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Found 3 results

  1. Full Name: Meekwood Nicknames: "Dark" Date of Birth: Does not know. Age: ^see above Race: Human undead (Forsaken) Gender: Male Hair: A greasy dark color that looks kinda purple Skin: A tint of green Eyes: Glowing yellow Height: 5'9" Weight: 115lbs Place of residence: Same as Mister Meekwood Place of Birth: Doesn't remember Known Relatives: ^ Religion/Philosophy: "You kiddin'!? I ain't no Light-Flinger!" Occupation: dej Dynastus' spy. Group/Guild affiliation: dej Dynastus, de Khatz Sabobah Guild Rank: Spy. Enemies:Alliance, Necromancers, Death Knights who recklessly use ghouls, The Scarlet Crusade. Likes: Stabbing (anything in general), mischief, Helgaka's shenanigans, insulting people, ease-dropping. Favorite Foods: Flesh, draenei in particular for some reason. Favorite Drinks: Any kind of booze with a kick. Favorite Colors: Black, white, and red Weapons of Choice: Daggers and anything else sharp, insults. Dislikes: Not stabbing people, cute things, the color pink, his other side. Hobbies: Kicking small woodland or domestic critters, taunting people, arena fights. Physical: Mostly the same as his counterpart, however he mostly wears combat leathers and wears a cover scent that nutralizes the rotting smell. Positive Personality Traits: Loyal to the few allies he has. Negative Personality Traits: Kills and stabs things at any chance he gets. Hes not as reliable as his other side. Swears alot. I mean ALOT. His mood is like quicksilver, often abandoning people mid-conversation because of boredom. Unlike his other side, he knows nothing about engineering which often leads to him breaking his other sides' inventions. Misc. Quirks: Becomes Mister Meekwood when he puts on his monocle. Played by What Famous Person: Not sure, same as Mister Meewood. Theme Songs: Brief history: Pretty much the same as Light. Currently, he's happy with his new arrangement with de Khatz Sabobah since Lysimachus needs people stabbed from time to time.
  2. "Your a dipshit, Light." Meekwood sat in his prison cell deep in the bowels of the Undercity, alone. Well, not exactly alone. "Be quiet Dark. You have been insulting me since our incarceration. That was MONTHS ago." he said to himself, arguing with his other personality. "Well think of something! Your the brains here!" "Well I hear not any bright ideas from you either. I would wager you would be able to bust us out, being a former Deathstalker and all." Their argument was interrupted by a Kor'kron guard. "Hey. Crazy corpse." Meekwood sneered back at the orc, adjusting his monocle. The guards had been calling him that for weeks now. "Crazy Corpse". The orc smiled back "Your trial has been moved forward to tomorrow. Can't wait to watch you get torn apart, traitor." Meekwood tries to hide his anxiety over this bad news and calmly replies "I look forward to it, good sir. Thank you for the visit." The guard snorts and takes his leave with a smile. "This is bad." "I know it's bad." "No one will help us now. Netharius has vanished. We have no way to contact Quel'Ivan in this cell, and most importantly you can't 'rogue' us out of this one!" Meekwood removed his monocle and looked around his cell. "THIS is why your a dipshit, Light! We're in a high security cell right now. We have nothing to use to pick any locks." This was very true. The cell they were in was surrounded by hard stone and earth, while the other wall was barred with titansteel, including the door and its lock. All Meekwood had was the clothes on his back; a tuxedo, which was in horrible condition from the dirty prison floor. "So, what do you propose we do, smartass?" Meekwood put his monocle back on and said to himself "We'll not much we can do. We must hope we can make a convincing argument that my research was for the betterment of the Forsaken and not dismantle the Forsaken, or the Horde for that matter. We would have had a chance if Master Bloodbreeze was here." Meekwood paces back and fourth, pondering about the situation until finally he sat down in the far corner of the cell, defeated. "This is the end, Dark. In spite our differences, it's been an honor having you as the other personality that shares my insanity." "Yea. It's been a f****ing blast. I mean that." Meekwood leaned back and tried to relax, accepting his seemingly inevitable fate. "I still think your a dipshit though."
  3. ((Quick warning. This is the journal kept by Meekwood's other personality, the one that is dominant when he removes his monocle. The rest of Esoterikos and myself call this side "Dark Meekwood". Having said that, his journal entries are very graphic, violent, and contain harsh language. That being said...)) *************WARNING: Harsh Language*************** ************WARNING: Graphic Violence***************** ((Also to note, as I do with all other IC posts, I distinguish which side of Meekwood that's talking based on the color. This is "Light" Meekwood This is "Dark" Meekwood So, in case your wondering why all the posts are red, well, that's why.))