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Found 4 results

  1. ((These are written on a stack of parchment found on the side corner of a street on the way out of Silvermoon, the medium used is something that appears to be similar to charcoal... written in Zandali with poor handwriting.) Parchment One: I remember awhile ago Ma suggesting to me that I made one of these things... like a log of things that happen to you... or something like that. When I remembered that I thought it sounded like a good idea, so here I am... writing things down... ... but what to write? Oh, I know! The Conclave idea I had is starting to become what I wanted it to! I have talked to members of many tribes so far... and gotten some of them to join. There has been a few that didn't like the idea... but they couldn't look to the future. There are I think... ten in it now? That's a good start -- well, I think so at least. Uh... I can't think of anything else to write for now... I think I'll try to make another one of these soon. End of Parchment One ((I thought that I'd make an introductory entry to this, I discovered a little bit about Nel too! And that is the fact that she isn't the best of writers... )
  2. Hi all. Decided to have a fresh thread for dumping. Let us start off with a WIP that I think is sort of cute and nonsensical. YAY HALFBREEDS. She just sort of appeared on my canvas. Some Sin'dorei got busy with a troll and this is the result. I couldn't figure out where I wanted to emphasize what racial traits, so I just sort of went with my gut. It just started as some funky doodle. I might keep working on it.
  3. Notice: Da Shatterspear Tribe is recruitin' all da Trolls who are up for da fight against da alliance! We currently have tree allies Da horde Da Amani Trolls and Da Steamwheedle Cartel. Our village resides in da hills of Darkshore. Very secluded very safe! We are a small tribe and we need ya to join and help us grow strong! For da Horde! Signed, Commanda Xunjin of Da Shatterspear Tribe (( We are a new guild only containing four members as I post this contact one of the following names in game Blooddrunk my rogue or Xunjin, for an interview we have our own personal secret city in Darkshore that has horde flagged mobs and it is our village...Whisper me in game if you want to know anything else! ))
  4. Source: I want to pet some trolls now.