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Found 8 results

  1. Peace Through Annihilation - The Grim Mandate Deathwing has returned, sowing chaos and disorder on everything beneath his shadow. The lands have changed, oceans have swelled, and new enemies have crawled their way up from the tales of the old world. While the armies of the Horde recoup from its losses in the Northrend campaign, The Grim are called again by their new Warchief to handle these new threats in ways others dare not. With this call, The Grim seek new individuals of like mind to aid in combating these threats against the Horde and its prosperity. Who are The Grim?
  2. Warchief, I present this required report pertaining to the status of our assault against the Alliance strongholds of Ironforge and Exodar. While I have not forgotten your instruction or desire for a visual telling of information, my presence is required in the Eastern Kingdoms to confirm the information asked at our last meeting. The third week of this month, The Grim entered the Exodar as previously planned. While the city's honor guard and defenses were on alert, there was minimal presence of any adventurer or mercenary group. Despite his own ability to foretell the future, the Prophet wa
  3. In this time, Azeroth faces many threats. The Horde and Deathwing ravage our land and people, the military standing up to any threats to the Alliance. We fight for all the citizens of the Alliance, and we will not give up until we know they are safe. We are the Hammer of the Alliance, the Seventy Third. We will stand strong against the Horde as we did before, and stand strong against Deathwing as we stood strong against the Lich King with so many others, and as we stood strong against all the dangers our citizens have faced. Though stationed in Theramore, our forces are deployed around Azeroth
  4. ((This is my first guild recruitment post on TNG, so I hope you'll forgive me if you find it to be lacking.)) Listen up, because this is important! If I see that you can't pay attention, there will be a penalty! And believe you me, you do not want what I have in mind. *grin* The Dragonhawk Brigade is the most elite, the most exciting, and the BEST Brigade in all of Azeroth! Any objections? No, I didn't think so. Anyways, we serve the Dark Lady of the Undercity, the one and only...Sylvanas Windrunner! This is her Brigade, and whatever she says goes! But it's MY Brigade too, so I'm the one i
  5. I've been wandering around stormwind looking for RP and despite the number of people there, I am finding it hard to make connections so I have started The Jaunty Bandit programme and you are all invited to come and take part. Some of you may have received a flyer in the mail, if not here is the IC flyer that may be found floating around Stormwind and pinned outside the Auction House: -------- Attention heroes, knaves and civilians! The Jaunty Bandit Tavern has opened its doors for business. Join us of an eve to ease your mind, fill your bellies and drink your worries away! Leave the war out
  6. Too long have we stood by the living, Too long have the living betrayed us. Putress was slain, Vamismarath also slain. Something must be done! I call for all who have broken free from the Lich Kings grasp to join our cause. Knights of the Ebon Blade, Forsaken, We Shall Stand in defiance against the grip the Scourge and the living. The Horde, The Horde aren't our allies they are merely tools. They will help us achieve our goal and then we will strike them done with the fury of the Forsaken...Remember Putress, Remember Vamismarath, Trust in the Plague...... (( This guild if you couldnt tell is
  7. <Thought> is a brand new social/rp guild. We're looking for friendly people who are prone to intellectual discourse. Due to the no-holds-bared attitude towards censorship that is our mainstay, this guild is 21 and over. The goal if the guild is to, one day, have a community wherein someone could sign on at nearly any time of the day and be greeted with genuine words instead of silence. I want this guild to be a haven for the intellectual who dares to delve in what is seen as politically incorrect. In WoW terms, I would also like for us to be able to raid, pvp, and conduct rp events but t
  8. Rather than derail the horde RP channel thread, I thought I'd move discussion of this here. A couple of years back, we had a global RP channel alliance side. Rather than it being set in a location as is the common practice, we had it set up as what was commonly referred to as "gnomish talk-boxes" Basically a micronized version of the technology you see in some of the early darkshore quests. It worked better for the people who don't like the idea of channel RP, since they don't have to reconcile being in two places at once. We have a lot of RP guilds alliance side, but most of them rarely