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Found 12 results

  1. Desperately seeking casual role-play encounters, without the commitment of a storyline? This is the thread for you. Here is the template: [b]Character:[/b] [url=link to bio here if available]Character Name[/url] [b]I am a:[/b] [b]Seeking:[/b] [b]More about me:[/b] [b]Misc. notes:[/b] [b]Contact me through:[/b] And an example: Note the structure. The intent is to give the most basic information first, for optimum browsing. Much like the real world, race and class play a factor in who is willing to associate with who. Feel free to play around with the template if it doesn't work for you. This thread is an experiment, since many have come to the forum to find encounters as opposed to storylines, and I would rather have them all in one place. Remember that if someone posts their preferred method of contact, that means they want you to initiate the contact, not reply in this thread with, "This sounds interesting. You should PM me."
  2. I am in the process of making my own RP guild. I want it to be a raiding guild, seeing as I do not see many guilds that both raid and role play. I am wondering if anyone is actually interested. I want to start out doing just 10 mans for the moment, and possibly build up to 25 mans. I have tier 7.5 gear, and have done 6/14 in Ulduar. Right now I am just trying to get some numbers to see who is interested. Message Celustra (me) in game or mail me if interested, Thanks.
  3. YES! The shaman needs a shaman! And I need one for the wedding tomorow night at 9pm! Any who have one and are willing to take a bit of a part in the ceremonies I would love you forever! If its an alt, perhaps just use them for the ceremony then hop onto your main? I dunno but I cant seem to find any shamans that r/p other then myself! D: HALP!
  4. We're discussing right now starting a major storyline for Sanctuary, because god knows shaking things up every once in a while can be fun. We don't want to confine it to our own guild however, because we enjoy existing a part of a larger community. I'm not going to divulge details right now, partially because nothing's finalized yet, and partially because we want a surprise. However, there should be plenty of motivation to get involved if you want to; Horde or Alliance, friendly to Sanctuary or want them dead. So anyone who wants to participate is welcome to. Right now, what I'm asking for is for those potentially interested to PM me and let me know. If you're a guild leader, just tell me your entire guild is willing to participate and I'll note as much. Once we're set up and ready to go, I'll contact you to explain what your role can be. SANCTUARY MEMBERS: You don't need to PM me. I'll be explaining this at our meeting tonight, and you can choose if you want to participate then. If you can't make the meeting, just ask me whenever I'm on and I can explain things.
  5. Maybe old news --not sure -- but is there interest in forming a DK RP network? Not trying to form a guild of DKs, but maybe form a DK only faction of players/toons of like mind who will gather and roleplay on a weekly to bi weekly basis. Maybe have a DK chatroom. My own thoughts on its focus. The DKs involved would still be serving the scourge and Arthas in his plan to destroy all life. This idea can be taken in a different direction if interest shifts the paradigm. Is there any interest? Has it been tried before? Feedback and comments encouraged and welcomed. Thank you.
  6. Yes, I know there is a guild recruitment thread, but its' not really a guild yet. Yes there is a guild set up, but currently it is only two of my alliance side characters put in a guild all by themselves with a tabard. So here it goes, The Scarlet Templar are a branch of the Crusade that serve under the Bishop Auverus (or unless someone wants to bring forward a high level priest and take this job, I would be very welcome to that). The order is very zealotrous, even by the Crusade's standards. They demand that a crusade be taken upon Lordaeron, one that will cleanse all that oppose them from it. They are highly opposed to Death Knights, undead, and all who sympathize with them. This will be a scarlet guild, so humans only.
  7. Yo. So, I was thinking about RPing on someone elses post with Urr'Kel (Faynt's, no one else has replied to her thread yet), but so far any RP thread I reply to seems to mysteriously die. So, I'm just curious, before I go and post on someone elses thread, what is your feelings about DK's (my DK in general, links to his stories and stuff below) role playing before WotLK hits shelves? I feel its a very good way to develop character before you play, and gets the RP ideas flowing. So...thoughts?
  8. I am in need of a Horde character who can play a part in a small event this Sunday, October 26th. Preferably Undead who has a "holy, regal" type robe outfit and who wouldn't be bothered by taking part in something "dastardly." Alts are fine. This will be a funeral ceremony, but there's a bit more to it. PMs are preferred.
  9. Just like it says--I've been brewing this story idea for a looooong time but never had a chance to really enact it. Some lore arriving in the expansion will help flesh it out some, but I need a night elf to play against to make it worth while.
  10. Going to give this a try instead of just forming a random NPC. It might make for some interesting RP down the road linking storylines together. Character: Character name: Anaansuun Description: Supposedly a liason to Arthas he's never actually had direct contact with the Lich King, leading to a suspicion that someone is using him for their own personal motives. Looking for: Rather then to create a random NPC I thought it might be fun to connect someone else's Death Knight with my own. I'm looking for anyone who is interested in having their Death Knight recruit a somewhat sociopathic Draenei who ended up in Northrend two years ago. Restrictions:The basic RP restrictions, but I would prefer someone who is a little devious and needed a, well let's face it....spy for the alliance territory. Maybe they're trying to get in good with Arthas by gathering information or just doing something completely underhanded. Level of RP desired:Only really looking for a tie in to link RPs. It would be more like an aquintance and could generate interesting plots by the tie in. Misc. notes:Though it would probably be easier to have alliance for this but I wouldn't mind horde either. Contact:Just PM me if you are interested.
  11. Organization: Bess'tarice Boarding House Faction: Horde Description/History: We are a interesting group of individuals under the family banner of a small clan of Trolls. On the outside we come off as a clean quiet group. On the inside there are some interesting secrets. Looking for: We are looking to establish connections with in the Horde and are open to connections alliance side. Our favored hobbies include smuggling. Restrictions: Talk to us oocly before starting something please. We understand that there is a time and a place for serious story lines and RP with real consequences. On the other hand we the players do this for fun and are more then willing to toss in odd hijinx to mix it up and give things a funny twist. Level of RP desired: I'm going to say moderate rp for now. We are open to talking about other forms with in reason. Misc. notes: We are working out our history and goals right now since we are pretty new as a guild. Our players do have RP experience under their belts or are willing to learn. We also have at least a couple of active writers here on the boards. Contact: Amoola via the TNG.
  12. Organization: The Raven Cross Faction: Horde Description/History: A group of Horde with no specific ties to any Horde government. They are not much liked by the rest of the Horde for their moral ambiguity. They see the necessity in both fighting and being diplomatic with other Horde and Alliance alike. Looking for: Enemies and Allies within both the Horde and Alliance to plan and RP out events with on the TNG and in game. Real consequences to RP. Established characters: Too many to list in this post. Restrictions: Know the difference between IC and OOC. We are not afraid of conflict or consequence ICly and are looking for other characters or guilds that know the difference too, to discuss storylines and events in as friends OOCly. Level of RP desired: High. The Raven Cross has a very dark, mysterious past, and it would not be unusual for once covered up events to come to surface only now, so common backgrounds are possible. We want players as unafraid of consequences for their characters as we are. Misc. notes: The Raven Cross hosts its own Guild Lore events and so its "history" is constantly evolving. We will attempt to keep this history up to date here. There are possibilities, as Horde or Alliance, to be a large part of these events and the history of the Raven Cross. Contact: Diomades or Yatokth via the TNG.