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Found 3 results

  1. Oh, man! That was ALMOST as AWESOME as the time I HELPED KILL THE LICH KING! Yeah! What?? You haven't heard about that!? Okay! So, anyways, so there I was, doing my own thing, helping out in Icecrown, (I'm a really helpful person you should totally come to me whenever you need help), and then OUT OF THE BLUE comes Mister TIRION FORDRING! And I was like 'OH MY LIGHTS IT'S MISTER TIRION FORDRING SIR!' and he was all like 'Waddli! We need a hero. Not just the Argent Crusade, but ALL OF AZEROTH', and I was all like, 'Gosh, Mister Fordring, Sir! I'll do what I can! I'm a real helpful gnome, just ask me for anything and I'll try my best!' and Mister Tirion Fordring was like, 'I need you to get in this cannon, Waddli, and we'll shoot it at Arthas on his damned Frozen Throne and finish this.' And I was all like, 'But I'm just a gnome sir, what can I do to help?' And he was all like, 'You can be the hero to save us ALL.' So, what could I do, I was all, 'You can count on me, Mister Fordring, sir!' So I climbed into the cannon and it was really cramped in there so I had to sit down in the end of it, and when I was in I could kinda hear Mister Fordring saying, 'By the Light, fire the damn cannon, now, now!' And then there was a BIG EXPLOSION and fire and then I was FLYING through the air and Mister Fordring Sir was all like 'AH HA HA HA YESS I LOVE GNOMES!' And I went sailing through the air to my DESTINY. Anyways, this was ALMOST as awesome as that. Almost.
  2. Full Name: Malahia Sparkbang Smoldergear. *stands a bit taller* Nicknames: Mostly, I'm just called Mala. Date of Birth: Ohh, some time ago. Age: Guess! *giggles* Race: Obviously I'm a Gnome, silly! Where have you been? Gender: I'm female. *wink* Hair: Black. It's a bit sooty right now. You kind'a caught me at a bad time. But that's ok! *smiles* Skin: Err... kind'a peachy. A little on the pale side, I suppose. *subconsciously tries to rub a bit of soot from her cheek, only making it worse* Eyes: Green. *bats eyelashes* Height: Oh, I'm pretty short. Even by Gnome standards! *shrugs sheepishly* Weight: *looks down at herself* Average, I guess. For my size. Place of residence: Dalaran. Oh, It's a grand place. Have you ever been? Place of Birth: *a sad, grave look* Gnomeregan. Known Relatives: I'm from the Wizzysprocket Family, thought to be lost to the fall of Gnomeregan. I'd rather not talk about that. Would you like a cookie? Religion/Philosophy: *blinks* Occupation: Pyrotechnics. I like fire. *grins* Enemies: *blinks* Likes: I like little things. Anything that spins. And anything that burns. Favorite Foods: I find Dragon's Breath Chili quite tastey. Favorite Drinks: Typically just water. It's very handy to have around. Favorite Colors: *deep breath* RedBlackYellowOrangeGreyPurpleRed. Umm.... and sometimes blue. And green. Yeah. *smiles* Weapons of Choice: Fireballs do the job quite well, I've found. Dislikes: *blinks* Um. Everything burns, right? Hobbies: Fire. Special Abilities: Tinkering. I like to make things. Small things. Sometimes big things. But mostly small. Positive Personality Traits: Oh, I can't answer that! It'd be terribly terribly rude of me. I'd come across as bragging! Negative Personality Traits: Are you saying I need to work on something? I mean, I'm sure you're a very good judge of character, but don't you think that's quite rude to ask when you've just met me? History: ((Incomming)) Physical Features:
  3. *The more than wrinkled piece of parchment contained precise, detailed drawings of what could only be described as a pair of stilts powered by steam. Needless complicated scratchings of wiring configurations, pump design and what style of shoe should be upon the foot of the stilt littered the page. Along the edges of the parchment, written in Gnomish, were random notes, each one shining ever so slightly with the arcane filled ink that was used. Some thoughts were, obviously, incomplete.* Shopping List Bucket of Bolts Box of Screws Dinglehopper Hyrdophlange Toast Butter Cologne to attract the Draenei ladies A comb Handcuffs Leather chaps A top hat *** I saw the most beautiful lady Draenei earlier today! Sometimes, I just want to grab onto one of those tails and *** Redirecting the ley-lines of the deeply hidden pathways beneath Gnomeregan has been difficult. The matrices of the spells and their complexity seem to be ever changing, never stable, shifting just as I find a suitable point within them. Continuing tests from the Old Home daily, hoping to recall some of the lost arts or possibly even finding a way to get the stink of the TROGGS out of my clothes! *** I remember it like it was yesterday. There I was, standing outside the shop, the wonderful artificle lights shining down upon the most beautiful gnome I had ever seen. You should have seen her legs. They were so.. But then the TROGGS errupted from somewhere below! The TROGGS ruined my chance with her! I never caught her name. But That's okay. The TROGGS got her. Only 50 Silver lost on the booze. *** Explosions! Screaming! Death! Hairy things. TROGGS *** I wonder what I should make for dinner tonight. *** Investigate this Import company that goes by the name of Fordragon. I hear they fight TROGGS alot. Especially the big green ones and the ones with the demon eyes and the outrageously long ears. Kinda like the purple ones. But mean. *** Oh no! I am late for-- Why am I writing this?!