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  1. All the feels. Thanks for everything, guys! You were the best, nothing but love!
  2. Oooookay. Since that I am pretty sure I am coming back (cue to boos) I thought I would hype myself some with a drawing of Cessily's! Yay me! Anyways, here is what I got to. She doesn't have sindorei ears because SOMEONE cut them away, so yeah. There's that! ALSO, I don't know how to upload the image to TNG in a good size, so here is the link. =| Sorry! http://i.imgur.com/2osiYwO.png
  3. Thanks, everyone! Xaraphyne: Thanks for the input, Xaraphyne! Thank you a lot. =) Syreena: Ohmygod. =| People remember me? That's terrible! T____T But I remember you too! A-HA! Liliana: I just might! =) Nikaa: Cross faction RP and events? Can enemy factions communicate in game now!? The hell is this sorcery?! So, I was curious... are Rogues still dime in a dozen nowdays? Worth making one, or are they more rare nowdays that people can play Pandamonks and Demon Hunters?
  4. Hello, everyone! Most of you don't know me (which is GOOD) but everyone can help me with this question... How has been World of Warcraft (and more important, RP in it) these days? Is it still going strong? What's the situation? I was maybe kind who knows entertaining the idea of coming back, but not sure if the game has gotten better or worse! Which are your thoughts? Which are the big RP Guilds, where is RP activity more noticeable, Horde or Alliance? Last time I played was Wrath of the Lich King, so to give you guys some vague notions of what WoW was like the last time I tried my hand at it. Regardless of the feedback, thanks for reading! XOXO, Cessily!
  5. Always taking care of the noobs! Thank you, Abric!
  6. Lysi... You were such a nice company and such a fun person to have around! Nowdays... I am drawing a lot, but... no games! Yet. I am planning on trying Secret World, but nothing concrete... I miss you guys!
  7. Dear Twisting Nether people, I dont really know who still plays WoW these days that might know me, and I know it's been ages since I last showed up here, but I was thinking about all the incredible fun I had back when I was among you, and it brought a lot of smiles to my face to remember all of that. I hope you had as much fun playing with me, as I did playing with you. Thing is... I also remembered a lot of the weird, brattish and outright unpolite and stupid things I did, and for those things I never really got to say I'm sorry. I wasn't always the most respectful person to people's opinions, even though to this day half-dragons are not my cup of tea, and I sometimes acted without thinking because, well, I was very immature myself. So to many people I might have offended and to people I might have wronged, I am -so- sorry... I can see now I was sometimes disruptive, and that I wasn't always a good company. For people who only got to know my good side.. all the... two of you... consider yourselves lucky. For everyone else, know I am sorry, and that I am sorry for any bridges I might have burned, for the nights I might have ruined or the weeks I might have been a gearnazi, lorenazi, etc, etc, etc. Thinking back is always easy to spot your mistakes, so I might not be so mature now that I won't commit the same stupid stuff I used to, but at -least- I can hope, right? So thanks everyone, Qabian (we not always spoke the same language, but nowdays I wish we had!), Nymare (same thing with Qabian, but with more sparks. I did enjoy the times we clicked, however), Kelven (great player, both dungeons and rp. Loved every minute), Abric (without Abric I might have never completed Wailing Caverns, let alone Tempest Keep), Anaie & Syreena (great, great masters, and always taking the beating for my annoying behavior), Anorah (my best friend and always there for me), Sabeinne (you kept me playing far beyond I had thought possible. Loved your company!), Alphaeus (always a voice of reason), Aquizit (always helping me not to lose my **** when we raided...), Greebo (I never really said how much I appreciated your kindness! Thank you so much!), Leoren (so much patience...), Yatokh (always praising my PvP skills, even when I had no confidence in them)... there are others, I am very sure, but my memory is not -that- great! So, for those people and everyone I left out but should be there, thanks for having me! If anyone wishes to find me, do so at ju_neves27(at)hotmail.com =)
  8. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Cessily! I missed you!

  9. My thoughts are that most characters are too fucked up to actually allow good, carefree RP to happen. Too many barriers. Most of them like to be their own islands, and most of times, when you ask something OOC when you could find IC, you are just saying "I don't think the time I'm going to spend IC-ly to find this info is worth it.". From there on, just act like Alphaeus told ya. It's only metagaming if they use it ICly.
  10. Illidan was kinda of doomed from scratch. I mean... he is responsible for some of the worst things to ever happen to this universe, is borderline incompetent at times, fails to get the girl, and keeps losing only to get back to his feet and fight again, and lose again. Oh, and he had a coalition of villains to help him. He's almost like a Pokémon character! I don't think anti-heroes work well in a world full of knights in shining armor. Anti-heroes sacrifice a lot of themselves (be it their morals, their lives, what gives) to do what it must be done/what they believe it's right, but in a place where there's someone right by their side that makes zero sacrifice, and still gets the Universal Good done, it's kinda hard to be an anti-hero. That's why I advocate for Heroes OR Villains in WoW. I don't think that it's either "Shades of Gray Hardmode" or "Black Hat With a Moustache"... even though black hats are sexy. All characters can be believable, but some people lose themselves in creating TONS of SMALL details that, in the end, make it impossible for anyone but themselves to realize what that character is all about. And in a RP enviroment you have a few hours per week to dive into, it makes for difficult RP. I mean... make no mistake, if WoW wasn't based off in a 'no end in the horizon' model of storytelling, and were more like a movie/series... people like Nymare or a race like The Forsaken would, eventually, get what's coming for them. Warcraft is a heroic setting, and in heroic settings evil never prevails forever, and most of villains get what they are asking for. The whole thing about being a villain is enjoying the ride, until you get ****** by a bunch of kids and their damn dog. (Unless this is Watchmen.). My sincere opinion!
  11. You have an awesome, solid style going! I myself am terrible with chibis, but I can't help but find them adorable! >.< Good work, and great colors! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks for the pointers, Taminda! I'm just making a case of not overthinking my drawings, or else I would never ever publish them! I kinda like it the way it ended up She looks more... elfic. Pointy! But then again, thanks, and relax, you weren't rude at all!
  13. Shades of gray is done to -death-, and most of times is just an excuse not to guide a character by a moral compass.