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  1. Aie. I am hating healing in the instances. The instances are great. Its just the PUGs are idiots...
  2. http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/cataclysm/features/garrosh.html Honestly I enjoyed reading it and the ending paints Garrosh in a better light. Now if he was like this a lot more i can understand why Horde players feel loyalty to him.
  3. If you do not want quest spoilers from the new Shattering quests do not read below. Specifically after the third paragraph as I discuss Quests in Ashenvale and such. Basically I enjoy reading the quest lines more than actually doing the quests. The lore is interesting for one and since the shattering there is a lot more going on in game than say quests that are 5 years old. I was wondering if anybody knew a website which covered the storyline of each zone from a faction perspective? Meaning a website which summarized the quests of a zone and gave a general idea of what that faction is doing in the zone and what tasks players have to complete. I just started Ashenvale and I am finding the quests intriguing, but its all one sided. If nobody knows of such a website, could someone answer a few questions regarding horde activity in Ashenvale? 1. How did you guys get Silverwind Refuge? 2. The bomb being built in Silverwind by the Goblins - why? Other than it being fun to blow stuff up but whats the logic behind that huge bomb. Any in character reasoning from the horde perspective? 3. Got any quests to kill Night Elf NPCs - Well duh bet you do as we have the same for the horde. Whats the logic given to kill the Night Elves?
  4. My answer to nearly everything has been moderate. Other than it being a realistic view point - 3 is also my favorite number. TN and TNG offer both the positive and negative aspects of the community and it is too wide and diverse to say every RP experience has been great or every event has been horrible.
  5. My original post was simply one where I stated the concept of the debt crisis does not apply to Stormwind. To which I was informed was in fact wrong. My posts have been merely to point out that no information exists that applies the real life scenario to this game. As for my inference is no better than the one by Alleria. Thank you. I said that yesterday and I am still being informed I am wrong :rolleyes:
  6. Alleria just because there is a bank which in modern times functions as a financial intermediary does not mean that the Kingdom has even taken out a loan or even that it needs too. The point with this thread is that Stormwind faces a debt crisis like the US because of the vagabond in Westfall. However nothing in game states that Stormwind has a cash flow problem, that it has any debt or that it has taken a loan. There is no indication that the vagabond in Westfall are there because of policies by Stormwind. The problem with the premise of the thread is that the real life situation in the US can be seen in game. Yet there is no evidence in game at all to validate that premise. The game should be treated as such and real life situations should not be forced into game mechanics when no proof of such situations exists.
  7. How about you read the first post that talks about debt crisis and other elements that are non-existent in this game? Suppositions and assumptions based on personal views that does not have validity in game is not a concern of mine. That is simply the original poster reading too much into the game. If you didn't get that view from my original post by all means it was my mistake. I should have been very clear in the position that real world events do not correlate into in game dynamics. That is the case with this thread. In general and that is why I dislike discuss using real life analogies and applying them to a fantasy realm. As based on my questions to Alleria, there is nothing in game that supports my views or hers. It is simply two people discussing assumptions and reading too much into issues which are not discussed at any level in game. 1. Since there is no evidence of any form of loan or macro-economic financing your comments are based on what exactly? 2. I agree I neglected to mention labour costs. Simply because I felt there was no aspect of this game which states that Stormwind had not paid for the current renovations of the city. The material is local. The labour is local and paid for considering there has been no fiasco like occurred the last time Stormwind was rebuilt. 3. My comment regarding the role of the Stormwind bank is based on what we have available as information in game. There is no other information present. The bank till now in game and from what information we have is simply a location where people keep their gold and possessions.
  8. *sigh* I can't believe I am discussing economics on computer gaming forum. Alleria: 1. Show me where in lore it is stated that Stormwind has borrowed money in the form of a loan from another kingdom? 2. Indicate where it is written that Stormwind has not paid for its labour costs in the current time frame. The Defias incident since the second war has been taken care of according to lore. 3. Stormwind has a bank so? The Islamic world had a similar system in the early 1500 called the Bait-ul-Maal. It was nothing more than a simple repository of the wealth of individual people of that community, to be kept in a safe secure enviornment. That is what the Stormwind bank does. Nothing more nothing less.
  9. Stormwind has no actual debt as it never borrowed money from anywhere. Remember Middle age economies are not reflective of modern day economic thinking. The stuff used to build Stormwind and Westfall is all local material. I remember before the shattering there was a quarry in Westfall. That is where the stone comes from. Wood from the forest around Stormwind. The materials are owned by Stormwind. So nothing borrowed or bought. Also economies at this stage are based on barter or simple forms of trade. They do not take into account complex macro economic financing. The reason Lakeshire is in such a bad state is because it has always been so. The armies were spread thin even before the Shattering. Same with Darkshire. All the original quests ask if you are the only support coming to help. Also no specific reason is given for the unemployment and all the vagabond in Westfall. But i am assuming it is because of the Defias and their actions in Westfall before the shattering.
  10. Knowing how to play your class includes knowing how to be a team player and more specifically what benefits the group - be it the raid or the 5 man group. Only idiots who look at their DPS meters can not understand this basic principle. If DPS is pulling aggro regardless of the reason they are a liability and as a healer i let them die regularly. I am looking forward to Cata for this very simple reason. Teaching bad DPS how to play properly.
  11. The hair I can do. Shirtless Orc now that screams Priscilla Queen of the Desert. To add Varian is like Samson. All his power is in his hair! And just like Samson, Jaina is the crazy broad that screws with his head.
  12. Comfortable time? The servers come up at 2 am for me. I hate being on a 12 hour time difference with the US.
  13. Seems there is a new patch. It is only 26 mb for now.
  14. LOL! Still took them 5 on 2 to get you and me
  15. Just a heads up to people playing WG expect to see the following happening a lot more: 1. Alliance players logging into WG and d/cing for the entire battle. Seems even if the person is D/ced they count as part of WG so allowing another horde player to get in. 2. Horde players that appear out of no where and disappear within 20 seconds. Basically what they are doing is they are joining the battle but not accepting the queue. So they are in WG for 20 seconds till they get ported out. They normally camp the Alliance GY in the fort on defense. I must say I find these ideas remarkably efficient. It effectively tilts the battle.