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Found 1 result

  1. Omy


    Basic Info Full Name: Unknown. She always introduces herself as simply 'Omy' (A spare few would know her real name) Nicknames: Again, Omy. In some very small circles she's known as 'The Silver Blade', though she doesn't advertise this. Age: early adulthood Gender: female Hair: silver, choppy. About shoulder length Eyes: silver, with a tinge of blue Height: little bit shorter than a normal Nightelf Weight: athletic Place of residence: The Tiller Compound outside of Stormwind, the wilds of Feralas Place of Birth: Feathermoon, Feralas Known Relatives: Mother, Lariren Moonfell (deceased); father, Rhebven Moonfell (deceased); brother, Fleuren Moonfell (deceased). Race: Nightelf Philosophy: "A thread will tie an honest man better than a chain a rogue." Things have changed a lot for this rogue in the last year. A lot. While she no longer sits on a single philosophy, she seems to have lost the loner mentality rogues are wont to carry. However, Omy believes in the 'power of stuff'..whether for the simple memories or the reminders, or some actual strength she draws from them, she is never seen without her few precious things. The goggles, now repaired from Sun Rock.... the tattered yellow ribbon around her neck.....and the red scrap of tabard she wears around her arm....each carry significant meaning to her. And each she would risk her life to keep. Occupation: Commander of the Dusk Watch. While Omy never, ever, ever thought of herself as the leadership type, due to various reasons and one, tragic death, Omy found herself at the head of the promising militia when no one else would. Her day to day worries are so utterly different from what she's always concentrated on that the woman finds it hard to wrap her head around them some days....but the people around her and the mission she now believes in seems to push her through. On the subject of battle leadership, this rogue has had little to no experience in leading others...but she seems to be learning quickly. Officially, Omy claimed to be a silent member of the Stormwind Assassins. But in reality she is known in shadowy circles as the Silver Blade, the Ravenholdt agent who betrayed and lead the family of Falconhurst to it's demise. A one time member of SI:7, Omy turned in her insignia about the time that Otton disappeared. Interestingly enough, Omy seems very keen on offering others the right and ability to turn over a new leaf and change...despite past acts of barbarism, injury or betrayal. From death knights, to Scarlets; Omy has given quite a questionable few the opportunity to prove their change of heart. She suffers no violence among her ranks though, and promises to remove internal dangers to her Watchmates herself if needed. Group/Guild affiliation: Old: Tyrnea Maldeth. Now: The Dusk Watch Guild Rank: Commander (Guild Leader) Enemies: Horde (but she especially dislikes hunters and orcs), members of the Syndicate, any incarnation of the Defias. Naga. Likes: A perfectly executed sneak attack, the middle seasons. Cats. Goggles. Favorite Foods: any kind of cheese Favorite Drinks: whatever's harsh drink is in her flask now-a-days, Mudder's Milk Favorite Colors: yellow Weapons of Choice: two daggers. Functional...with a bit of tinkering flair. Dislikes: Clams. Hobbies: darts, card games and other games of chance. cooking. Tinkering. Special Abilities: Omy has a very keen memory as long as she takes the time to properly cement such things, usually with a moment of undisturbed focus. Class: Rogue Personality: Not one to talk a lot about herself, Omy is much more interested in everyone else's lives and stories. Outwardly amenable and friendly, most people Omy meets are treated well but very few ever seem to crack through. For those few, Omy strives to be a true friend, a reliable and resilient ally, and for those she truly respects Omy would lay life and limb on the line to help. Not usually what you would expect from a rogue or a night elf, Omy's time living in Stormwind has really changed her speech and her manner in ways the short period of time does little to explain. Her Common is very relaxed, very fast and sounds very natural, while her native tongue by nature retains more of the care and crafted sound one would reserve for art...or tinkering. Her gnomish, on the other hand, could use some work. Daigil, her second in command, has been helping her perfect it. Appearance: Standing a bit shorter than most of her kin, this silver haired night elf wears a tattered yellow ribbon about her neck. She looks to be in her late twenties in human years and is still very young by elven standards. A pair of goggles sits perched on top of her head when not over her eyes, and around her waist hangs a belt of many pockets and bags of various sizes and materials. There's a strip of red cloth tied around her left arm, just above the crook of her elbow... What can only be described as chip is missing out of the tip of her right ear, and her hands -when not covered by gloves- are covered with the thick remains of old fire scars. Her left arm sports a deep, frost blue scar, right below the crook of her elbow. It slashes across and up, a wound caused by a large, very keen two handed blade, if one knew what to look for. The mark of a blade wielded by a seasoned Death Knight. Lately, dark circles have taken up residence under her eyes... History: Born Talindel Moonfell, little Talin began her life in the shadow of her older brother. A talented druid, Fleuren was kind to his little sister, deflecting most of their parent's pointed expectations. Still, when Talin was old enough she showed talent in the druidic arts, probably from her brother's unintentional tutelage, and followed after him anyway. While Fleuren excelled in balance and the more magical aspects of druidism, Talin found her niche in the feral arts. Shape changing and battle suited her nature better, she discovered. When the ancient druids were awoken to fight during the Third War, Talin and her brother joined them, though the young Talin had to convince and placate her way into the ranks. During her first encounter with the humans, Talin attempted to sneak up behind one of their soldiers, only to find a rogue's blade at her throat. Startled by the humbling and embarrassing situation, Talin kept a healthy respect for the human rogues all throughout the War. The specific rogue, an older man by the name of Ian Mathews, found her interest endearing and enthralled the young elf with many elaborate stories and tales of a mysterious group he claimed to belonged to, as well as practical dissertations on the 'Art of Roguery'. Sadly, Ian and Fleuren fell when Archimonde attacked the summit, her brother protecting his little sister from the brunt of the demonic army. Having little time for despair, Talin was forced to hold herself upright and continue on fighting. It was only after everything, after the destruction of the World Tree, that Talin was able to realize what she had lost. She retrieved her brother's body and followed him home to pay her final respects, but with Cenarius dead, her immortality gone, and the world suddenly a much bigger place, she no longer had the balance required to continue her druidic training. So strong was her hate and her desire for revenge that she abandoned her path and took it upon herself to advance her skills in the shadows of the world. However, while her fellow Nightelves didn't outwardly look down upon those with roguish skill, she found that her fellow rogues were not quite as numerable or even knowledgeable as she would hope...disheartened Talin remembered Ian's words and left for human territories with high hopes... It was here that Omy fell in with a human family in Stormwind by the name of Falconhurst, a rogue family who's own tale is missing from human history. Removed, by the other family they opposed; Ravenholdt. All that is known is found out from word of mouth and heavily bribed shadows, and even then you can't be certain about it's reliability. But what remains clear across every retelling is that Alec and his Falcons were betrayed by one of their own and hunted down by Ravenholdt after a long and mostly hidden feud. If you asked a high ranking agent of Ravenholdt, they would tell you that Falconhurst was the real mastermind behind the King's kidnapping, and that it was as a favor to the crown and SI:7 that their agents brought the family down. Omy herself speaks little of this family and her time among them...or about her rumored role in their downfall...but the goggles upon her head have never left her sight since this day. She vanished for a time, until spotted on the streets of Stormwind with a tattered yellow ribbon around her neck and a shadow in her face that hadn't been there before. Seeking work, she was recruited into Tyrnea Maldeth and spent many months honing her skills among the family she found there until their ranks thinned and Omy sought a different home. This time, she made one. Recent 'History': Along with Otton Tiller, Daigil Spysprocket, and Kasparov Taar'un, Omy founded a citizen's militia to defend the streets and homes that were constantly under attack by Horde. Disgusted by the blind eye many, better seasoned, heroes turned to their fellow Alliance Omy didn't know a thing about militias, but she knew something had to be done. The Dusk Watch wasn't sure what it was for the first few months, but it knew what it wasn't. Holding the rank of Spymaster, Omy gathered information and solidified new friendships..but the numbers of the Watch remained small. Not even a month into it's creation, Otton vanished into the frozen wastes of Northrend, and their leader, Kasparov, was killed. Forced into either leading or giving up Omy took on Kasparov's uncomfortable role as Commander and began to build the Watch into what it is today. Omy doesn't brag about what successes the Watch has had, knowing that they still have very far to go. However, she is confident (though oft surprised) of their swelling numbers and talented recruits and very steadfast in the necessity of their job.