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Found 2 results

  1. As Malebrignon did before me, I will be hijacking poor Naz's original post to ensure there is some sort of standard to the Picture Thread. Below you will find the guidelines which are expected to be followed. Keep in mind, common sense is the number one rule. If you are thought of not using common sense, you will be crushed ... both to ensure the continuity of this thread and to save me and other moderators in wasting our time. - To post on the Picture Thread, you have to put a Picture. - Do not make personal attacks about people in the pictures. - Pictures on the Picture Thread must be of the poster, a situation involving the poster, or something unique about the poster that cannot be found by simply googling a topic. - Pictures of other Gazette members is acceptable, but if the individual in the picture does not want their photograph public, they have a right to report and it will be taken down; no questions asked. - Edits to make a photograph amusing of a poster (either yourself or others) is acceptable, so long as it is done in good humor and is safe enough to show on prime-time television. - Refusal to abide by guidelines of the Picture Thread will result in deletion of ones post. It is the moderator's discretion to award Infraction points to posters who do not want to abide by the guidelines. While we all enjoy responding to people's photos, you can continue to do so by clicking their name on the left side of your screen and picking "View Public Profile". Or, if you have a similiar photograph to share ... well, thinking is enjoyable; good luck! Naz: "Get out of my heaaaaaadd!!!!"
  2. I have become increasingly irritated browsing this forum lately. As a working artist, the issues of plagiarism, copyrights, content theft and distribution are very important to me. Sadly, many people either don't understand or simply don't respect the laws in place to protect artists and their work from unauthorized usage. Here are some very important things you should keep in mind when posting any work you want to claim as your "original" art: Did you create the work as a whole? Did you take the photograph? Do you know the photographer? Do you know the name of the model? Is the model over 18? Do you have a model release form on file? Do you have permission in writing to create derivative works? Do you have permission in writing to redistribute either the original or derivative works? If the answer to ANY of those questions is "No" or "I don't know" then you should not be claiming the work as your own nor distributing it in any format. As a matter of fact, you're breaking the U.S. Copyright Law of 1976 (inclusive of all Amendments through October 2008) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1996 (DCMA). Just because something is available on the Internet does not mean it is available for use. Many people often mistakenly believe the Internet is Public Domain**. It is not. Many of the images people use on these forums for avatars and signatures are quite literally stolen content which has been altered and redistributed without the permission of the original authors. The person posting the stolen image, the site administrator and even the ISP could possibly be subject to legal action if the original authors choose to seek redress in a court of law. That is an extreme view of the situation, but it is also a realistic black and white interpretation of the laws regarding copyright, plagiarism and content theft. Please consider very carefully the pictures you post here and want to claim as your "original" art. Stealing is wrong. If you are working with stock photography, please provide the appropriate credit information. It is only fair to the photographer and model who both work very hard at what they do. If you are using art for a signature or avatar, please find some place (on your profile or blog works great) to credit the original artist and even link to their website. Again, it is only fair to the artists that they be acknowledged for all the hard work they have done. Cropping down their art and slapping some layer effect text over it doesn't make it your original work. Please give credit where credit is due. ** public domain - noun 1. the status of a literary work or an invention whose copyright or patent has expired or that never had such protection. 2. land owned by the government. Dictionary definition courtesy of