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Found 2 results

  1. Drawn by Iribelle/Kiyo. The Basics: Full Name: Wraithe Duskwhisper Birth Name: Rai'the Duskwhisper Nicknames: None Titles: (Formerly) of the Undercity, Dark Ranger Age: Unknown, appears to have died around age 80-90. Date of Birth: December 18th Gender: Female Race: High Elf Banshee Faction: Horde Outward Appearance: Height: 5'11" Weight: 135 lbs. Hair Color: Dark Navy Eye Color: Ice Blue Skin Color: Porcelain pale, with dark, jagged scars all over her body. Face: Dark streaks resembling a banshee's tears stain her cheeks. However she has a delicate and young face. A pai
  2. In a world full of bright light and absolute darkness, there are some who would tread the shades between the extremes, those who would blur the line between monster and hero, question justice, and bring righteousness to its knees. Then there are pirates. The Stormwolf is a flying ship notorious for its unpredictable crew, a mix of unlikely comradeships and members from all walks of life, all perhaps sharing a common desire for forging their own path in the world. Some of them are still seeking their way, and some are just there to have fun, but one thing is for certain - the dizzying heights