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Found 7 results

  1. So, I found this. This is an addon which apparently allows players on the same side to set up a number of player-made factions, which will display to all people using the mod. Players can flag themselves as members of a faction, and can gain or lose reputation with that and other factions. I believe there is also a functionality to allow gaining reputation with one faction to lower or gain reputation with another linked faction. Alliance and Horde will not be able to see player-made factions on the other side. I
  2. Yo. So, I was thinking about RPing on someone elses post with Urr'Kel (Faynt's, no one else has replied to her thread yet), but so far any RP thread I reply to seems to mysteriously die. So, I'm just curious, before I go and post on someone elses thread, what is your feelings about DK's (my DK in general, links to his stories and stuff below) role playing before WotLK hits shelves? I feel its a very good way to develop character before you play, and gets the RP ideas flowing. So...thoughts?
  3. Are there people out there that base their characters on things like anime, books, movies, etc. I have had the urge to create a character similar to A character from an anime, but would hate for ppl to say that I am unoriginal or anything.
  4. Actually Raz hinted to something I've been thinking about. Allot of people don't take race or faction into account. Most people supplant a human's sex drive onto their character which might (depending on which race we are talking about) be unnatural or excessive.
  5. I'm curious to know what RP faux pas exist for you guys. One big one for me is RP Guild Poaching. Since the community is so small, offering bribes or trying to steal members from other guilds is not kosher. It causes bad feelings all round. Also I cringe when someone knows my name if we haven't met. It's something that can be explained and sometimes it's an honest mistake. But wouldn't you find it creepy if someone walked up to you and said your name if you've never met them. My characters are hardly celebrities and used to that kind of thing. Edit: For those just coming to this threa
  6. so...i was having an ooc chat with kadesh about how this zombie thing in his opinion is bringing a new roleplay experience where it may have been sorely needed, but how to me it's getting to be a bit much. then i read our convo to kor and he kinda laughed so i thought i'd share it. and then ask ppl some questions. it's so bad that in rp pearlle stole away from the city and hid her kids. cuz i just can't figure this rp. but i bet some ppl have come up with some great ways of handling it. kinda like how libelle posted she ate all the candy secretly then threw up cuz she was sick, but her char
  7. Whoa, wait a minute. Did some folks just say that cyber sex is a higher form of writing? I thought I just read that. Did I read that? I'm curious about that line of thought. My ability to describe my penis in three different ways puts me on a higher pedestal than your normal writer? Is that above or below Stephen King?