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  1. Visara grinned widely from his shadowy perch in the towers over Lordaeron as the call came forth, the rage evident in the Warlord's voice at some unknown (to him) slight against the forsaken. "Finally." his dark raspy voice said to no one present as he surveyed the reserve troops training about the once proud city's streets, an abomination idly took long languid steps in it's patrols. Along a wall he spotted a Dark Ranger peering at him searchingly, most likely questioning his credentials and authorization. His grin never faded as he blew her a kiss in silence, she rolled her eyes and continued on her appointed patrol. Finally activating his communication crystal his voice echoed out among the members of her Majesty's elite "Quickly and discreet, I'm not sure that I can do both at once warlord...as such..I think I will opt in favor of quickly." With that Visara lept from his perch atop the tower allowing gravity a moment of control before twisting his body in such a way to rake his claws into the stone slowing his descent he purred at the perfect timing of the huntress on her patrol near the bottom of the tower looked up to see what was happening, she saw only a puff of smoke as he appeared behind her his momentum bowling her over in the process as he rolled over the poor girl he planted a kiss on the back of her neck and then vanished into the shadows as he continued on his way to the sanctum. On arrival he threw open the oversized gothic doors and wandered in with slumped shoulders. "So!" he shouted boisterously. "Who will be the subject of divine art this time!?"
  2. That sound, the sound of the wind blowing over the snow swept barren wastes of Dragonblight, it comforted him. It reminded him of a simpler time where orders were given with words, instead of a glance of an implied statement on the edge of one's tongue that never made it into words. His eyes flared to life, or lack there of and he rose out of the snow like so many scourge that had been crushed beneath the boots of alliance and horde alike, had in an age past. The wind can only comfort so much however, provide solace for so long before it was swept away on it's uncharted course around the world and back again, unless one where to follow the teachings of orcs and tauren, at which point it's simply an unknowable course, as good as the other and one in the same to the lone wanderer of Northrend. The thoughts of mystics looking for answers in a world of questions that were answered with questions ending before the point where one began, were of course, of no consequence to him. What Visararath did know was that the contract was set. The raven had flown. The bones had rolled. the price to be payed in blood was bartered and all was set. It almost seemed too easy. A target in such a remote location, it smelled of a set up, another comfort the whisper of betrayal, easily the most constant force in both life and unlife. Sweeping his long tattered green hair aside from his face, his once proud elven ears drooped in rot alongside his increasingly thinning flesh, at some points his skull had begun to show through as time withered away at his physical manifestation but never his will. A dark chuckle erupted from his lips. "I don't know your name....I don't know your race...but if you are unfortunate enough to be in this fel forsaken land." Visara spoke aloud to no one immediately present "...Rest assured...I will find you."
  3. <p>Me too man, I had thought of retiring Vis post this expansion because I wasn't enjoying rogue playstyle much for a time, but as I thought about it I've decided to continue to main him so we'll have to meet up in game sometime and get Vis rolling on trying to do what he can for Infection.</p>

  4. <p>Oh man, I've missed Vis and Ker's awesome RP.</p>

  5. Moving his hand away from the shurikens and taking up a relaxed stance himself, Visara turned his gaze to the warlord and smiled, his genuine fanged smile. "Well...to answer Ranavos, it would seem that I am not alone wouldn't it?" A soft chuckle emanated from his throat, a rough dusty sound if ever one was heard, he shifted his weight forward leaning more against the altar, the candlelight giving more to his pallid flesh. "As for your question warlord." Visara looked over them to the entrance and then back over the pair that had come. "This place has become rather....important to me since the..."sundering" As you put it...I lost something very important to me here...and I await its return to me." A flash of eyes sparkled through his mind but he quickly pushed them aside surrendering to the grim reality he left himself to. "I had gone off to sea for awhile though...served her majesty in the Royal Navy...but I've returned to land somewhat recently, and so I've taken to our conquered land for a place to stay whilst I am about the Eastern Kingdoms..." He reaches into his vest and tugs forth a dreamfoil cigarette lighting it on one of the candles "And frankly..." He says, whilst inhaling "It keeps my wits strong with all the alliance stragglers strewn about here." He releases a slow cloud of purple languid smoke from his lips as he finishes speaking.
  6. Visara cracked his neck as he looked up peering upon the newcomer. He smirked recognizing the Archlich from their occasional meeting in public. "Ahh a force neither alliance or horde, what an ironic twist of fate to meet you in this place." He half mused to himself. "Judging by your initial gestures, I take it we will not be crossing blades today hmm?" With a smile and a nod Visara kept one hand near his shurikens....just in case.
  7. The rain poured solemnly as it usually did upon the ruins of Gilneas. A soft roar of distant thunder rippled across the evening sky, masking the footfalls of the single occupant of the City Cathedral. A darkness prevailed through the old building, only shattered for the moment by the eerie yellow glow of the unblinking eyes of it's unnatural occupant. He couldn't seem to help himself, returning to this place where he felt he had truly given up the last thing that may have left him feeling a connection to the world. Pulling off his crimson hood his lengthy stringy green hair cascaded down to his shoulders, falling over his half rotted once proud Kal'Dorei ears. Without a word Visararath tugged a number of candles from his pack, setting them upon the altar in front of him, Lighting them that their light might add the slightest glimmer of life to the dead city. Attracting whomever may come to it's Will o' Wisp glow. Stepping behind the altar, he would lean forward against it. "Let them come...friend or foe.." Visara said to the air. "At this point....can I really be picky?" He mused as he considered Infection and it's losses, as well as the many others suffered by all he had known. He waited.
  8. Main RP Toon: Visararath Daleran` Horde Or Alliance? Horde Guild: Lots of them, but forever Infection What was your favorite RP event or storyline? Too much Nostalgia for the brain to handle. Rping with Ulroci, Clys, Nadea and Keraph, Shadowspeak, Gorthok, The Rest Inn Peace tavern that was rp chat in Vanilla and Burning Crusade, then in wrath new friends, Calystae, Taelorian, Kahra, Isendre too many to name. I showed up to some events, never really cared for events, random rp was always the way to go, ecounters along the way, or around the cities, I think what I miss the most though is hunting and being hunted by the alliance guys I never knew, your own different personalities really made it worthwhile to kill you all. So thank you everyone. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time. All of em.
  9. Brill Graveyard huh? I'll come on lil' in between classes Visara.
  10. <p>YOU LOVE IT!</p>


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