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  1. Haven't seen you chatting with the NPCs in the enchanting shop lately.
  2. Hosting of public events is a good start. Can be something like holiday parties onwards up to the introduction of a story plot that multiple people can get involved in if they choose to. Other than that, I'd say as a guild leader, you just need to have rules that make sense for everyone and enforce them accordingly and consistently. Don't be a tyrant and don't be manipulative, but don't let things slide because you're afraid of losing people. There may be divas who think that they can shove their weight around who might threaten to flounce if they face consequences for behaving badly, but
  3. Believe it or not, she kills with stabbing commentary more than with those Klingon weapons.
  4. Fay has a little Horde and Alliance meet and greet on Wednesdays, and I think alternating Thursdays, at around 6:30PM Server. Last one went until about 8PM or so. You might have to add people to Bnet to communicate cross faction, but it's not a bad way to meet people on the same or other faction.
  5. ((TW: Violence and implied abuse)) It had always been somewhere in the back of his head that his tenure with Rutilus Luna would come to an end someday... That eventually the leadership would atrophy and slough off as the burdens of constant war became too much, retiring and leaving the holdings over to someone else that couldn't uphold standards, or perhaps they'd end up scattered and unable to cohesively reform again. Especially with his having been saddled with leading it, and even though he gratefully took the demotion when Theira was finally strong enough to reclaim the title o
  6. Because I am a sap. A horrible sappy sap. A healthy dose of violence should balance things out.
  7. A flyer is tacked up on the outside of The Filthy Animal in Dalaran:
  8. OC, not WoW related, or at least predates WoW. Leopard fighting style is interesting.
  9. "arrived" being the key word. Not that it matters. It's a mount you get from playing another Blizzard game. Where they come from is open to interpretation, and I have my own for that character mount.
  10. I don't think they do. There's nothing in their description that says anything about Dalaran.
  11. I didn't know her... beyond seeing her a few times in game, I regretfully never talked to her. It sounds like she was a great character, and person overall. I'm very sorry for your loss... Just remember to take as much time grieving as you want and feel you need to. Don't let anyone tell you how you should feel, or when you should feel how they want you to.
  12. Trying to upload a picture in my thread in the art forum and I keep getting a red exclamation point everytime I try and upload it. Keraph said I haven't hit any upload limit, and the picture is only 24KB. I have tried two different computers in two different locations.