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  4. A Trip To Northrend (This explains Tirael’s recent absence. The events here detail the past two months, leading him till now.) (This is my first draft, so it might be a little terribad. However, I hope a least a few enjoy it.) <Tirael’s Log> Day 1 *Elvish lettering is scratched flawlessly in ink, covering the pages. Each letter of each word seems to serve its own purpose, its own meaning. Each page that passes, the quality becomes degraded and hastily scribbled.* Fallen… broken… simply dissolved into an incomplete thought. An empty shell cracked and disfigured. With no remorse I have been blinded by the darkness… With no disdain I have my punishment… and with no haste… I await them. If strength is born from heartbreak… …I could move mountains. For I have made my decisions, and they have created what I am; a monster, a tool of destruction. Every single one of my enemies now lays in my path… With Illidan Stormrage defeated… and the insignificance of this so called ‘assault’ from a half summoned Eredar... I have decided to go to the last place that offers challenge, the last place that can perhaps provide meaning… purpose… for this shell of an empty life that I call my own. I do not believe I will return from this trip… but that is why I have written this log. I may have nothing to leave behind, other than the corpses of my enemies… but perhaps my final journey will be remembered. My name is Tirael Cypher, and if you are reading this, I am most likely dead. You may not know me… but I apologize. For all I have done, all I that I will do, and all I may have done.. I have slain great evil, but in its place… I have risen. I fear I will become what I seek to destroy, like many before me. All I can ever ask of you is that you do not make the same mistakes I have… Never let go of what you hold close. Power is a wonderful mistress, but in the end, she will betray you.. Regret will consume you. Day 2. I think much of my past. Of what I gave up… everyone that I ever knew or loved… everything I knew. Power is a funny thing. You sacrifice all you have and gain something that you cannot see… you cannot touch… you cannot kiss or caress. But power has a sweet kiss indeed. It has embraced me as its lover… and together, we know no boundaries. This is why I have decided to venture to the cold North, before the massive expedition begins. Why do the leaders have to hide the intentions… The plans are there, the preparations have already begun. Perhaps it is my boredom that has lead to my discovery of the scourge threat building in Northrend. Either way, I must travel alone… for it is my own destiny I must find. Day 3. I think of Rosalynd and how she must be. I wonder what ever happened to her… whether she ever returned. I gave up my search for her too soon and in its stead strengthened my own search for power. I suppose it was necessary to get where I am now. Sacrificing love for power is an interesting trade. Regret is one of my demons that I am forced to tolerate. I have begun my own preparations. I have scouted out the movements of these petty blood elves on the isle… who clumsily bring their ships so close to shore. I have seen a pattern in their assault… and I will use it to take one of their ships for my voyage to Northrend. But first… I must gather several magical trinkets to ensure my safe passage to the perilous seas to the north. I have searched long and far for several key artifacts that will assist me. First, I took it upon myself to learn a method of creating runes of frost warding. The cold will cut through bone and steel like the flesh of a child… but these runes augmented correctly in my armor should help ward off the fierce cold. Secondly… I have found Illidan’s library. It holds many books with unfathomable knowledge. One particular book became of interest to me. The Book of Holy Power it is called, or so when roughly translated. It seems Illidan had a rather potent will for vengeance against Arthas… for he has many books detailing the Scourge and how to assault them. However… this particular book does not detail the destruction of the undead minions- but their control. I have spent many nights deciphering the runes, to some effectiveness… but I believe it will serve its purpose when the time comes. I trust it will prove useful in a continent full of undead horrors. Third… An old map of Northrend and how to navigating the sea by Muradin Bronzebeard. Surprisingly, this was also in Illidan’s library. How he came across it I will never know, but I am sure it will serve its new master well enough none-the-less. Along with the map, I found a flask that I believe belonged to Muradin as well. I knew dwarves loved to drink, but I didn’t think they’d have something as useful of this. Perhaps it was given to him by the human’s of Dalaran as a gift to help diplomacy between the races during the second war. It appears to keep any liquid held within it cold, but warm enough to drink, regardless of external conditions. Lastly… I have gathered as many of my weapons together as I could… However, I have decided to pack light… Of course my swords will rest at my side; the Talon of Azshara has aided me well, along with the Blade of Savagery. I also foresee the need for maces, so I have brought the Siphon of the Nathrezim with me as well as the Swiftsteel Bludgeon. Their dark magics imbued by the corrupt power of their former master; the betrayer, should aid me well. Several other small knives fit in between the cracks of my armor, each serving their own purpose. For food… I have packed lightly. Elven bread, a few bottles of wine, several slabs of dried meat… it should last me at least the trip there… which is all I should need. The weeks near… and soon, the trip will begin. *The next several pages are blank, save for a few drops of blood staining their surface* Day 10. Finally… the day I have long waited for has arrived. I have not slept in days. Tonight a new Dawnblade ship will be arriving… and I will be at the harbor waiting for them when it does. *It ends there and skips over to the next page* Day 11. There were more than I anticipated. Needless to say it took me entirely too long to rid the ship of the several piles of bodies I left. The smell invades my nostrils. Their stink sickens me. Lingering even after I disposed of them overboard. How I hate the weak. I have hoisted the sails, and my journey has begun. Day 12. How ironic it is. I am traveling to a place where blood freezes up, organs stop… and tears freeze. I long for the days when my blood was not already frigid… when I still had a heart… and when I was still capable of tears. But those days are long since passed. In place of my warm blood, pure hatred now flows through my veins. In place of tears… the blood of my enemies rolls down my cheeks. In place of my heart… well… that is what I am still trying to find. The sea is vast yet incredibly empty. The silence is almost overwhelming. This boat is not moving as fast as I would like, but perhaps I will have luck on my side and the wind will catch the sails. *The next few pages are smudged, the smell of salt whisking from them. What was written is no longer readable* Day 15. I am getting close. The map from Maraudin has guided me well, until now… but according to the map I should be there. I know I am getting very close because it is getting much colder. The cold air caresses my face, kissing my lips with its cold embrace… I could almost smile. I have found myself resting much more often. I am tired frequently… the feeling unavoidable. How I loath the cold. Day 18. The loneliness is consuming. I should be used to it after so long… but it is different out here. I can see land. However… it seems endlessly far away. I question several times throughout the day if I am moving. Day 20. *Two pages have been ripped out, however such seems to be unintentional… they were not cleanly ripped* I feel pity for those who have made this journey before me. If I was still capable of fear, I would be frozen from it, well before the cold froze me. The horrors that came out last night were beyond description. It all passed so quickly. I woke up this morning covered in a dark blood, my swords laying next to me. Several feet away from me lay the head of a beast I cannot describe. It is unlike I anything I have seen before. Its body is no where to be found. The head appears as though it is still watching me. I throw the head overboard. It is rather heavy. I am glad I do not remember what happened. Day 21. I can see the shore. Jagged rocks scatter the surface of the icy sea, the frigid spray masking their presence occasionally. I will attempt to guide the ship around them, but it seems pointless to attempt to do so. Day 30. Cold. I seriously question my life still in existence. I cannot feel my limbs. The ship shred on the rocks. My most important belongings lost. The book of unholy power, my food, my weapons, and my hearthstone. Without a way of returning, it would appear that the illusion of hope I had is lost. All that remains is the flask. The last drops are consumed, doing nothing to quell the choking thirst I bear. I am losing consciousness. Day… I don’t know what day it is. I fell under darkness completely. I woke up facing a few hungry ghouls, inspecting what they thought was my corpse. The ghoul directly in front of me blinked… noticing my movement it lunged its gaping jaws at me. I used the rest of my energy to snap its neck with my legs. Two more ghouls descended upon me, and that is the last I remember from the encounter. I wake up in a necromancy lab. Many of my possessions were there. My maces, my swords… a few pieces of bread and dried meat on a table. My armor was removed and I was being constrained by chains. The necromancer descended upon me holding the book of unholy power I had taken from Illidan’s library. He smiled at me with rotten teeth. His bony fingers opened the book… and he spoke in a slow, slurred tone. He thanked me for returning his book to him. I looked down to my chest. In my skin runic symbols were freshly carved, blood still dripping down my skin. He began muttering in demonic from the book. He was attempting to turn me into an undead slave. The rest I cannot explain… for I do not rightly know what happened. My vision faded, my head blurred… the pain seared my mind. I opened my eyes to the necromancer on the floor in front of me. His tongue lay cut off next to him. His neck was snapped, and a pool of dark blood appeared to be seeping from his mouth. I look down at my chest once more… the ruins appeared to be glowing. A warmth licked at my cheeks, I looked around. The laboratory had been set ablaze. My belongings lay on a table yet to be burned… I was still constrained… I pulled and pulled at the chains, with no success. The fire danced closer to me… singeing my skin. I closed my eyes... I felt the chains begin to bend, shattering my constraints. I was free. I gathered my things… the book of Unholy Power, my weapons, my armor... and ran outside as fast as I could. The lab was collapsing behind me. I ran barefoot through the snow… not stopping until I was a good thirty yards away. As I turned to look back, I heard a loud explosion, yet instead of fire and smoke, I saw runic power explode into the cool air, and then implode.. leaving nothing but smoldering ruins in flash of green light. Day 40. I dressed myself in my armor, sheathing my swords at my side. I looked down to the book... frowning. I placed two fingers on top of it… chanting in a deep oath… the book set ablaze. I threw it over my shoulder… hearing another bang. The book exploded in runic power as it landed with the same green light, leaving a small crater in the earth. I chewed on a piece of meat, resting near a tree. As I did so, I felt the ground begin to rumble under my feet. The rumbling grew, it felt like an earthquake. I quickly hid behind a tree… masking my body as I observed my surroundings for the source. I waited and waited as still as I could. Then I saw it. This was not an earthquake… not a tremor… not a disturbance. This was the scourge army. A battalion of crypt walkers, abominations and ghouls were apparently sent to investigate the explosion. They walked uniformly up to the remains of the lab, their eyes appeared to be searching for something. Then I saw it… amongst them I saw a lich. It did not appear to be Kul’Thuzad… but someone of similar power, or so it felt. The undead around him quickly parted before him. Several acolytes followed behind him as he moved. The ruins on my chest began to seer, burning in pain, glowing brightly… the undead quickly turned to me, almost as if immediately aware of my presence. I began to run. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. I ran down the hill where the undead had came from… only to see what had confirmed my concerns; an entire valley full of undead… several hundred thousand at least my faded eyes counted. They were preparing for war. I turned behind me… a ghoul leaping at me. Cut down in mid air, my blades now drawn. An abomination charged me. The ruin carvings seared with moreburning me… but I growled through the pain, it energized me… and with it, I leapt on the beasts’ back… forcing both of my blades into its neck. Pulling the blades out and jumping off… dark blood spraying out with force. It fell down with a thud before me. The rest of the battalion began to charge… There was no running this time. It would end now. I cut through the ghouls with ease… splattering their dark blood on the fresh white snow. Abominations proved to be a bit more annoying… I had to use greater dexterity to defeat them. They continued to come… unrelenting… they surrounded me. A crypt friend shot its web at me… holding me in place. Several ghouls leaped on me at the same time, tearing through my armor. My chest revealed, the ruins burning be beyond belief, I lost control. Throwing the ghouls off of me like young children… sending throwing daggers after them. I decapitated the closest Crypt friend, ripping through the thick web and cut through the remaining waves of undead with a flurry of precise yet brutal attacks. My heart was beating, my chest pounding A feeling I had not felt in months… a feeling I hadn’t felt since I was in love. My chest armor was torn to shreds… my chest exposed. The glow of the ruins on my chest dimmed, as did the pain subside. Around me lay the remains of the entire undead battalion. But the lich remained. Looking at me with soul less eyes, it retreated, back down to the valley with its army. The scourge is much more prepared than we could have ever imagined. Even with the assaults on Northrend planned, this will not be enough. I picked up my cloak from the ground and wrapped myself in it. My flesh bruised and cut, weathered and torn… I will have scars for the rest of my life to remember this journey. I cleaned my swords off in the snow… and attempted to find my bearings. I could see the coast… and make out the faint outlines of a ship. This was my best bet. Day 50. The ship I had seen from the distance was a Kul’Tiras exploration crew. I forgot how much fun killing humans was. Needless to say, I claimed the vessel for myself… and I am using it to return to the Eastern Kingdoms. I didn’t accomplish much, if anything at all. Other than confirmation that any fears and concerns about Northrend were beyond correct. However… I feel different. I feel… alive. I cannot explain these runic markings on me, nor what happened with the necromancer… but I definitely do feel a change about me. Perhaps this trip wasn’t so wasted. I suppose I still have my life. The others must be warned… I must help them prepare. This is my meaning, at least for now. Day 60. Two months since I first planned this voyage have now passed. I have returned ‘home’. Or as ‘home’ as I can call it. It feels strange to be back in ‘civilization’ once more. My stomach feels uneasy. I am… feeling… now. This journey has just begun for me… and I have many battles ahead of me. I only hope I can avoid making the same mistakes as I did in the past… and perhaps face the new battles with others, not alone. *With the last word written… Tirael closed the log. He looked around the dark sparse inn, leaning back in his chair* ‘Perhaps this journey is just beginning.’ He said in a soft voice outloud.
  5. Full Name: Tirael Cypher Age: Around 500 years old. (Appearing about 30 by human standards) Race: Blood Elf. Gender: Male. Hair: Raven Black. Skin: Fair, but weathered. Eyes: Faded green. Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 lbs. Place of residence: None. He is still a nomad, wandering the land. Place of Birth: A small isolated camp among the forests of Quel'thalas. Known Relatives: Of noble descent, all relatives now deceased, corrupted by Kael'thas's dark taint, or missing. Religion/Philosophy: His philosophy on the world has gone through a metamorphosis over time... transforming and bending through the wide array of events. His mind has not be made up of late... he is stuck between being confidant and domineering and being caring and understanding. Occupation: Master of Blades, Master Assassin. Group/Guild affiliation: Sick Among the Pure Guild Rank: Guild Master Enemies: He was seemingly out of enemies to slay after his recent victory over Illidan Stormrage. However, the growing threat from the North has spawned a plenitude of enemies for him... yet it will be a while before he faces them. Likes: Power. Blood. Particularly that of his enemies. His love for women has dwindled through his perilous journey, however... he still has an appreciation for their beauty, but isn't too terribly concerned. He has grown accustomed to being alone. Favorite Drinks: He's had a taste for whiskey recently, and can occasionally be found in the bars around Silvermoon City drinking a pint of it. Weapons of Choice: Preferably swords, but maces serve a purpose as well. Dislikes: Incompetence. Weakness... it almost sickens him; like a disease. Physical Features: His body appears perfectly toned from rigorous training and constant battle. His muscles defined, but not bulging, keeping him light. Underneath his chest armor, scars of several ruins can be seen carved into his chest. Special Abilities: He has yet to discover the special ability of the new ruins on his chest, however his dexterity and skill with weapons seems unrivaled. Positive Personality Traits: Fearless, dominant, commanding, proud. Negative Personality Traits: Domineering at times... his experiences have caused him to view some things rather negatively. Theme Songs: Rise Against- Roadside: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Roadside-lyrics-Rise-Against/4B8F17113CE5779948257173000E3DA6 Avenged Sevenfold- Lost: http://www.versuri.ro/lyrics/mddhg_avenged+sevenfold_lost+lyrics.html Ra- Walking and Thinking: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Walking-And-Thinking-lyrics-Ra/F85E8C15ECE0537948256C8800081C4F Sevendust- Fear: http://www.metrolyrics.com/fear-lyrics-sevendust.html Slipknot- Pulse Of The Maggots: http://www.lyrics007.com/Slipknot%20Lyrics/Pulse%20Of%20The%20Maggots%20Lyrics.html Haste the Day- When Everything Falls: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/When-Everything-Falls-lyrics-Haste-The-Day/F6300D96EF874058482570370026DE95 History: Tirael has a mysterious past he is not fond of discussing. He left home when he was young... no interest in his parents or any of his family...he set out on his own. From a young age he never developed an addiction for mana unlike his peers. Where he lacked in a thirst for mana, he made up in a thirst for power... Defeating his foes to become stronger and stronger, he quickly learned his independence... leaving the land of the elves... exploring the furthest regions of the Eastern Kingdoms- venturing to Kalimdor when he was older. He strives for perfection in all aspects of his life. However, being away from society for such lengths of time did take a tole on his personality. He began to develop an elitist attitude... Only offering any kind of respect to those that earned it. However, this did not stop him from finding love early in his life. He loved for many years... only to lose his love to the scourge during the third war. This made him quite jaded toward love. He began to view women as only a means of pleasure, nothing more. This would change over the years as he became older, his desire for a partner growing. Learning the most intimate details of the land... he learned to control those around him, quickly developing a dominant personality. Traveling alone for most of his life, save for occasional encounters with other elves, orcs... and the forsaken... he developed a taste for three main things; power, battle, and women. As he grew older though, he began to realize the harsh realities of the world... taking his quest of power to a new level, allying himself with others in order to slay more powerful enemies, to reap better rewards. By Sin'Dorei standards, he is considered rather old, living well beyond the average lifespan of a Blood Elf... He is not aware nor seems to care for the reason of this, and neither do his peers. It is most likely credited to his ability to gain some of the power of the enemies he slays, absorbing some of their life energy. While not typically a social person, public events can amuse him, especially observing the pathetic attention seeking behavior of those around him. He is not seen in battle very often- he chooses his fights carefully. However he is never afraid of a fight regardless of the odds. When he is seen, he is relentless in his actions, showing no mercy- the skill of this master assassin unmatched. Again, he loved once more... this time to Rosalynd... which seemed to fade into nothingness. This effected him greatly, and he stopped caring for his social needs, neglecting them in his quest for power. He did not rest until he saw Vashj, Kael, Archimonde in the Caverns of Time... and Illidan Stormrage himself defeated before him. Constantly striving for more and more power... he reached a point where he became bored- no real threats remained. Even the assault by Kil'Jaeden didn't particularly amuse him. This changed soon... he would make a journey that would change the rest of his life. ((Hey guys. It's been a looooong time since I've roleplayed at all. I've been focusing on raiding (5 nights a week, yikes!)... but now with a few of my schedule changes that will be ending, and I'd love to get back into roleplaying. I'd be more than happy to roleplay with any of the people I have with in the past (because I've changed Tirael quite a bit since) or anyone else who is interested in some quality roleplay. The next story is a rough draft in my attempt to write a log detailing his trip to Northrend (I know, you can't go there yet!) But he's just scouting out, and he definitely won't be going back. It's a half decent read if you can get the chance, however it's my first rough draft that I wrote up this morning, so hopefully I will be improving it. Anyways, thanks for reading guys. Hope to talk to some of you soon. -Ti ))
  6. ((Put a picture by Rosa up, and updated guild rank... will probably update some more later today.))
  7. ((Did she learn that from Tirael...? If not, I'm sure all those friendly visits to Astranaar and Westfall sure helped it.)) "Causing trouble without me I see....? My... that is rather disappointing. But glad none the less that you are spilling some blood... which reminds me... it has been a while since we have rolled some heads together my love... We must embark on some more travels soon, then... as soon as I get some time... whenever that will be. But night elves will die, among others, and it will be enjoyable, that is a promise."
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    I went out to get something to eat, I'm on now and will be the rest of the night... I think I'm doing either progression in SSC tonight or Mags/Gruuls, but I'll send you a tell if I see you hop on. -Ti
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    Talked to a GM, issue should be fixed by the time she gets back from out of town. And I knew they weren't naked for that reason Lav... I was doing Tempest Keep the night she left... *smirks*
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    Yup, she got hacked. She is out of town... she told me to log into her account for her. I had to reset her password- it was changed but luckily they didn't change the email... so I ended up getting a new password sent and changed it. When I log in, first thing I see is all of her characters naked. I go on Rosalynd.... all of her stuff is sold, everything in her bank... I look over multiple servers, pattern is the same. Also, the person decided it would be cool to glitch out one of her characters in Dire Maul- so she's falling, can't log out, can't exit the game, can't hearth, can't auto-unstuck.. I had to alt-f4 out. This did not seem like somebody out to get gold, this seemed more like a malicious attack to me... so right now I'm sitting and waiting on a GM ticket for her.
  11. ((Rawr. Another excellent example of Tirael's hawtness. I guess Rosa is pretty cute, too. *smirks and winks a bit*))
  12. ((Good song. And love the art.... and I'm sure Tirael loves the situation just as much, if not more. ;P))
  13. no wai. She's mine I say... Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnneeee!
  14. I have grown increasingly close to her of late... and now that I have made her my own, we will see where things go. She is the first woman I have truly respected to her core for a very long time... we may just have a good future together.