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Found 6 results

  1. As of April 4th, 2011 at 10:35 pm - THE DRAGONHAWK BRIGADE is now [Realm First! Guild Level 25!] Brigade For Hire! Attention RPers of Twisting Nether! Do you find yourself with a job too big for one person, or even one guild? Does your storyline need a participant on the outside? Then look no further than The Dragonhawk Brigade! Acting as mercenaries for both the Horde and Alliance, DHB will take on just about any IC job brought to their attention for a small fee! And here's the best part, we don't actually charge any gold OOCly! Nope! The Dragonhawk Brigade simply enjoys roleplaying with others and their guilds every chance we get! So if you find yourself in the need of our services, don't hesitate to contact us! Whisper Masqueraide or Clink in-game or send me a PM over TNG with your requests. To some, the World's average mysteries are just not enough. The D.R.A.G.O.N.H.A.W.K. Brigade, (Defeating boredom with Random Acts of fun and Getting rich by Offering our Notorious skills to both Horde and Alliance, and to explore the World's best Kept secrets Brigade), is a collection of adventure-seeking misfits who intend on making the world a more interesting place to live in. *Masquerade grins, placing her hands on her hips.* "Listen up, because this is important! If I see that you can't pay attention, there will be a penalty! And believe you me, you do not want what I have in mind. The Dragonhawk Brigade is the most elite, the most excitin', and the BEST Brigade in all of Azeroth! Any objections? No, I didn't think so. Anyways, our goal is this. TO HAVE FUN! That's right, we're constantly on the search for the most entertaining and most interesting things in life! So if you're interestin' too, come join us! I'm always lookin' for more Agents! Oh! And we also work for gold! Explorin', retrievin', defendin', investigatin' name it, the Dragonhawk Brigade does it! Just pay one small fee! An' it don't matter if you're Horde or Alliance. Gold is gold, am I right? Of course I am! There is nothing Brigade Chief Masquerade and the Dragonhawk Brigade cannot do!" *Laughter* F.A.Q. How large/active is the guild? We currently have 300+ guild members. However many guild members have a good number of alts in the guild, and of the remainder about a third are truly active. On average there are 20 people online at a time, less in the mornings and more in the evenings. How far into Guild Levels and Achievements is the Guild? The Dragonhawk Brigade is a Level 25 Guild! Not only that, but we are proud to claim the achievement: [Realm First! Guild Level 25] as our own! We have all the available perks, heirloom gear, bank tabs, mounts, and other awesome items available to guild members! Is RP required? Is OOC allowed in guildchat, or do you have a separate channel for that? Roleplay is not required, but knowledge of it is. All members are expected to know the definitions of IC and OOC and must differentiate between them. We are a Casual RP guild, with emphasis on Face-to-Face RP and less roleplay over a chat channel. The Dragonhawk Brigade is your "little bit of everything" guild, with much PvE Raiding, occasional PvP, and leveling. Guild chat is 0oC, and we have a separate channel for RP. The RP channel is used as a form of communication over engineered devices. Do you have a guild website? What is the back story for the guild? Our full name is simply: (D)efeating boredom with ®andom (A)cts of fun and (G)etting rich by (O)ffering our (N)otorious skills to the (H)orde and (A)lliance, and exploring the (W)orld's best (K)ept secrets...Brigade! D.R.A.G.O.N.H.A.W.K. Brigade, for short. Our goal is to become the most well-known, revered, and wealthiest association in all of Azeroth! Under Masquerade's leadership, the Brigade is constantly searching for new ways to have fun, make money, and boast their successes. Always a sucker for a good mystery, they also spend their time investigating the lesser-known secrets of the World. And how does a Brigade fund these excursions you ask? Well, the DHB is known for its collection of highly skilled agents in all manners of services. For a small gold fee, they will take on most any task from the Horde, and even the Alliance. What are the requirements to join? You must have a name that works in roleplay and be at least level 10. Other than that, anyone can join. We also expect all members to read the Guild Rules and the information in our Guild Info pane upon joining. What would you say is the average level of the guild? There is an about equal spread of low levels, but the majority rests in the level 80-85 range. How would you classify the guild in RP terms? We are quirky and lively, as Brigade members seek to have an exciting and enjoyable roleplaying experience. On average we have 4 guild events per week, ranging from games and competitions to serious storyline events, as well as pre-Cataclysm raids, instance runs, and World PvP. Our RP style is lighthearted, fun, and creative. We are a neutral aligned guild, but base ourselves within the Horde. TO JOIN: NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS! Apply at If you have any questions please contact Masquerade or Clink in game.
  2. Peace Through Annihilation - The Grim Mandate Deathwing has returned, sowing chaos and disorder on everything beneath his shadow. The lands have changed, oceans have swelled, and new enemies have crawled their way up from the tales of the old world. While the armies of the Horde recoup from its losses in the Northrend campaign, The Grim are called again by their new Warchief to handle these new threats in ways others dare not. With this call, The Grim seek new individuals of like mind to aid in combating these threats against the Horde and its prosperity. Who are The Grim? The Grim are the oldest active role-playing guild on the Twisting Nether server. Since it's founding on September 16th, 2005, The Grim have been the leading example of a full immersion ("Heavy RP") role-playing guild, keeping high standards in writing excellence and game-play. While not the only role-playing guild on Twisting Nether; The Grim is unique in that its membership is made up of role-players who seek character development through game play. While we hold many well-received writers and storytellers among our ranks, we are not a guild who sit around in-game all day and express their feelings through emotes. We are a guild of action, made up of people who enjoy World of Warcraft for what it is: an MMORPG. Why Join The Grim? Joining The Grim allows you to play with fellow role-players who want to do more than stand in Silvermoon City and enjoy the sunshine. Since this server's creation, The Grim has been well known for its success and active involvement in the PvE and PvP scene. If you are looking for an active roleplaying guild that wants to play the game, we will have what you are looking for. What If I'm Interested In Raiding? If you are a role-player who enjoys the PvE environment, you will find a competent group with The Grim. While not a cutting-edge raiding guild; The Grim has performed far beyond what most would expect from a "bunch of RPers." While most guilds with raiding teams require a certain level of player competency, The Grim understand that many role-players have not had an opportunity to be involved with a dedicated raiding team. Because of this, we do not frown upon inexperience and seek to make all members with the interest and desire to raid to be the best that they can be. While we do not hold your hand, resources are made available and members who are considered experts at specific classes and roles are always available for questioning. Guild leadership also takes an active role at player improvement. We are not in the business of turning down applications based on raid slots. However, if you are applying strictly to raid with The Grim, understand raid positions are filling up and we keep everyone, new member and old, to a very high standard. For current raiding information, this link provides it. If you are scared of links, just scroll down - the raid post is #4 on this thread. What If I'm Interested In PvP? If you are a role-player who enjoys PvP, you will find The Grim to field a very healthy environment that has a rich history; with a well established credibility and respect by and for the opposition (The Alliance). The Grim currently host a Rated Battleground team that runs every Wednesday and Sunday. We are rated in the top 10 of the server. Concerning arenas, we have numerous teams at all levels of play and many members who are just waiting for the right class combination to begin new teams. While arenas have never been our focus, we have enough membership willing and able, just waiting for the right person with the motivation to take them to the top! With world PvP, The Grim are the first guild in Cataclysm to defeat Tyrande Whisperwind, The Dwarven Council, and Prophet Velen (patch 4.0.6). Some past accomplishments involving The Grim are well known by the role-playing community; and many could, arguably, be known as precursor's to many guild and faction rivalry's that still exist in the community today. Prior to the Burning Crusade; our King of Rats storyline is still considered by many to be the best cross-faction event of this server. Our participation in Operation: Long Rifle was well received, as were our many assaults against Alliance cities and towns. During the Burning Crusade, we were the second group to kill Bolvar Fordragon before his removal from Stormwind; though arguably the first recognized kill during prime-time hours. Near the end of Burning Crusade and entering into Wrath of the Lich King, Cristok's Challenge, a duel-based event for gold and prizes, was well received, running two seasons that spanned about a year. Where Can I Find More Information About The Grim? Our primary source of information can be found at our website. Currently we're handling some administrative and format changes, but the links work and the news items are kept up-to-date. The Grim Armory Page The Grim GuildOx PageThe Grim GuildProgress Page Concerning contacts; Abric can be contacted on the Gazette. In-game; you can speak with Qarosimae, Bloodscream, Greebo, Ryanica, Malebrignon, or Thalevia. If you have questions that can be fielded in-character (IC), you'll find some to be far more receptive to that than any out of character (OOC) interaction.
  3. Warchief, I present this required report pertaining to the status of our assault against the Alliance strongholds of Ironforge and Exodar. While I have not forgotten your instruction or desire for a visual telling of information, my presence is required in the Eastern Kingdoms to confirm the information asked at our last meeting. The third week of this month, The Grim entered the Exodar as previously planned. While the city's honor guard and defenses were on alert, there was minimal presence of any adventurer or mercenary group. Despite his own ability to foretell the future, the Prophet was defeated, though the retrieval of his corpse was unsuccessful. Informants inside the city report he still lives, but I presume he will be unable to physically leave the Exodar until his wounds fully heal. In addition to the Exodar assault, the mountain fortress of Ironforge was breached. While the original intent was information collection, the city population seems to have been greatly affected by the Cataclysm. We were able to move through the different districts with little resistance, so the decision was to focus our forces near their Great Forge and royal quarters. While confirmation of the presence of the Wildhammer and Dark Iron may have already been made, our assault found us within their throne room where we defeated the representatives of the three clans. Like the Prophet, we were unable to acquire the bodies of their leaders; though none of our own were left for any semblance of justice. In contrast to Exodar, we met fierce resistance from the Alliance mercenaries and adventurers. They were unable to stop our assault, but their presence did keep us from burning Ironforge from within - the city and its leaders still stand, but we have collected enough information for further assaults which should reach you in separate correspondence. While we have shown the Alliance can be attacked and defeated, such feints and skirmishes will do little to resolve the insult of their existence. With the full force of the Horde, we could end this in a matter of weeks… so I ask again the support of the Horde armies. While such a request will not change our plans for Stormwind, with military aid we could take the city and do what we will with it. I await your response. ~A.P. The Enforcer
  4. Mithdhel


    Full Name: Lisette Nicknames: Date of Un-Birth: The first day of Winter season. Age: Four of Undeath and eighteen living... Twenty-two. Race: Forsaken, undead human Gender: Female Hair: Wilted auburn, kept short and pulled back into bows. Skin: Bloodless white, the spectral lines of her veins can still be seen beneath the skin, pumping shadow magic and whatever else still remains. Eyes: Hollow remnants of faded innocence that now burn with the magic that fuel all forsaken. Height: 5'3 Weight: 115 lbs Place of residence: A small apartment in Undercity Place of Birth:- Known Relatives:- Religion/Philosophy: Too feeble minded to hold onto a specific belief for any long period time. When wandering through memories, she will sometimes make reference to the light. Occupation: Psilus' assistant. Group/Guild affiliation:- Guild Rank:- Enemies: When she is confused, orcs are often her biggest fear. The more time she spends traveling with Psilus though, she learns to hate what used to seem safe. Likes: Butterflies (bats), Hukky Fin (Void Walker), Flowers, tea parties, beetles, pretty dresses and children's stories Favorite Foods: Biscuits, hard candy, ears, jam, rat kabobs, candied eye balls, and ladies wearing large, fine hats Favorite Drinks: honey and tea Favorite Colors: Apathetic towards colors. Weapons of Choice: Curses and shadow magic Dislikes: Loud, vulgar and otherwise angry individuals, music lessons and being told to stand up straight Hobbies: "Gardening", hosting tea parties and attending them Physical Features:Willowy and sullen, she has a thin frame and often unresponsive expression. Dark makeup is painted over her lips and eye brows, while a soft pink shades her eyelids and cheeks. Subtle signs of undeath cover her shadowed corpse. Below her eyes, hollow circles give her a sleepless countenance and a mournful smile. Her right ring finger is partially exposed bone and up her arm, patches of skin are missing. The left arm is complete and is often the one she favors, typically saving shadow weaving for the right. Special Abilities: Curses, demon attraction and a naturally affinity with shadow magic Positive Personality Traits: Innocent in mind and polite Negative Personality Traits:Cannibal, enjoys cursing people and animals, fickle Misc. Quirks: Will often confuse reality with the past, believes her void walker is the kitten she found in her mother's garden when she was a child, often "gardens" in the woods, has a childlike perspective of her surroundings Played by What Famous Person: Maggie Gyllenhaal Theme Songs: "Once Upon a December"- Anastasia, Disney History: Eyes lit by shadow magic watched their owner in the mirror, eying the stringy remnants of red hair that now clung to a pallid face. A bony hand lifted to sweep a strand from view, but stopped over passionless lips. They moved, but the ears belonging to them did not recognize the voice coming from within. “Is that how we are maintained, master?” “No, it is clearly another magic all together.” Amused by his newly acquired pupil, Psilus decided to draw the young forsaken miss from her own reflection and begin his lesson. “Shadow,” the silken word cut the musty air between them as he took his place behind her. With his hand he combed the back of her head and brushed the forgotten hair behind her ear. In a cold breath he whispered, “You will learn to wield it, as I have.” - Three years ago
  5. Notice: Da Shatterspear Tribe is recruitin' all da Trolls who are up for da fight against da alliance! We currently have tree allies Da horde Da Amani Trolls and Da Steamwheedle Cartel. Our village resides in da hills of Darkshore. Very secluded very safe! We are a small tribe and we need ya to join and help us grow strong! For da Horde! Signed, Commanda Xunjin of Da Shatterspear Tribe (( We are a new guild only containing four members as I post this contact one of the following names in game Blooddrunk my rogue or Xunjin, for an interview we have our own personal secret city in Darkshore that has horde flagged mobs and it is our village...Whisper me in game if you want to know anything else! ))
  6. <Thought> is a brand new social/rp guild. We're looking for friendly people who are prone to intellectual discourse. Due to the no-holds-bared attitude towards censorship that is our mainstay, this guild is 21 and over. The goal if the guild is to, one day, have a community wherein someone could sign on at nearly any time of the day and be greeted with genuine words instead of silence. I want this guild to be a haven for the intellectual who dares to delve in what is seen as politically incorrect. In WoW terms, I would also like for us to be able to raid, pvp, and conduct rp events but that, of course, needs good people. To put a vision into your mind, this guild would be akin to many older people of knowledge from all walks of life sitting in a regal tavern at the crack of dawn. Their tankards and food are ignored as they pore over books and voiciferously respond to whatever debate they are talking about. Other people may come and go and they are waved into the fray as these men of knowledge care not of stature, only that a new idea is brought to the table. For more information, send a tell or mail to Erwin or post a reply here.