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Found 4 results

  1. I am new to the server, very old to the ways of the Craft. I have been reborn as a Human priest, my previous incarnation being Ci, a Tauren Druid from Ravenholdt (RP-PvP). I have been trying to find a guild for the past week with absolutely no luck... I am looking for a guild that has a foundation, has had success in the Burning Crusade, intends to have even more success with WotLK, an RP guild would be a perk, but not required, and who desires a dedicated healer. Contact me in game as GnostÏc (the i is Alt + 0207), or in this thread.
  2. I'm in the process of starting a new guild on TN. This guild has a backstory, in which you can insert your character into if you would like. There will be weekly public RP events, an armored guard, raiding in the future, and strategic RP related PVP events. If you are interested in becoming a part of this endeavor, message me in game. I should also introduce myself. I just transferred here from another RPPVP realm. It's good to meet all of you. Whisper Eowynn in game.
  3. The Silverwing Sentinels want YOU to enlist! We all know the Sentinel Army: the all-female order of the Night Elf nation. Within this mighty army are divisions, separations within the organization which service major cities and locations. One such division, the Silverwing Sentinels, protects the forest of Ashenvale and battles with the horde army, along side other members of the Alliance, for dominance of Warsong Gulch. Some guild information and FAQ: How many memebrs do you have? Nearly 40. Are you an RP guild, if so how serious? We are a RP guild, and we are pretty serious. Guild chat is still undetermined in terms of IC or OOC, but we have nightly RP sessions (face to face) where members are split up in different groups each time and allowed alone time to rp. What are your goals? Right now leveling. We're mostly from Darknest, and as of about 1 1/2 weeks ago we created characters. I personally hate leveling, so I'm slow (only level 34) but we do more RPing than we do grinding levels, so at least it's keeping our attention. We have characters ranging from level 4 up to 40, with a couple 70s (transfer). I understand that people want something more than just RP, that's why we've based ourselves around an in-game group. We have a purpose, the eradication of the horde from Ashenvale, the dominance of Warsong Gulch, and when we can the assistance of our alliance friends in other battlegrounds. PvP is an end-game focus of ours, however I do really hope we can toy with end game PVE dungeons as well. Community, PVP, PVE. Do I have to PVP? No, you don't. That's simply a core of our existence IC. If your character isn't very "aggressive" then we have supply jobs available. You said all-female. Does this mean I can't make a guy character? You can make a guy character, however the Sentinels rarely accept males. In fact in terms of lore, I don't think there is one male in the military of the Night Elves, however we don't see everything, so I'm inclined to believe that males are allowed to serve non-combative roles. We do have a couple (literally, 2) males and they are both filling administrative roles. I would encourage you to make a female if you can handle it. The Sentinels are the Night Elf army, but you accept Non Night Elves? Yes we do. Please look at our wiki entry. The highest rank that a Night Elf may achieve IS Sentinel. The highest rank a non-Night Elf may achieve is "warrior". The title of Sentinel is for female Night Elves only. We try to stick to lore as best as possible. Any more information I should know? We have a website coming soon (sites ready, I just need to finish making it. We have guild uniforms which are provided for you, you must go through an enlistment RP in order to be considered a recruit, and we have a RP home, the Silverwing Outpost (you know the place with the level 20 sentinels in Ashenvale?) We have daily (almost always) RP training sessions which, in time, earn you promotions. We have contests going on, right now its "YOU design it!" for our tabard, the winner gets 50 gold. We are centered on good old fashioned PG-13 RPing, HOWEVER *cough* there are some eRP elements in the guild which never happen in public, always privately, so it thats something youre interested in talk to me. If that's something you want to stay away from, no worries, all types of RP which is considered "mature" are kept from guild chat. Phew. Anything else? Oh yes, we are currently looking for Alliance AND Horde guilds to do RP events with. Perhaps a horde character wishes to be captured and interrogated, or the alliance guild wishes to assist us. Lastly, please do not come over, make a character, play for an hour and then never come back. I've got some people that I'm trying to track down in Darknest who did that and they're on the verge of being kicked out. We want an active, friendly RP community - Im sure you all can understand that no guild leader likes to see level 4s being away for 7 days.
  4. Hello, I am Arconis. I just started playing a few weeks back with a few buddies of mine. We all love to roleplay and help each other out. We have been looking for a fun-loving RP guild for some time now, but couldnt find one. So we took the search to the forums and came to this one. We have research many options and choices, but in the end want the experienced players of Twisted Nethers input. Since every time we try to ask in the world we get slapped for RPing, ill bring it here instead, lol. All me and my buddies are really looking for is a Roleplaying guild with a lot of great and fun-loving members. All of us are in the 20 year old range, and are fairly nice people. We all obviously just started so we are not that high in level. We a very guildless, and want to be apart of one so we can share our roleplay with the fellow rpers of twisted nether, while lvling up to reach our goals with them. Hope to roleplay with you soon! Arconis Lv. 15 Warrior Undead Horde