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  1. My stance buttons are macros that use Overpower, Disarm and Pummel respectively when they are in the proper stance. Saves space that way. Modifier macros are awesome too.
  2. <p>If you're on here you really must be bored.</p>

  3. (( I knew there was a reason I came back here to read things. ))
  4. Blackwing Lair has always been my favorite. Before instances were story and cutscene heavy (Oh Molten Core, how you suck) Blackwing Lair was more fun than anything I'd ever done in WoW. Taking off my shield during Vaelstrasz because I "didn't have enough rage" was possibly my single funniest memory of this game. Or charging at healers I hated with Burning Adrenaline just to be an ass. And the time I was DId tanking Chromaggus because a Paladin had Bronze Affliction and said, "I CAN BUBBLE OUT OF IT" Funnest instance ever.
  5. Shh. Don't wreck his fun.
  6. Y'know what else helps with that WoW summer doldrum? Not playing WoW Man, I missed my life.
  7. Back in S1 when Gladiator gear would assrape everything else, and Tier 2 blacksmithing weapons were ultra broken, I'd follow Dime around while he popped his Gnomeregan Autoblocker and Shield Slam crit for twice my Mortal Strike.
  8. <p>Bad hunter inc.</p>

  9. This one time, in Molten Core, while I was auto-shooting and tabbed out doing something else, I asked Kaldore, "zomfg how r u holdin so much aggroz", and he just jabbed me in the eye with his thumb. Then went back to shoving his fist in Geddon's mouth... fire... thing. True story.
  10. He has anime blue hair because he's from the Sunwell Trilogy manga Captain Obvious, away!
  11. Y'know what's bad for PvP? WoW. I said it.