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Found 6 results

  1. Omy


    Basic Info Full Name: Unknown. She always introduces herself as simply 'Omy' (A spare few would know her real name) Nicknames: Again, Omy. In some very small circles she's known as 'The Silver Blade', though she doesn't advertise this. Age: early adulthood Gender: female Hair: silver, choppy. About shoulder length Eyes: silver, with a tinge of blue Height: little bit shorter than a normal Nightelf Weight: athletic Place of residence: The Tiller Compound outside of Stormwind, the wilds of Feralas Place of Birth: Feathermoon, Feralas Known Relatives: Mother, Lariren Moonfell (deceased); father, Rhebven Moonfell (deceased); brother, Fleuren Moonfell (deceased). Race: Nightelf Philosophy: "A thread will tie an honest man better than a chain a rogue." Things have changed a lot for this rogue in the last year. A lot. While she no longer sits on a single philosophy, she seems to have lost the loner mentality rogues are wont to carry. However, Omy believes in the 'power of stuff'..whether for the simple memories or the reminders, or some actual strength she draws from them, she is never seen without her few precious things. The goggles, now repaired from Sun Rock.... the tattered yellow ribbon around her neck.....and the red scrap of tabard she wears around her arm....each carry significant meaning to her. And each she would risk her life to keep. Occupation: Commander of the Dusk Watch. While Omy never, ever, ever thought of herself as the leadership type, due to various reasons and one, tragic death, Omy found herself at the head of the promising militia when no one else would. Her day to day worries are so utterly different from what she's always concentrated on that the woman finds it hard to wrap her head around them some days....but the people around her and the mission she now believes in seems to push her through. On the subject of battle leadership, this rogue has had little to no experience in leading others...but she seems to be learning quickly. Officially, Omy claimed to be a silent member of the Stormwind Assassins. But in reality she is known in shadowy circles as the Silver Blade, the Ravenholdt agent who betrayed and lead the family of Falconhurst to it's demise. A one time member of SI:7, Omy turned in her insignia about the time that Otton disappeared. Interestingly enough, Omy seems very keen on offering others the right and ability to turn over a new leaf and change...despite past acts of barbarism, injury or betrayal. From death knights, to Scarlets; Omy has given quite a questionable few the opportunity to prove their change of heart. She suffers no violence among her ranks though, and promises to remove internal dangers to her Watchmates herself if needed. Group/Guild affiliation: Old: Tyrnea Maldeth. Now: The Dusk Watch Guild Rank: Commander (Guild Leader) Enemies: Horde (but she especially dislikes hunters and orcs), members of the Syndicate, any incarnation of the Defias. Naga. Likes: A perfectly executed sneak attack, the middle seasons. Cats. Goggles. Favorite Foods: any kind of cheese Favorite Drinks: whatever's harsh drink is in her flask now-a-days, Mudder's Milk Favorite Colors: yellow Weapons of Choice: two daggers. Functional...with a bit of tinkering flair. Dislikes: Clams. Hobbies: darts, card games and other games of chance. cooking. Tinkering. Special Abilities: Omy has a very keen memory as long as she takes the time to properly cement such things, usually with a moment of undisturbed focus. Class: Rogue Personality: Not one to talk a lot about herself, Omy is much more interested in everyone else's lives and stories. Outwardly amenable and friendly, most people Omy meets are treated well but very few ever seem to crack through. For those few, Omy strives to be a true friend, a reliable and resilient ally, and for those she truly respects Omy would lay life and limb on the line to help. Not usually what you would expect from a rogue or a night elf, Omy's time living in Stormwind has really changed her speech and her manner in ways the short period of time does little to explain. Her Common is very relaxed, very fast and sounds very natural, while her native tongue by nature retains more of the care and crafted sound one would reserve for art...or tinkering. Her gnomish, on the other hand, could use some work. Daigil, her second in command, has been helping her perfect it. Appearance: Standing a bit shorter than most of her kin, this silver haired night elf wears a tattered yellow ribbon about her neck. She looks to be in her late twenties in human years and is still very young by elven standards. A pair of goggles sits perched on top of her head when not over her eyes, and around her waist hangs a belt of many pockets and bags of various sizes and materials. There's a strip of red cloth tied around her left arm, just above the crook of her elbow... What can only be described as chip is missing out of the tip of her right ear, and her hands -when not covered by gloves- are covered with the thick remains of old fire scars. Her left arm sports a deep, frost blue scar, right below the crook of her elbow. It slashes across and up, a wound caused by a large, very keen two handed blade, if one knew what to look for. The mark of a blade wielded by a seasoned Death Knight. Lately, dark circles have taken up residence under her eyes... History: Born Talindel Moonfell, little Talin began her life in the shadow of her older brother. A talented druid, Fleuren was kind to his little sister, deflecting most of their parent's pointed expectations. Still, when Talin was old enough she showed talent in the druidic arts, probably from her brother's unintentional tutelage, and followed after him anyway. While Fleuren excelled in balance and the more magical aspects of druidism, Talin found her niche in the feral arts. Shape changing and battle suited her nature better, she discovered. When the ancient druids were awoken to fight during the Third War, Talin and her brother joined them, though the young Talin had to convince and placate her way into the ranks. During her first encounter with the humans, Talin attempted to sneak up behind one of their soldiers, only to find a rogue's blade at her throat. Startled by the humbling and embarrassing situation, Talin kept a healthy respect for the human rogues all throughout the War. The specific rogue, an older man by the name of Ian Mathews, found her interest endearing and enthralled the young elf with many elaborate stories and tales of a mysterious group he claimed to belonged to, as well as practical dissertations on the 'Art of Roguery'. Sadly, Ian and Fleuren fell when Archimonde attacked the summit, her brother protecting his little sister from the brunt of the demonic army. Having little time for despair, Talin was forced to hold herself upright and continue on fighting. It was only after everything, after the destruction of the World Tree, that Talin was able to realize what she had lost. She retrieved her brother's body and followed him home to pay her final respects, but with Cenarius dead, her immortality gone, and the world suddenly a much bigger place, she no longer had the balance required to continue her druidic training. So strong was her hate and her desire for revenge that she abandoned her path and took it upon herself to advance her skills in the shadows of the world. However, while her fellow Nightelves didn't outwardly look down upon those with roguish skill, she found that her fellow rogues were not quite as numerable or even knowledgeable as she would hope...disheartened Talin remembered Ian's words and left for human territories with high hopes... It was here that Omy fell in with a human family in Stormwind by the name of Falconhurst, a rogue family who's own tale is missing from human history. Removed, by the other family they opposed; Ravenholdt. All that is known is found out from word of mouth and heavily bribed shadows, and even then you can't be certain about it's reliability. But what remains clear across every retelling is that Alec and his Falcons were betrayed by one of their own and hunted down by Ravenholdt after a long and mostly hidden feud. If you asked a high ranking agent of Ravenholdt, they would tell you that Falconhurst was the real mastermind behind the King's kidnapping, and that it was as a favor to the crown and SI:7 that their agents brought the family down. Omy herself speaks little of this family and her time among them...or about her rumored role in their downfall...but the goggles upon her head have never left her sight since this day. She vanished for a time, until spotted on the streets of Stormwind with a tattered yellow ribbon around her neck and a shadow in her face that hadn't been there before. Seeking work, she was recruited into Tyrnea Maldeth and spent many months honing her skills among the family she found there until their ranks thinned and Omy sought a different home. This time, she made one. Recent 'History': Along with Otton Tiller, Daigil Spysprocket, and Kasparov Taar'un, Omy founded a citizen's militia to defend the streets and homes that were constantly under attack by Horde. Disgusted by the blind eye many, better seasoned, heroes turned to their fellow Alliance Omy didn't know a thing about militias, but she knew something had to be done. The Dusk Watch wasn't sure what it was for the first few months, but it knew what it wasn't. Holding the rank of Spymaster, Omy gathered information and solidified new friendships..but the numbers of the Watch remained small. Not even a month into it's creation, Otton vanished into the frozen wastes of Northrend, and their leader, Kasparov, was killed. Forced into either leading or giving up Omy took on Kasparov's uncomfortable role as Commander and began to build the Watch into what it is today. Omy doesn't brag about what successes the Watch has had, knowing that they still have very far to go. However, she is confident (though oft surprised) of their swelling numbers and talented recruits and very steadfast in the necessity of their job.
  2. An unassuming book sits on a small table in Piri’s bunk near SI:7 in Stormwind, the cover pulled back, exposing the hundreds of blank sheets within. Next to the book lay a pair of goggles with a couple of spinning gears and flashing lights. And pushed to the back of the tabletop, lay a quill and strange vial of ink. It seems I have finally got that alchemist to perfect his Disappearing Ink. The first trial run ended up burning into the parchments. The second disappeared for a day or say, then reappeared. We cleverly named this one, the Disappearing-Reappering Ink. I suppose it could have it’s purposes, so I keep a few vials of the liquid in storage. Regardless, I work under the most strict confidentiality. The work I do, the work I LIVE for, resides within the covers of this book. The goggles will locate the ink. We have not found any other way to expose what is written within these pages. We tried just about everything... Anyway. I have my G.N.I.C.O.M. [Genuinely Neat Image Capturing Object Materializer] camera ready to take with me for the G.I.R.O. mission. I have been employed to seek out the dealings of the Horde and to find prime locations for future missions, staging grounds and all around evil doings. I honestly do not see this being a problem. Those Horde are filled with nothing but evil-doers. No matter though. They may spread their slandering propaganda about us; us gnomes, but they seem to quickly shut their traps when the BACKS OF THE KNEES ARE CUT WIDE OPEN. Well, that isn’t true. They tend to scream. But when I pull that razor wire across their throats when they topple over...well, then they shut up. WHO’S DOING THE KICKING NOW?! My reports, written in NON-Disappearing ink, will be filed here and a copy will be delivered to the High Tinker for his review. Photographs and other things I may come across may be stored within the covers of this book as well. Some may call this research, others will call it spying. I call it a good day’s work. On a completely unrelated note. The walls of Gnomeregan remain the same. I make trips back there, seeing if I can find any survivors, find any doodads from the past or just to take a nice stroll through one of the old Downtown areas, kicking a few troggs out of the way in the process. Despite the rancid smell and the possibly toxic fumes, I still love it. Our home. It was merely a set back. The irradiation and all. People FAIL to see just how BRILLIANT our race is. WE were made in the eyes of the Makers, so we have come to find out. WE were once brilliant machines thousands of years ago. WE ARE PERFECTION. None of them, the high-altitude mouth breathers will ever grasp this. So we will teach them. One day. From the humans to the Tauren. Every last one of them will know, who is perfection and who their rightful rulers are. A creation of the Makers with one purpose. To rule over the lesser creatures! Hail Gnomeregan. Time to roll out. I believe my first location to visit is the human’s old northern kingdom.
  3. Full Name: Piri Fizzlecog Nicknames: G.N.O. Agent #235 [Genocidal Nullification Offensive] Age: Approx. 52 [25-27 According to Human standards] Race: The Superior Race; Gnome Gender: Female Hair: Platinum Blonde Skin: Fair Eyes: Blue; Missing left eye. Height: 2'11" Place of residence: SI:7 in Stormwind Place of Birth: Gnomeregan Known Relatives: NA Religion/Philosophy: Strike first, ask questions later. Never give in and aim for the heavens! Occupation: G.N.O. Agent, Mercenary, Member of Recon Group G.I.R.O. [Gnomish Information Reconnaissance Operation] Group/Guild affiliation: The Dusk Watch Guild Rank: Reserve Enemies: Orcs, Trolls, Undead, Tauren, Elves, Troggs Likes: Hot, humid locations, bars Favorite Foods: Cheese, Breads Favorite Drinks: Booze of any sort Favorite Colors: Black, Red Weapons of Choice: Daggers, Stealth Dislikes: Anything over 4' tall Hobbies: Tinkering, Recon Physical Features: Piri Fizzlecog stood at an average height for a gnome, bearing an average, lean weight and physique. Her platinum blonde hair was always pulled back, tied with loose pieces of leather, reaching down just above her rump. Her features were sharp and angled, displaying years of experience. Though, her face contained a certain type of dominating beauty, her left eye was completely missing, the flesh scarred, burned clear to her left ear. Often, she wore an eye patch to cover the empty socket. Her attire always consisted on skin tight leathers riddled with various straps, providing a sort of thin exoskeleton over her entire frame, the only portions of flesh visible were from the neck up. Special Abilities: Nothing above average Positive Personality Traits: Bold, Truthful, Self sufficiant Negative Personality Traits: Overbearing, quick to act, doesn't care to think too long on a situation, cold Misc. Quirks: Smokes occasionally, borderline alcoholic, troublemaker, Gnome Extremist Played by What Famous Person: Milla Jovovoich [if she were a gnome? In the face at least...?] Theme Songs: [To Come] History: The Day Gnomeregan Fell: Piri Fizzlecog
  4. Full Name: Lynillia Starstalker Nicknames: Lynn Age: 65 Race: Blood Elf Gender: Female Hair: Red Skin: Pale Eyes: Fel Green Height: 4'11" Weight: 100 pounds Place of residence: Silvermoon City Place of Birth: Silvermoon City Known Relatives: None, though Lysimachus has taken her as a ward Religion/Philosophy: Capitalism Occupation: Entrepreneur Enemies: Gnomes, dwarves, spiders, forest trolls. Anything small enough to bite her on the knees. Likes: Money, orcs, Darkspear trolls, Tauren Favorite Foods: Anything she cooks herself, especially spider based foods (for revenge). Favorite Drinks: White wine Favorite Colors: Blue Weapons of Choice: One handed swords Hobbies: Making money, flirting with burly women, skinning beasts Physical Features: Lynillia has long, red, curly hair she wears with a jeweled headband. Her lips are small and pursed, and she enjoys wearing the best leather clothing she can find. Special Abilities: Shrewdness at the Auction House Positive Personality Traits: Frugal, noble Negative Personality Traits: Impressionable, cheap, haughty Theme Songs: C.R.E.A.M. by the Wu-Tang Clan History: Lynillia began life in Silvermoon City, and learned how to skin beasts and mine metal from an early age. She was taught by Lysimachus to appreciate money, and spent much of her time at the Auction House learning how to price certain items. By acquiring rogue skills, she learned to make even more money by pickpocketing and lockpicking. She fancies women, especially tauren and trolls, and will often give them cash gifts to impress them. Mission: Make as much money as possible and still keep her dignity.
  5. Sifar

    Sifar Beld

    Full Name: Sifar Beld Nicknames: None - unless you know her really well Age: 37 Race: Dwarf Gender: Female Hair: Long and Black and usually tied up in braids Skin: Milky grey Eyes: Piercing green Height: Average, for a dwarf, just over 4' Weight: Slender Place of residence: Roaming, but often returns to Ironforge or the northern mountains Place of Birth: Helm’s Bed Lake, Dun Morogh Known Relatives: Mother, Lisset, in hiding; Father, Temo, dead to her Religion/Philosophy: Has a general belief in the titans and creators of the world but does not follow any religious practices. She has more faith in her own abilities than any external force. When "blessed" by Light -wielders, her retort is often a wish for the shadows to keep her safer. Occupation: special combat, sometimes spy Group/Guild affiliation: none currently Guild Rank: Enemies: Anyone who hurts her friends Likes: Serving others, keeping busy, pushing her abilities Favorite Foods: Blood sausages, Thelsamar sausages, Ravager dogs, really anything sausage-like Favorite Drinks: Water, but will try a dark lager on occasion Favorite Colors: Black, followed by Silver Weapons of Choice: Whatever small weapon gets the job done (Damn, but those mugs were nice...) Dislikes: wasps, muck and dirt, zealots of any type Hobbies: Potion making and giving “light believers” a hard time Physical Features: Slender and athletic, she's pretty much built of muscle. Her dusky skin tone suggests her heritage. A half-inch scar circles the base of her neck. Recently added rune tattoos to her left arm. Special Abilities: Getting out of tight situations Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, sometimes to a fault, and quite willing to give of her time or possessions. Once a person is past the reserved exterior, they should find a warm-hearted lass inside. Negative Personality Traits: Sometimes single-minded of purpose to the exclusion of reasoned thought (aka ram-headed), can carry a grudge for years beyond reason. Very awkward in social situations. Misc. Quirks: She learned early to remain silent when she had nothing positive to say. She fidgets when bored and almost always blushes when talking with lads. History: ((The following was originally written upon my joining the Ironforge Regiment in Sept. '06. Much has happened since then...)) I was born not far from Helm’s Bed Lake some thirty years ago in a modest cottage. My Ma was a kindly woman, more likely to bake me a treat than to make me do chores. Her given name were Lisset. As I grew into my teens and twenties, we grew closer…seemed to have an understanding of each other. It’s an understanding I never had with my Pa. They both worked hard, Ma and Da. He made sure we always had food to eat and a solid roof over our heads. Ma took care of things around the house, turning bland roots into delightful stews and scraps of wool into warm quilts. She tried to teach me to cook several times, but I could never get the same aromatic results she did. However, I learned much about the herbs she kept in her garden and their various uses. I miss her. Looking back, I realize she tried hard to keep a happy home. There was always a smile on her face and summer flowers on the window sill. But, there was a shadow in the house. Da wasn’t happy growing a few vegetables and hunting for our table. I think he always wanted more. Ma said he felt we were holding him back, stopping him from some great place in life. Life was wearing on him and his shadow grew darker. I think they kept most of it from me, but you could feel the strain right under Ma’s cheery smile. “Ah’m givin’ yeh a chance teh leave here, child. Ah foun’ a potion maker in Ir’nforge dat will take yeh in. Yer teh study wit’ her ‘til yer ready teh make yer own way.” So, I packed my few things and said good-bye to my Ma at the north shore of the lake. She seemed truly sorry to see me go, but determined to see me off. I arrived in Ironforge without incident having walked most of the way with a mountaineer by the name of Tundern. He kindly pointed out the ram ranch where seasoned fighters bought their mounts and the path to the fallen city of Gnomeregon. I had not seen the gates of Ironforge in many years…the sight of the statue at the gates continues to impress me. But, enough of that…I found Tally Berryfizz’s shop with few problems and she warmly welcomed me and set me to work sorting herbs. Every once in a while I caught her clucking her tongue and shaking her head, but the gnome had little to say. I was surprised at how quickly I fell into a routine there, when, just a week later, a note arrived from my Ma. In her straightforward way, she said she was off to Auntie Odamet’s place by Loch Modan and I shouldn’t go by the house. I took this to mean Da was in a dark mood and I should leave well enough alone. Weeks later, I saw Auntie Oda stopping by the bank. I asked her how Ma was and she just got a puzzled look on her face. “Chil’,” she said, “I ‘ave nay seen yer Ma in months. Must’a been las’ Spring dat we spoke.” Puzzled, I told her about Ma’s note. Her face grew dark and she said, “Lass, I dunnae wot teh say. I’ll ‘ave Kinet stop in teh see aboot yer Ma.” Well, there was no way I was waiting for Uncle Kinet to find the time to eventually stop by the lake. I rushed back to Berryfizz’s and begged leave to check on my family. Tally shook her head but I was walking out the door as I asked. With a wave, I promised to find Earthroot on my way back. Rounding the last hill, I caught sight of my parent’s cottage and my breath caught in my throat. It looked so…so deserted. My steps quickly turned into a jog. It was obvious no one was there. The chimney was still and no light beamed from within. The second thing I noticed was Ma’s garden. Gone were the neat rows of tended plants. Dead leaves and upturned roots were all that remained in the gouged earth. Strangling a cry, I ran inside to see more devastation. The family table where we shared so many meals and did so much work was knocked sideways against the wall. A broken chair lay near the hearth as if thrown there. Pottery was smashed and chunks of wood were missing from the doorframe. I could almost picture the fight that had erupted there. My vision blurred, I found my way to our closest neighbor. He had little to add but thought he’d seen Da southeast of the lake leading some troggs. They even call him captain. Following his glance, I could just make out the dark shapes on the far side. With a similar shadow claiming my heart, I returned to Ironforge and searched out Hulfdan Blackbeard, leader of the local thieves’ guild. Stories: Ill Fated Investigation, personal story: Well Layed Plans, with Laron and Najme: Journals, with Ninorra: The Edge of Mercy, Latiyana: Getting to know Sanctuary Exposed Connections, with Light and Dark Ale: . Relaxing by the shore . Venting my frustrations, with Laron: Taken Back, Righteous Hand episode: Taking Flight, with Brox: Rage and Fury, with Rand, Lucci, and Geofforan: For Sisterhood, award winner Journal: A Simple Journal, old: An Old Friend, new: Character Pic: (yeah, I need to find somewhere to host this)
  6. Full Name: Kira Trisight Nicknames: Known by her friends as Kira. Known to everyone else as Trisight, which is all the more name she usually gives out. Date of Birth: Not public knowledge Age: Not public knowledge (seems the equivilent of 19-22) Race: Blood Elf Gender: Female Hair:Deep Rich Red Skin: Very Pale Eyes: luminescent Green Height:5'5" Weight: 125 lbs Place of residence: Uncertain, possibly somewhere in the Eversong woods Place of Birth: Not public knowledge Known Relatives: Not public knowledge Religion/Philosophy: Disinterested Occupation: She is a Rogue for hire, doing odd jobs for various members of the Horde. Group/Guild affiliation: None curently Guild Rank: N/A Enemies: Not public knowledge Likes: Combat, Her little Menagerie, animals Favorite Foods: Fruits, anything well prepared and not-spicey Favorite Drinks: Anything Icey Favorite Colors: Blue, Red, Black Weapons of Choice: Her Daggers Dislikes: Politicians and their imediate subordinates, those who hurt the innocent for pleasure or gain, headaches, getting lost Hobbies: Sharpening her blades, playing with the various animals she has aquired, spending time with those closest to her. Physical Features: She has very few scars, none of them on her face, several of them are on her hands. She has a very fortunate nose and nicely semetrical features. However not many get to see anything but her eyes as she is almost never without the red mask covering the lower half of her face. Special Abilities: Unknown if any Positive Personality Traits: Caring, just, honerable, sensetive Negative Personality Traits: Agressive, can be stubborn at times, reserved, sometimes seems oblivious to the obvious (like when someone is clearly dangerous) Misc. Quirks: Almost never removes her mask, tends to approach the 'unaproachable', and avoid the seemingly benign (at least at times.) Theme Songs: Headstrong - Trapped, other's TBA History: Her history is almost completely unknown to the public. She recently showed up in Orgrimar seeking work as a rogue. She spends most of her time training her skills as a Rogue and an alchemist. She is occasionally seen in the company of Selash, Alphaeus, and/or Irithel. ((Totally OOC knowledge))If her history seems short, unclear or dare I say it, non-exsistant, it is largely because Kira Trisight is only a few months 'old' having disconnected from her true past for reasons unknown. ((More to come.))