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Found 3 results

  1. So, I found this. This is an addon which apparently allows players on the same side to set up a number of player-made factions, which will display to all people using the mod. Players can flag themselves as members of a faction, and can gain or lose reputation with that and other factions. I believe there is also a functionality to allow gaining reputation with one faction to lower or gain reputation with another linked faction. Alliance and Horde will not be able to see player-made factions on the other side. I haven't tested out the mod itself, but comments on the webpage are from 2009, so even though it was last updated four months ago, the mod still seems to be functional. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– This is a brilliant idea. The possibilities are huge for this, and I'm glad it exists because it can be used for an rp project I may be getting on board for. It also has the capacity to be nearly useless or very confusing if there isn't a coordinated, synchronized effort to utilize this, and agreement on the limitations and factions to be created. I also know I'm not the one who should be setting this up. A major note is that apparently you set up "projects" for people to join, which have the factions listed with them. There can be more than one, but depending on how it works, there should be one "consensus" project per side. Any projects started up independently should eventually be incorporated into the consensus once everyone agrees that the side-factions are important enough to be mainstream, so to speak.
  2. What do RP guilds around here think of the idea of sending an ambassador of their guild to size up or attempt to recruit new role-play characters? For example, if someone makes an introduction on the TNG or on the realm forum and identifies themselves as a role-player, the established guilds actively seek out contact with the new person, ICly, in-game. Trainers and quest-givers frequently expect player characters and know them by reputation, so the explanation for the knowledge of a new player on the field could be that participating guilds' intelligence networks were notified of a promising new face. Additionally, or alternatively, a monthly Guild Fair event for each faction could be held, much like job fairs in the real world. I'm less certain of how that could be implemented, but it has the potential for a lot of fun and RP promotion. Currently guild recruitment is passive. This could be a way of not only making guild expansion a more active process, but could help new role-players (or their secret alts) establish a network of contacts early on, thus easing that awkward stage most RPers encounter when they try to interject themselves into the lore of a new server. Suggestions, feedback, and criticism encouraged.
  3. Greetings, I am trying to start a RP guild with a a slight military lean. It is called the Azeroth Free Companies. Sorry it's Alliance only. Send a letter to Jocobi in Stormwind for membership. Horde, keep an eye out for an answer to this guild.