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Found 3 results

  1. Oh, man! That was ALMOST as AWESOME as the time I HELPED KILL THE LICH KING! Yeah! What?? You haven't heard about that!? Okay! So, anyways, so there I was, doing my own thing, helping out in Icecrown, (I'm a really helpful person you should totally come to me whenever you need help), and then OUT OF THE BLUE comes Mister TIRION FORDRING! And I was like 'OH MY LIGHTS IT'S MISTER TIRION FORDRING SIR!' and he was all like 'Waddli! We need a hero. Not just the Argent Crusade, but ALL OF AZEROTH', and I was all like, 'Gosh, Mister Fordring, Sir! I'll do what I can! I'm a
  2. Full Name: Malahia Sparkbang Smoldergear. *stands a bit taller* Nicknames: Mostly, I'm just called Mala. Date of Birth: Ohh, some time ago. Age: Guess! *giggles* Race: Obviously I'm a Gnome, silly! Where have you been? Gender: I'm female. *wink* Hair: Black. It's a bit sooty right now. You kind'a caught me at a bad time. But that's ok! *smiles* Skin: Err... kind'a peachy. A little on the pale side, I suppose. *subconsciously tries to rub a bit of soot from her cheek, only making it worse* Eyes: Green. *bats eyelashes* Height: Oh, I'm pretty shor
  3. *The more than wrinkled piece of parchment contained precise, detailed drawings of what could only be described as a pair of stilts powered by steam. Needless complicated scratchings of wiring configurations, pump design and what style of shoe should be upon the foot of the stilt littered the page. Along the edges of the parchment, written in Gnomish, were random notes, each one shining ever so slightly with the arcane filled ink that was used. Some thoughts were, obviously, incomplete.* Shopping List Bucket of Bolts Box of Screws Dinglehopper Hyrdophlange Toast Butter Cologne to attra