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  1. Full Name: Securo N'vena Nicknames: Sir Knight, Blood eyes Date of Birth: 250 years before the first war Age: 277 Race: Sin'dorei Gender: Male Hair: Long sleek black Skin: Moderately tan Eyes: Crimson Height: 6'3'' Weight: 170 lbs Place of residence:Dalaran Place of Birth:Quel'thelas Known Relatives:Kelithiaa N'vena(cousin) Religion/Philosophy:A staunch believer in the righteousness of the Sin'dorei and the destiny that they have. Occupation:Blood Knight Enemies:The Scourge, enemies of the crown. Weapons of Choice: Two handed blades Physical Features:Fairly muscular under his armor due to rigorous physical training. Special Abilities: He dealt with his mana addiction in ways other than fel energy. Thus his eyes turned from their natural blue to a crimson. Positive Personality Traits:Loyal, just, honorable. Negative Personality Traits:Merciless for those he deems undeserving Played by What Famous Person:Johnny Depp History: ((coming soon due to character retcon)
  2. Securo N'vena had arrived to Ebon Hold late that evening. The assault on this bastion of the living had already started. He was late because had to deal with him, if he had done it sooner he would be on time. It didn't matter, he wasn't going to be here long. N'vena could sense the dissent among the Death Knights. He could feel the Lich King's hold over them breaking. Soon they would share what he had: free will. Securo knew he wouldn't have to put this charade up much longer, the ritual he had gone through five years ago had done more than save him from the mana addiction. As he approached the platform that would teleport him to the Ebon Hold a Night Elf approached and raised his hand and said in Scourgespeak, "I don't recognize you, what's your name?" "My name is of no concern to you whelp, but if you must know I am Reignier, Reignier N'vena." The Knight said grasping onto his runeblade. When he held it he was in fact Reignier, the sould of the Dranei he had absorbed in outland to feed his addiction. The Same soul that had given him the red eyes he was known for. It was the soul he had now partiall trapped within his runeblade. Now when he held it their souls melded, and he became someone else entirely. Reignier was the name he went by now, a mixture of Draenei and Thalassian, a name that would describe them both. Securo was sure he was in control though, he was Reignier. The Night Elf didn't seem to recognize his name, so he drew Reignier and stabbed it through the elf's chest. "No one will stand in my way, especially not some low born scum like you." The words were spit out at the elf as the last signs of life escaped his body. Reignier wouldn't have to worry about reconciliation, in the Lich King's army only the strong survived. It's a pity he would be leaving it soon. His hatred for the scourge was only rivaled by his hatred for this world, and he was going to change it. Alone if he had to. His plan was already in motion, and he wasn't going to let anything stop it.
  3. Securo

    BC Lore

    WoW IS SRS BUSINESS! Anyways people are acting like WoW belongs to them, like THEY wrote the story. Maybe they wrote their character's story, but the wrote it to fit into a universe that has already been created by others, something they have no claim to. It's okay if you don't like something, it's okay if you "choose to ignore it". But asking the rest of us to do so is just silly, I'll look at you like a madman and continue prancing around. Oh yeah, this is Blizzards game. If they want the Zerg to land in Kalimdor and take over they can do it. You don't like the way WoW's story is, don't play.
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    BC Lore

    Quit talking "what-iffs" BC happened. Deal with it. If you want to ignore it do it, I'll look at you like a nutcase, as will every sane person left in Azeroth.
  5. No his soul was just sucked out and his body rotted and lost all complexion of a living entity. Yeah, he's really still a member of the living.
  6. ((this is my attempt at writing a good first person roleplay story. Yes it focusses around Securo, but it starts off some time in the future... not too far off.)) The steel blade pressed against my neck, sweat trickled down to the blade. For a moment I wondered if the blade that had been at my mouth only a moment before was cleaned after felling so many undead. I doubt it. I tried to speak but the holder of the blade pressed it closer to me. The blade in his hands was once mine, I guess it was my fault that I was in this position. I had chosen him to be my apprentice. It wasn’t that long ago either. The blade felt cold, surprisingly. I expected it to feel blistering hot with that runic power I had imbued it with. I would have raised a hand to the blade but I knew the elf holding the blade wouldn’t hesitate to cut my throat. I am the one who made him a killer, and I was proud of it. I moved my lips slowly trying to get a word out before the elf would pull back bringing a quick end to my life. “What do you hope to accomplish,” I asked, he didn’t seem to hear me so I said it again. He let out a grunt and answered me with “revenge” among other things. I didn’t really care what he had to say, I just wanted to piss him off a little bit. I had led him to this point on purpose. Well let’s go back a bit, let me start from the beginning. My name is Securo N’vena. I am a Quel’dorei born and raised in a noble house in my homeland of Quel’thelas. I lived a pretty fruitful and unadventurous life until the Scourge came. Long story short I was called a traitor for running away at the last possible moment, something I did not believe made me a traitor. For this I was banished from their society right before they renamed themselves the Sin’dorei, or in the common tongue Blood Elves. Last year I found my way back into Azeroth. I had snuck into Outland with them not even a year earlier before going off on my own. I ended up having to sneak into my own homeland to steal light energies from the Naaru M’uru. I only had to do it a few times afterwards, but it affectively gave me the appearance of being a paladin. Hell I guess I am kind of a paladin. A month or so after I returned I met Darthak Drathir, the son of the traitor Dark’han Drathir. Darthak had given me what I had wanted from him, and that was power. Darthak gave me a link to the Lich King and allowed me to start my training as a Death Knight. He played out his niche, so when he died I didn’t shed a tear. I decided to make the best out of what power I had at my disposal. I trained my powers both in the light, and with the new powers I was learning. I still wasn’t as strong as I had been in Outland after discovering that altar. When Darthak died I was left without any contacts to the Lich King and had to continue my training from tomes that he had left behind at his lab in Duskwood. There he had been trying to turn the local undead onto the side of the Scourge at the behest of Kel’thuzad. I didn’t care much; it was just training as usual. The warlock/necromancer had taught me very little himself, much of it had been from tomes already. It wasn’t long before I found new contacts and was asked to try to spread the corruption. I didn’t really pay attention to my orders; I had no intentions of becoming some fallen human’s slave. I was using him just as he thought he was using me. Once I gained the power I needed to do what was to be done I was going to be out of here. That was when I met Aetheril. He was a young Blood Knight initiate who got lippy to me in the ruins of Lorderaan. When I told him my name he tried to arrest me, I simply hit him with my shield a couple times and went about my business. The next time I saw him I decided to let him arrest me, I did need one last trip to see the Naaru and steal what energy I could. I allowed him to bring me into the Blood Knight headquarters and then subdued him. I stole my energies and went about my business with a hood up sneaking out of the city as if I were just another elf. Noone would notice me unless they took a look at my crimson eyes. I saw potential in Aetheril that day. I decided I had found the one I needed. The younger elf had much conflict within him, and I knew he was willing to do what must be done. Because of that I waited for him in the ruins of Lorderaan once more, on top of that fallen statue. I love to jump up there and look down on everyone. I ended up leading him to the Scarlet Monastery. There I tested his strength, which impressed me for his youth. I gave him my basic plan; I gave him the knowledge that we had to do what we had to do. He was interested, but he let that stupid addiction to mana get in his way. I gave him some rock I found on the ground and told him it would make him feel better, that it had special properties. It would do until after I finished the ritual on him. I was going to give him what I had so been “gifted” in outland. Back then I thought of it as a curse, now I saw it for what it was. A chance to do what must be done. I never wanted fame so this curse doesn’t hurt me at all. It didn’t take long for Aetheril to get back to me, there I lead him down to the shores of Lorderaan and told him what I wanted to make him, a Death Knight. He seemed uninterested at first, but after a short time I talked him into it and brought him back to Quel’thelas to perform the ritual. Afterward I temporarily lost control while “it” took over me. I dealt with that problem; “it” will never be able to use my body again. I will warn Aetheril of what “it” is when the time comes, for now he can take solace in the fact that he has no mana addiction… and for the time nothing else to worry him. Aetheril began training with me as nothing more than a paladin and that was the way it was going to be at first. He needed to learn how to use a blade right with unnatural energies first before he could move onto something more difficult. It didn't take long for him to catch on to the training, and soon he was matching me in skills as a Paladin. Of course I had allowed him to reach this point. I still was the far more skilled combatant and I had studied in the ways of a Death Knight far more than I had even hinted towards him. I felt a unrelenting sense of regret every day that seemed to pass. It seemed as if some strand of guilt was tugging at me from behind the scenes. I didn't quite get the feeling, nor did I really try to discover the meaning. It just stayed there, annoying me on a daily basis. I was too busy dealing with Aeth to bother with it anyways. It was then he introduced me to his brother, his brother was pretty disrespectful. It didn't take me long to realize I could have a use for the brat as well. I led the two to the gates of Ahn'Qiraj and told them lies about how there was some prisoner in the building who threatened everything. Some escaped servant of our leader who was now serving C'thun. Hell, I was under the impression C'thun was too hurt to fight anyways. It wasn't even two years ago hordes of adventurers swarmed this area on a regular basis beating his face... er eye in. Turned out I was wrong and a swarm if insects ended up chasing us out of there. It was then I realized I had a more immediate threat that I had to deal with. If there was one thing I hated it was gods, especially OLD gods. I told Aeth that we had to take C'thun down, he agreed. His brother agreed to help us take the old god down as well. Over the next few months I decided to start spreading the word of another expedition into the ruined kingdom. It would be a feat many adventurers could not resist. Those who were there to see the final defeat of C'thun would be remembered as heroes. Too bad for them I had other plans for the bunch.
  7. <p>It's ME!</p>

  8. He underestmates his power, what a shame
  9. She's bitchy, I like bitchy. Too bad she's too stuck up on not being Quel'dorei... Those clothes she wears though -whistles sharply-. It's like she's got the fashion statement of a troll... I'm waiting for dreadlocks and the bone in the nose! She's is under me in the Cartel structure... I guess I could order her to... heh...
  10. ((Sweet, I was too lazy to write this stuff out! Good work so far.. you've caught Securo's personality pretty good as far as I've seen))
  11. Is that the cunt from undercity? She needs to learn some manners before she decides to threaten the wrong person. I don't care who she is or that she is stronger, hell alot of people are stronger than me. She isn't stronger than my boss, nor will she ever be. Drinking those fel energies as wrecklessly as she does will get her nothing but a swift death.
  12. Nothing mattered to Securo. When the Orc burst into flames it even brought a smile to his face. He wasn't really here to help, so he wasn't bothered when he was left behind. It gave him a chance to slip into the shadows and head towards his final objective. The battle had been a great diversion that he couldn't have made if he had wanted to. It had completely cleared all the Blood Knights to one side of Silvermoon, far away from where he was heading. There they would be most likely mopping up the ashes of the dead orc. Securo had just been bought time, the precious time he had needed. He dawned his hood and walked towards the chamber that M'uru was held captive in. It was time to pay a final visit to the Naaru, after this he woudln't need him anymore. He was simply a means to an end... a temporary power boost that he would barely use. Noone would even know he was here.
  13. "EVERYBODY! Get on the Zeppelin already! We don't have time for this! NOW!" Damn that coward... doesn't he see that now is not the time to run? I'm having fun here! Way to go and ruin it! Securo used the powers of the light to put a shield of light around the apparent Blood Knight.. He quickly mounted up and waited for the Blood Knight to do so as well. The horse tried to shake him off again, causing Sec to punch it in the back of the head. "If you want out of here head towards that Zeppelin, quickest way out... Your boss will be waiting there for you." "Aren't you coming?" "Not yet... get your ass over there" Securo pulled the reigns on his horse. It reared up before leaping forward in the direction of the Zeppelin. He watched the area seeing who was still fighting. He didn't want to be leaving before everyone else and looking like a coward again. He doubted anyone would come to his trial to bail him out like this. "Damn you bastards... show yourselves... The Quel'dorei turned around a corner, the Zeppelin left his line of sight. Damnit... I need to find them... or I'm being ditched.