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  1. Aiobhe breathed in deeply, enjoying the brisk morning air as she strode into the Dwarven Quarter of Stormwind. She walked up the steps and tested the door of the Ironhand and Caskbelly Pub, locked, just as she had suspected. She pulled the note from her pocket and tacked it on the doorjam. The simple piece of folded white paper rustled in the breeze, the only thing showing was the name "Otek." The message inside: Otek, Kardael and I have separated from The Cartel Enforcers. We are to meet the Head of our new house on Thursday evening at 9:00pm in your establishment. If Lord Ivtanier D'rathe arrives before we do, please see that he is comfortable and has any food or beverage that he desires. Kardael will cover the cost once we arrive. Yours sincerely, Aiobhe Donascreid
  2. Full Name: Aiobhe Donascreid Nicknames: Abby Date of Birth: Unknown Age: 34 Race: Human Gender: Female Hair:Auburn; shoulder length bob kept neatly brushed Skin:Smooth Ivory Eyes: Amber Height: 5’7” Weight: 125 Place of residence: Stormwind Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: None Religion/Philosophy: She believes that the Light needs to embrace the shadows that it creates: both exist to better enable the inhabitants of Azeroth to fight against the Scourge. Occupation: Tailoring & Enchanting Group/Guild affiliation: Guild Rank: Enemies: Likes: DOTs and Demons Favorite Foods: Dragonbreath Chili Favorite Drinks: Stout (Otek’s variety) Favorite Colors: Blue Weapons of Choice: Curses Dislikes: Horde, Murlocs Hobbies: Fishing Physical Features: Abby has shiny, auburn hair, Amber eyes and smooth ivory skin Special Abilities: You’d have to ask Kardael about those, a lady never tells Positive Personality Traits: Bubbly, Friendly, Loyal Negative Personality Traits: Tends to be over-optimistic (perky) and overly trusting History: Aiobhe was left on the steps of Northshire Abbey as a toddler. No family was ever found. She was raised by the kitchen staff and had a happy childhood. It surprised and shocked everyone that knew her when she chose to become a Warlock. She is currently estranged from those that raised her. She met the one true love of her life while she was apprenticed in Stormwind. She has pledged her life to the shadows and her heart to Kardael. * * * * * * * * Aiobhe breathed in deeply, a smile playing across her lips as she watched the life drain from the Redridge Mongrel, it was a beautiful day. If those blessed whelps would leave her to her business, it would be perfect. These were the tasks she truly loved, culling the threat to the towns and farms and collecting souls in the process. What could be be better? * * * * * * * * She ran, her breath coming hard. This was her first encounter with horde, a ghost wolf in hot pursuit and gaining fast. She wasn't fast enough. Pain shot through her as lightning seared her body. Aiobhe stopped running and turned, cursing the shaman with agony, corrupting his soul and setting it on fire while her imp fired firebolt after firebolt. She felt her life slipping away as the shaman continued to cast his lightning and shocks at her. Aiobhe desperately whispered the words of corruption again, cast a shadow bolt and drained the life out of the hapless soul that thought he could kill her. Her heart was racing and there was the sound of blood rushing in her ears, a smile on her face. She consumed a health stone, created another and continued her search for Takar the Seer and his encampment.