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Found 4 results

  1. What do RP guilds around here think of the idea of sending an ambassador of their guild to size up or attempt to recruit new role-play characters? For example, if someone makes an introduction on the TNG or on the realm forum and identifies themselves as a role-player, the established guilds actively seek out contact with the new person, ICly, in-game. Trainers and quest-givers frequently expect player characters and know them by reputation, so the explanation for the knowledge of a new player on the field could be that participating guilds' intelligence networks were notified of a promising new face. Additionally, or alternatively, a monthly Guild Fair event for each faction could be held, much like job fairs in the real world. I'm less certain of how that could be implemented, but it has the potential for a lot of fun and RP promotion. Currently guild recruitment is passive. This could be a way of not only making guild expansion a more active process, but could help new role-players (or their secret alts) establish a network of contacts early on, thus easing that awkward stage most RPers encounter when they try to interject themselves into the lore of a new server. Suggestions, feedback, and criticism encouraged.
  2. The new guild I'm starting kinda revolves around the realm of Death, and exactly what it contains. I've been rather curious of this, and now I'm giving a shout-out to the Lore elitists, or just those knowledgeable folks, to fill me in, and answer the question(s), "Does Lore contain any information on 1. How Death in WoW Lore works, or 2. what the realm of Death is like?"
  3. Yo. So, I was thinking about RPing on someone elses post with Urr'Kel (Faynt's, no one else has replied to her thread yet), but so far any RP thread I reply to seems to mysteriously die. So, I'm just curious, before I go and post on someone elses thread, what is your feelings about DK's (my DK in general, links to his stories and stuff below) role playing before WotLK hits shelves? I feel its a very good way to develop character before you play, and gets the RP ideas flowing. So...thoughts?
  4. So, as many of us already know, there's a big event that happens up in Northrend, that to put as vaguely as possible has some serious effects for hordeside RP. The problem is, these 'major changes' don't take place at one set time in the world, but pretty much whenever someone does the quest. That is to say, to one group of people that did the chain quickly and early, the events in question have already taken place, and they will RP it as such, where as to another group that HASN'T done the chain, it will sound like the first group is completely insane. "Attack on Undercity? By demons? What in the hell are you even talking about!" For our part, Infection is going to try to do the chain as a group, so as to take back our city as a guild, and also so we can RP the whole thing as a guild instead of trying to talk about it IC when to some guildies it hasn't even happened yet. I'm wondering though, how the rest of the server is going to deal with this. There is a possibility for gaping inconsistencies in RP if we're dealing with people that do this chain at various different times. For Cerryan, since I know I'll be doing the whole thing with him much later, I'll be treating it as someting that happened in the recent past, but lets face it: the event is DAMN cool. You may find yourself wanting to RP your reactions to it's conclusion as soon as you finish. But to some people it would have already happened a week or more ago, and to others it hasn't even happened yet. So, wierd times. I want to see what ideas other people have to handle this, or what might be some good suggestions for keeping RP consistent during this time.