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  1. As Theira lay lifeless in the ritual circle, the toadstools glowed briefly and dimly for a moment before a strange dreamlike flower blossomed from the chest of the Matrons corpse. A mourning glory sprouted with that of a strange and small pod like growth its life seemingly sustained from her death.
  2. The large cat hot on the heels of Baal'themar huffed with heavy panting to ignore the stench which surrounded them. She pounced in unison with him however calculating her leap to land at a shorter distance from the hulking monster. She unshifted back to a humanoid form as she touched down as Baal'themar sailed above her his weapons drawn. She was unsure if her magic would even work in this realm, or work the way it was meant to regardless seeing him about to collide with the voidlord she had to try. She flicked her wrists and cast towards Baal'themar bestowing upon him an iron bark and then ran towards Khorvis now at a distance conjuring up green swirls of restoration magic and hurling them towards the warrior. Theira wasted no time assessing there was none to waste - the time to act was present there would be no time to lick the wounds until this hurdle was vanquished. She shouted out staff extended towards Khorvis "Khorvis we've come for you!"
  3. Theira huffed a bit using her staff to assist her walking, the elder Tauren walked with a bit of a limp but quickened her step and pushed herself to keep up with Baal. "I may be an old girl yet but I am not without some tricks." She grinned at the elf before leaping forward with a flash of green light shifting into her feline form. With four legs versus two she would able to pad after the rogue easier. The large cat kept her eyes and ears forward as she scented the air as they ran hoping that some sign of Khorvis would reveal itself and she might be able to track him. Theira ran beside Baal'themar with claws extended for each stride surveying the horizon for any threats as they searched.
  4. Theira bowed her head towards Stormsky and the Elemental graciously accepting the gift of the earthen shield. With that she cracked a grin and walked towards the portal, she nodded towards Chaoseater and stepped through after Baal'themar.
  5. Theira watched the spectacle play out before her with a mixture of interest and disgust. She slowed her breathing so not to choke on the fettered stench of decay and brought herself up to standing. Thoughts, doubts started to trickle their way into her mind for what she had signed herself on for. Being a beacon of mending and life giving itself walking into the wastelands of death. Theira frowned deeply closing her eyes with worry perhaps her presence here would attract more harm than good. The druidess shifted her weight and straightened up holding her staff in hand. She shook her head of the doubts heeding Chaoseaters warning of bringing such thoughts with them determined not to be the weak link in the chain. Her eyes opened and burned with a new sense of determination, a spark of the wilds. First and foremost she was here to release Khorvis and maintain the lives of those here. Theira stood tall and ready as she glanced to Chaoseater now prepared to face down whatever darkness came.
  6. Theira took her time in her feline feral form to scent the air and ground to track Baalthemar. She kept herself hidden and prowled the tall grasses and bushes the region rank with the scent of undead never sat well with the druid. She could see the gathering after some while her eyes narrowing at those attending she kept her body low to the ground so better to slink her way beside the rogue. Bright yellow reflective eyes came into focus as the druidess revealed herself to the gathering as a large wild cat. She sidled up beside Baal with a soft quiet purr the growling once as she scented the pack with the items he carried. She remained feral while she looked over those familiar and some unfamiliar faces her cat ears folding back she looked up to Baalthemar saying nothing. She settled down to beside him shifting forms, the grass around her seemed to grow taller flowers to bloom in her presence. She sat in a almost meditative stance muttering only to Baalthemar " Fear not, I will mend you as needed."
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  8. Theira sat on a fur rug in front of a roaring fire hoping the heat would penetrate and sooth her aching muscles. The Matron had been working on her endurance and reusing the talents of Ursoc, blood soaked the right side of her face and arm. She adjusted a bandaged over her eye and sat gently breathing allowing all the aches and pains to settle. She was strongest now with restorative magic although felt it prudent not to heal so that she'd better dodge her enemies attacks the next time. No pain no gain thought the Arch Druid as she used her clawed fist weapons to delicately pick out scabbed and crusted blood from her fur. Some time passed as Theira relaxed before long she felt a twinge in her stomach as if someone or thing was watching her. She flicked her ears back as her animal instincts confirmed what she had been feeling. He spoke is a low rumbly growl as he addressed her "Matron.." The Chaoseater from Blacktooth Grin stated with the utmost disdain. Theira closed her one remaining good eye a moment as a sarcastic smirk crossed her maw. She recognized his voice well - since their last argument. "Ah, Chaoseater - to what do I owe this pleasure? I wouldn't have imagined running into here in a inn. No, I'd have thought the comforts of a inn be far to delicate a pleasure for you and your kin to enjoy. More of a Rutilus Luna thing... " She remarked now turning to face the large hulking brute of a Tauren Death Knight. Chaoseater responded with a grunt and walked around her to properly face her. The Matron watched his hulking heavily armored mass as he moved her thoughts drifting towards hoping he'd not stand to closely to the fire so that she did not need to smell anymore of him than necessary. The druid sighed a bit looking at him now with a forced smile, as she did she saw some more of her order mates come through the door. She forced herself to stand in greeting of them, Nikkoma noticing her wounds walked by to heal Theira shooting Chaoseater a cold dark look as she did so. The Matron nodded in greeting and in thanks to Nikkoma and Nik and Iku headed towards the bar. Now healed Theira started removing the eye patch and bandages. Chaos remarked "Red is a good color on you Matron - " Her rebuttal swift "I'd expect it should be Chaoseater, tis our guilds colors. We bleed often for Horde interests." He grunted again his stance tall and rigid "And what of - The DreadHorde, do you and would you bleed for them?" Here we go again Theira thought, he had been at her about honor and distrusting Rutilus Lunas place within the DreadHorde since she had made the choice not to join them in the assault of Alliance cities. The Matron narrowed her eyes at the Death Knight giving him a very dull tired expression. "When the DreadHorde NEEDS for us to bleed for it - we shall answer the call. When there is honor or defense in the matter yes. When it consists of murdering a bunch of defenseless women, children and orphans - sorry to disappoint you Chaoseater then NO. We won't, surely you can handle a toddler with a wooden sword on your own." Her responses never pleased him as he growled a bit but pleasing him couldn't be furthest from her interests. "What about when these orphans grow to become a real threat and they come for us. What then Matron when the bloodshed they could cause could have been avoided?" She crossed her hands together and state to Chaoseater as frank and bluntly as possible. "Then I will deal with them when they get there - with honor, the honor you've accused us of not having. As equals...as a challenge, as a fair and honest fight." She huffed dismissively of the conversation knowing well the both of them could lock horns for hours. Theira sighed harshly before turning away from the brute to stare into the fire when suddenly their conversation reminded her of something still very prevalent in her mind. He was a Death Knight - recalling that Storm Skychaser had a ritual in mind to use them to aid Khorvis. She narrowed her eyes disgusted with the idea of asking Chaoseater for help and how. She turned to face Chaos having thought of a cunning angle on which to bait him to her cause. "Chaoseater... about those events prior, you do enjoy The Grim don't you, raiding with them must have been right up your ally." He huffed towards her "Their interests mirror my own quite a bit Matron... - " She continued "Then the prospect of helping The Grim, a Grim in need might sit well with you. To the point Chaos there is need of you to help this Grim, a friend of mine and I am asking for it." Chaos stood a moment considering before responding dryly. "I despise you Matron, but for the DreadHorde I am there." Theira regarded him honestly with a slow and accepting nod. "Well, since we're being sincere - know that I despise you too. You, the forsaken, undead and demons of any kind. You're outside of the natural balance of this world and the realm I am aligned with. Products or by products of the Legion and should all be exterminated for the abominations that you are. - Don't take that to personally Chaos, tis a Druid thing." She smiled sweetly at him as he returned her glance with a look of murder slow vapor leaving his maw as he exhaled. She cleared her throat and paced around the fire "But, personal feelings aside - Khorvis needs help. Storm Skychaser spoke of a ritual he could perform to help extract him from the Shadowlands. The Shadowlands is a realm opposite to my own, which I suspect is where you come in. I am waiting to hear back from Lilli or some Grim about more details but for the time being Chaos I'd appreciate you speaking with Storm." She stopped short of the fireplace to turn and look at him. He considered her words leaving more questions than answers and agreed to seek out Storm Skychaser. Theira nodded and sat back down on the rug while searching for her pack of cigarettes. Chaos remarked "Is there anything more Matron?" She simply shook her head. "No Chaoseater, not unless you're interested in spending some quality time with me." She smirked as he turned to leave.
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  10. Theira lay sleeping face down in her private quarters with a stack of papers as a pillow. The sounds of peons shouting and the usual guilds training started to bustle outside the chambers and picked up in volume as the morning got on. The Matron groaned and began to stir as she sat up, one paper stuck to her muzzle. She reached to pull it off and then gripped her face as was customary after long nights outting. She reached for a bottle, any bottle within distance of her in search of fluid parched from the nights "activities." Theira hissed a curse "empty, empty.. oh wait.. another empty.. .. " she sighed as she examined bottles of spent Cenarion Spirits with squinted eyes. She leaned back into her arm chair basking in her hang over. She began to count the rays of light that seeped in from the leathery window covers. The specs of dust carelessly floating between the rays was captivating, almost therapeutic to watch. The dance of something so small and insignificant yet still so - *SMASH* The sound of a jar breaking on the floor had her nearly jump out of her hide as she looked to Agar who had begun bringing in soil from outside. The treant whom she helped rear was now mobile and had pretty well the run of her lodgings. Theira boggled at the Treant as it paced in and out with a new load of dirt to dump onto the floor making a mound for itself to root into. She had thought to scold the thing but decided the task was for later, for a much more awake less hung-over Theira to deal with. Instead the Matron sat back up at her desk shifting through papers to try and find herself a pack of cigarettes. While she searched through the messy and chaotic desk of unfiled reports and applications she came across an old letter she had received. It was from Khorvis of The Grim, dated back from the night he bought her from auction. She ran her fingers through her mane and stood up to reread the letter. She walked over to her window at a slow pace while reading it a half frown formed on her maw as she muttered "Khorvis.. " Recalling what news of the orc she'd received at cantina her concern prevalent. Once at the window Theira opened the leathery flaps to let the sunlight in to Agars delight. The treant applauded with the sunlight as the druid turned from it and groaned her headache fully formed now. She regarded the letter and began to pace soon shoving it into her belt back and rushing to a cabinet to pull some old scrolls from it. She laid one large scroll down on the mess of her desk and unfurled it. Theira studied the chart reaching for some red ink to mark on it with which she did and held up the parchment in front of her. She felt a strange sensation trickle up her spine like pins and needles as she turned the paper upside down. The sensation worsened as it made itself known in her gut to be dread. The type of panic she had felt in later months when she lost control of herself to a nightmare imp. The kind of fear that creeps into the bones when one has no control over anything around or inside of them self. The Arch Druid recalled being trapped inside her own realm and watched the Nightmare twist the dream around her and feel helpless to stop it. The Shadowlands she thought would be even less hospitable environment - and one she had little knowledge of and zero sway in. Theira shook her head breaking herself from the laps of fear and tossed the paper back down on her desk. The druids expression turned to her usual serious face as she started putting her armor on. She left Agar to make dirt angels on the floor as she went off in search of a death knight for Stormskys proposed ritual.
  11. Every time I world Quest - "This is the song that never ends" always comes to mind.. as these are the quests.. that.. never END! >.<

  12. Guild has a craft club on the go our first assignment was something hearthstone related made from Sculpty. Dis is what I made.
  13. Can I just be exalted with the nightfallen yet? Plz... I have been supporting your habit for over a month now. LOVE ME!

  14. Sketch of Arch Druid Theira casting with her resto skillz.