Warchief, I present this required report pertaining to the status of our assault against the Alliance strongholds of Ironforge and Exodar. While I have not forgotten your instruction or desire for a visual telling of information, my presence is required in the Eastern Kingdoms to confirm the information asked at our last meeting. The third week of this month, The Grim entered the Exodar as previously planned. While the city's honor guard and defenses were on alert, there was minimal presence of any adventurer or mercenary group. Despite his own ability to foretell the future, the Prophet wa
  2. Yes!!! It's happening again!!!! I'm hoping for a bigger turnout this time around so I'm setting the date right now. The date for the event will be Sunday, November 9th, at 8:00 Server Time. The war is going to be held in the Badlands this time around. Horde will meet at Kargath and Alliance will meet at Thelsamar each at 7:30 respectively. /sign if you are going to be there. Tell your friends, tell your guildies, spam trade channel, tell that guy you just randomly met at a Heroic PuG! I want alot of people to show! Good Luck And Have Fun! P.S Rahnzakh contact me in game if you please.