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Found 5 results

  1. Full Name: Mallkior Kael Dawnbreaker Nicknames: None. He doesn't let too many people close enough to tag him with a nickname. Date of Birth: The seventh day of the twelfth month. Age: One hundred and fifty. (Just shy of middle-aged; maybe the human equivalent of twenty-six.) Race: Sin'dorei; formerly Quel'dorei. Gender: Male. Hair: His hair is a fiery crimson color. Long and well-kept, it cascades down to his hips when unrestrained but is often tied back in a slick, clean tail. Skin: A sun-kissed tan covers nearly every inch of this elf's form. How he maintains it when he is rarely out of his armored shell is left to the imagination. Eyes: Fel-emerald; as with all of his people. Height: Mallkior stands at nearly six and a half feet tall. A little above average for his people. Weight: Six and a half feet of muscle isn't light, especially when he's rarely unarmored. Take your best guess here because he doesn't know or care. Place of residence: The Dawnbreaker Estate located near the border of Eversong and the Ghostlands. Note that this place does not exist in-game. Place of Birth: Silvermoon City. Known Relatives: Ravana Sunchaser (mother; status unknown), Kaelthyn Dawnbreaker (father; status unknown), Morvias Dawnbreaker (elder brother; deceased), Valluria Dawnbreaker (adopted daughter; alive and under his care) Religion/Philosophy: "The Light abandoned our people because we did what was necessary to survive and now our people are expected to crawl back to it and ask forgiveness? The Light itself should be the one on its knees begging for mercy! I will see that the Light suffers the punishment that it deserves; one follower at a time." This quote would once have been poison on Mallkior's tongue but his faith in the Light was tested and broken long ago. Now he believes only in the strength of one's self. Occupation: Blood Knight, professional blacksmith, and a damn good chef. Group/Guild affiliation: The 'Old' Blood Knight Order and the Bloodmoon Syndicate. Guild Rank: The Right Hand; acting commander of the Bloodmoon Syndicate under the watchful eyes of Yiroshi Nightbane. Enemies: The humans and all who would ally themselves with such traitorous dogs, the Scourge (or what's left of it), the Legion (or what's left of it), the Church of the Holy Light, and the Holy Light itself. Likes: Training, combat, battlefield strategy, challenges, thunderstorms, and beautiful women. Mallkior is a simple man of simple pleasures. He enjoys the sins of the flesh as much, if not more, than the next man and finds a twisted sense of sadistic glee on the battlefield. While these two things make his heart race and his blood surge with adrenaline, they are not things that one can participate in during every waking moment. In his off time, he can be found bettering himself for battle both mentally and physically. Favorite Foods: Rich and filling dishes such as apples, beans, beef, cheeses, cucumbers, crab, eggs, lobster, oatmeal, pastas, pineapple, pork, potatoes, thick soups, yams, etc. Mallkior is very picky when it comes to fish and dislikes most kinds though one of his favorite dishes is fresh catfish grilled over an open flame with butter and mountain silversage. Favorite Drinks: Milk and fruit juices. It is rare that Mallkior drinks anything alcoholic though it is not unheard of. When he does 'drink', he prefers red wines or the strongest whiskey that Azeroth has to offer. Favorite Colors: Blacks and reds; the colors of the Blood Knight Order. Weapons of Choice: Mallkior is a well-trained soldier versed in the usage of most close-quarter weaponry as well as the proper usage of shields. Out of his vast knowledge of such combat styles, he prefers to go into combat with large, heavy swords meant to be used with both hands or a light and agile pole-arm. Dislikes: The 'New' Blood Knight Order, the Holy Light, smoking, excessive drinking, insubordination, quitters, weakness, and being or feeling alone. His detestation of the Holy Light knows no bounds which also brings his hatred to the forefront of the 'New' Order of Blood Knights. Mallkior cannot stand those who are weak and choose to do nothing about it, believing that only the strong deserve to stake their claim in the turmoil of Azeroth's war-torn times. This dislike of the weak is the cause of his hatred for substance abuse which only serves to dull the mind and cripple the body. His hatred of being alone is far more than a simple dislike; it is possibly Mallkior's only true fear. This does not mean that Mallkior cannot enjoy a quiet moment of solitude; this fear of loneliness is not of physical dislocation but of spiritual and emotional detachment. Hobbies: The study of military history and tactics, training and strengthening his body, and exacting his own vengeance against the Holy Light through the slaughter, torture, and enslavement of its followers. Mallkior is a man who has lived most of his life on the battlefield and there is little else that he knows. He won't rest until both the Holy Light and humanity pay for the betrayals cast upon his people. As such, he is a man with few true hobbies as of late and centers his life around the battlefield and his seething hatred. Despite this, Mallkior knows his way around the kitchen and does enjoy cooking, though that little bit of information is known by so very few. Physical Features: Scars litter Mallkior's form. His hands bear a handful of small nicks, as do his arms and chest. His outter thighs also bear marks of battle if you should somehow catch him without anything covering his legs. Most of these marks are small; small enough that a mere glance of the eye may not even detect them depending on how sharp your attention to detail is. Only one mark stands out against his skin so strongly that missing it could be accomplished by the blind alone. Running horizontally across his midrif, just above his naval, is a large scar that runs from one side of his form to the other. The scar is straight and clean; unmistakably the mark of a well crafted blade and a trained arm. Special Abilities: Mallkior possesses the ability to drain someone of their magical essence through physical contact and then use that power to suit his own ends. This is a power found very commonly among the sin'dorei people and is, perhaps, not so special in the long run of things but it is certainly worth taking note of. Positive Personality Traits: Focused, calm, collected, confident, loyal, protective, polite, and aware of his own limitations. A man of his word and a well-trained soldier backed by decades of wisdom, Mallkior is a man most would be proud to have as an ally and not someone that most would want as an enemy. Negative Personality Traits: While Mallkior is not easy to anger, he is prone to hold a grudge when insulted or disrespected. He is vindictive and cruel in battle, unafraid to torture to the extreme of death, and not above the ravaging of enemy females for interrogation purposes or even for his own simple pleasure. He is very much a sin'dorei supremest and views all other races as lesser creatures that exist only for the enjoyment of the sin'dorei. Despite his kindness and loyalty to those he calls his friend or family, he is not without some rather hard to overlook flaws. Misc. Quirks: Mallkior is not able to wield the Light in the typical fashion that the 'New' Order of Blood Knights can. While Mallkior once pledged his blade to the Light and once was able to use it freely, the self-serving and horrific actions of his past have caused him to loose that ability. To this day, Mallkior still steals his Light from Holy beings or artifacts, corrupting and twisting the Light into a form of power that it is possible for him to wield. He is a traditional Blood Knight.
  2. Should worgen paladins be playable? Couldnt their have been paladins in GIlneas before they sealed themselves off from silverpine forest? If not then why can worgen be priest? And can a death knight RP as a fallen paladin who obtained the worgen curse before his death? Please discuss and explain kthx.
  3. ázul


    Name:Àzul Title:Vindicator Age:2,000 Revolutions (Middle Aged) DOB:Some ages ago... Race:Draenei Gender:Male Hair:Grassy green. Skin:Almost pale blue. Eyes:A glowing aquatic blue. Height:7"4 Weight:247lbs. Athletic for his race. Place of residence:Baradin Bay. Place of Birth:Assumingly Nagrand Known Relatives:No surviving relatives left to speak of. Religion/Philosophy:The Holy Light of Creation Occupation:Paladin of The Light, part time Engineer. Group/Guild affiliation:The Fabled Order Guild Rank:Adept Enemies:Orcs,Warlocks,Burning Legion,Naga. Likes:Teaching, Studying and Gaining Knowledge of The many races of Azeroth and their cultures. Favorite Foods:Enjoys all foods. Favorite Drinks:Purified Draenic Water. Favorite Colors:Blue and Yellow Weapons of Choice:Sword and Shield, preferes to defend his allies in battle. Dislikes:Warlocks,Demons. Hobbies: Has recently taken up the hobby of engineering commonly seen residing with the gnomes of Tinker Town, he is also a collector of bizarre ans strange critters ((Companions)). Physical Features:On his head his long green hair extending down to his shoulders are wrapped in a foxtail form, while he sports a small mustache and long tendrils extending out of the sides of his chin make up a stylish and modern look.On his body His glowing pale blue skin is brought out even more by his glowing blue eyes that seem to go on forever. Special Abilities:Has the ability to absorb knowledge from past battles becoming even more cunning with each battle. His strategy skills are rivaled only by Velen himself, whom of which he has a ever-lasting relationship with. Positive Personality Traits:Positive attitude allways, frequently forgiving, allways willing to learn something new. Negative Personality Traits:Has a tendancy to do thinks and think later. Problems with temptation. Theme Songs: History: After the crash of the great ship The Exodar, many draenei were scattered amongst the woods of Ammen Vale, among scarce amount of the surviving draenei, Àzul was one of those few. Waking up unconciously under the care of many priest, he found himself laying down in what seemed to be a small part of the ship. Many questions burst from him immeadiatley but he was silenced by one of the medics telling him all of the questions would be answered in due time. ...As the amnesia started to fade,so came back the memories of the tribulations of the past.Thoughts of rampage and revenge clouded his mind,he soon devoted himself to training and strengthening his skills for battle and lost touch with his Draenic culture. But there was one voice, one person that had been watching over him during his training, taking note of his skills. It was the Prophet Velen, responding to complaints from other local draenei for Àzuls unruly behavior, he decided to approach Àzul in the midst of his training. After calming the beast that rampaged within him, Velen proceeded in teaching Àzul the lessons of the past, Sageras' trickery, of the corruption of their man'ari bretheren, and the opening of the dark portal and destruction of draenor,everything. Then Àzul whohad come to his senses, recognized who the real enemy was,he remembered The Army of the Light. Àzul didnt waste time as he began training immeadiatly, but he was stopped short by Velen. Velen who had been monitoring his progress in his training even though it was in vain, it did represent his skills in combat, and velen was impresed.With Àzuls new change in heart, he decided to practice not in the ways of a warrior but to train in the ways of the light and practice in the ways the Naaru see fit. ((This is my first time rping,decided to keep the story short and sweet. I think ill explain his experiences on draenor more clearly in character journals.))
  4. Im looking for some good advice for an Rp Story for my Draenei Paladin Àzul, so far ive got barely enough to come up with a good biography. Help me TNG?
  5. Full Name: Issachar Athamans Nicknames: Issa, Issach Date of Birth: July 8 Age: 30 Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Black(graying) Skin: Slightly darker than white Eyes: Brown Height: 6' 0" Weight: 220 lbs Place of residence: Ironforge Place of Birth: Moonbrook Known Relatives: Tiraline (Wife) Religion/Philosophy: Holy Light/Theistic Occupation: Blacksmith, Leader of Dunamis Group/Guild affiliation: Dunamis Guild Rank: High Lord Enemies: Likes: Tiraline, the smell of Ironforge Favorite Foods: Charred Bear Kabobs Favorite Drinks: Water (made by Tir) Favorite Colors: Favorite colors are for girls Weapons of Choice: One-handed axe Dislikes: Compromise Hobbies: Fishing, liesure riding on my stormsaber Physical Features: Large frame, worn but no noticable scars Special Abilities: An accident allows me to communicate with my wife Tiraline by mere thought Positive Personality Traits: Integrity, honesty, vision for a better future Negative Personality Traits: Too serious sometimes, does not speak much, dry sense of humor History: Served during the third war and at Mt Hyjal (for more information see Tiraline's profile)