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Found 2 results

  1. As those who RP with me should know, I'm not a huge lore fan. Not from the fact that I dislike it, I just haven't really put the effort in to find the books and read them. Thus, my RP usually falls short of Lore, and I find myself creating histories for my chars that don't really seem to correspond to anything notable in Lore. My main, Zorael...was built with just the BASICS of Lore known...over the months of playing I've tweaked his backstory to what I want it to be...and just recently, I've added something that as of yet is not integral...but it will soon become so. My point is, I need to know how far-fetched and ridiculous this seems. My plan, is that Zorael's mother is the offspring of a Dragon and Quel'dorei. ((Yes, Izrail, I noticed your post about half-dragons, hence my question)). The fact of the matter is, since I don't read Lore, I need someone to know if it has stated anywhere that it DOES NOT exist. No, his mother was not a scale covered humanoid, by any means necessary. She couldn't breathe fire, or fly, nor did she have super-elven(?) strength. If she could, Zorael wouldn't have been born((if curious, see Just a Taste thread in Non-TN)). However, I noticed that dragons can change form. And yes, I can see how in Dragon culture, or whatever they have, it would be an abomination and a blasphemy to mate with anything other than a dragon. At the same time, are not some dragon's ((as well as usual beings)) clairvoyant? To some extent. ** As for what this gives Zorael...nothing more than a trump card to use if Rp starts heading in a bad way. ((PM if you want to know what I mean...)). There's just some places that I can't go...but I want to keep it RP. Also, it gives him a unique look, and explains a few things about his appearance and actions. So, post back, and try to keep the WTFNOOBTARD comments to a minimum. I need constructive material so I can decide if I want to go ahead and start brainstorming to fill in the gaps of this, or toss the idea completely. ** I'd like to insert here that the clairvoyance reference is a brainstorm to help explain why a Dragon would commit such a social suicide/taboo. It does have relevance =P
  2. Whoa, wait a minute. Did some folks just say that cyber sex is a higher form of writing? I thought I just read that. Did I read that? I'm curious about that line of thought. My ability to describe my penis in three different ways puts me on a higher pedestal than your normal writer? Is that above or below Stephen King?