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Found 3 results

  1. So, I found this. This is an addon which apparently allows players on the same side to set up a number of player-made factions, which will display to all people using the mod. Players can flag themselves as members of a faction, and can gain or lose reputation with that and other factions. I believe there is also a functionality to allow gaining reputation with one faction to lower or gain reputation with another linked faction. Alliance and Horde will not be able to see player-made factions on the other side. I
  2. What do RP guilds around here think of the idea of sending an ambassador of their guild to size up or attempt to recruit new role-play characters? For example, if someone makes an introduction on the TNG or on the realm forum and identifies themselves as a role-player, the established guilds actively seek out contact with the new person, ICly, in-game. Trainers and quest-givers frequently expect player characters and know them by reputation, so the explanation for the knowledge of a new player on the field could be that participating guilds' intelligence networks were notified of a promising n
  3. Greetings, I am trying to start a RP guild with a a slight military lean. It is called the Azeroth Free Companies. Sorry it's Alliance only. Send a letter to Jocobi in Stormwind for membership. Horde, keep an eye out for an answer to this guild.